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Welcome, Friends

The Chorus is a collection of beings, just beyond our sensory perception, who enjoy sharing their perspective of the human existence. To them, humanity is incredible. Their view of us – of what we were, and are, and will be – is full of infinite love. And if you hang out with them for a little while, you might start to feel that way about everything in Creation, too. And I mean everything.

My name is Katie and I channel The Chorus. I used to work in technology until my life started falling apart and The Chorus showed up…Or was it that The Chorus showed up and my life fell apart? Or was it that I showed up and The Chorus reminded me that we are the ones who give ourselves the experience of apart…

As you begin to explore their perspectives, you will come to understand why each of these options is – powerfully – true. Let’s get started.

“In your perception of us, what has really been achieved is an energetic proximity.
We exist on the wavelengths of love and light.

And thus you are also very near the wavelengths of love and light.”
-The Chorus

How To Explore Our Work

There are 3 ways to explore and experience the perspectives of The Chorus: our Books, Podcast, and Live Sessions.

Book + Podcast Pairs

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The Chorus discusses many topics related to humanity and awakening, including high level concepts like consciousness, belief systems, realities and dimensions, as well as day-to-day topics like angry outbursts, daydreaming, illness, fear, earning and more. We structure these concepts into book and podcast pairs.

The topics covered in the books and podcasts are complimentary but unique. Both contribute to a combined understanding of what The Chorus is sharing. Readers and listeners have reported that topics became more clear when they experienced them in an additional format. If you are unsure about a book, the corresponding podcast season is a great place to start!

Find out more below, or on their dedicated pages on this site (Podcast Page // Book Page).

“Humanity has an important history in the cosmos. Your creation
of limitation, of finiteness and insufficiency,
is perhaps one of the greatest gifts to all others in Creation.
And soon, you will remember why this is so.”
-The Chorus

The Book of Human Awakening

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The first book from The Chorus – The Book of Human Awakening – is now available in eBook, Paperback and Audiobook. In this channeled work, The Chorus describes how they understand our existence, our purpose here, and all of the aspects of the Awakening that humanity is experiencing right now.

It is not a book about what, it is a book about why. Why us, why this, and why now. Why you feel the way you do, and why that is purposeful. Why we sense that certain things are coming, and why, from many vantage points, this is true. Most importantly, it’s a book about why you truly, sincerely and infinitely, cannot mess it up. You, your choice to be here, and every way you experience life here, is fundamentally right, purposeful and expansive.

At a time when everything seems to be going sideways, or wrong, it is a ray of hope. Not because it undoes all of the wrong, but because in seeing it from a larger perspective, and a greater context, you begin to see how possibly…all of that wrong could also have been going right.

// Learn More // Read an excerpt // Go To Amazon

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I always *want* to be amazed, dazzled by a new perspective on the awakening process. But most often I am underwhelmed and left still seeking answers. Not so with this book! I couldn’t put it down…This was more than reading words, it was an experience of that *something more* I have been seeking…it has finally found us.”

-MD, Amazon Reviewer

Our Next Existence Podcast

Our Next Existence artwork
Season 2 (2022)

The podcast offers a discussion style format of The Chorus’s teachings. In each episode, I channel a message directly from The Chorus, then discuss the meaning of the message in the human context, often connecting it to popular culture, science, technology, religion, or experiences I’ve had with these beings along the way. Each episode builds on the previous ones, much like a class. You can begin at episode one or follow your inspiration to a later episode.

The theme of Season 1 is self-acceptance – a greater, deeper, more expansive allowing of all that we are, because Awakening into more of what we are has a lot to do with everything our species is experiencing right now. As you will hear. // Season 01 Episode List

The theme of Season 2 is, well,…still becoming apparent. But so far we’ve got messages coming through about time, memory and our human story. And a new cast of characters that are making appearances too. Join us to see what unfolds! // Season 02 Episode List

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Live (Video) Discussions

In 2022, we hosted live Question and Answer sessions that were open to the public. To see the next upcoming event, register, or watch videos of prior sessions, visit our Live page.

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Each newsletter contains a newly channeled message from The Chorus as well as major announcements or updates.

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Thank You

We love that you have found us, that you are here. We are excited to see all that you are expanding into and will create.

We love you, infinitely,
Katie & The Chorus

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