S01E09: Desire & How The Universe Gives Directions

The Chorus reveals the 3rd energetic tool (following Intuition and Inspiration), Desire, and how it provides important information about your path of greatest expansion. Katie continues the exploration of anger in the context of this new information from The Chorus, discusses the differences between Inspiration and Desire, connects this to the channeled teachings of Darryl Anka and Bashar, and provides an explanation as to why denying ourselves the perceptions of our desires has been so purposeful and important to our experiences here.

On a personal note, I’d like to share my most sincere and deepest appreciation for Darryl and Esther.  Coming to terms with this ‘gift’ has been very hard for me, but seeing that you each had lives, families, and friendships – that you had homes you loved, or careers you enjoyed – it all gave me hope that somehow, one day, I could find balance again in my life, too.  I’m still figuring it out, but it would have been a bleaker road without your examples.  I know the entities you channel get a lot of the fanfare, but I think it takes an incredible human to make those things real. Thank you for showing me – for showing all of us – what is possible.

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Show Notes

Excerpts from The Chorus

“Thus far, when we have spoken about your energetic tools, we have pointed to the fact, or suggested, that these are names for things, for capabilities that you have to detect and understand the energy around you.  Up until now, the human existence, based on what you are able to recall, has been limited to the perception of the environment around you on the Fives Senses frequencies.  There is more about the environment around you that you are beginning to perceive by way of these senses.

“We have begun with senses that you are, perhaps, quite clear on.  The idea of Intuition, of a knowing that underlies your actions and thoughts and behaviors in day to day life.  Perhaps a little perceptive and beyond that, is the perception of Inspiration – a joyful moving in a direction of a thing that you would like to do or be or think about.  Inspiration is a calling, a tug, a gentle nudge in a direction that you would like to follow.”

“As you begin to better understand, and to better acquaint yourselves, consciously speaking, with these energetic tools, you will find that the barriers between them become rather thin.  And that sometimes a knowing can feel like an inspired nudge, and that sometimes an inspiration has a knowingness to it, as if you always could predict that you would head in that direction.  This is not a lack of understanding that causes these things to be fluid, rather it is your growing distinction, it is your growing energetic perception that allows you to experience the nuance between these things.”

“What we have spoken about so far might seem very discrete or very specific.  As you move forward, what you will discover is that the sense of these things is far more fluid.  It is an aspect of the human mind and the belief systems that you have, that cause yourselves to hold a perception of the distinctiveness between things, between yourself and the chair you are sitting on, between one person and another….the lines of delineation in your perception are very clear.  As you move forward in your perception of energy, what you will discover, is that the universe, creation, and energetic frequencies are far more fluid and dynamic.  Far more interactive and ever-changing, growing and expanding.  Thus, your energetic perception or your ability to perceive the nuance in things will also expand.  You will be able to, simultaneously sense a variety of energetic frequencies at different points of expansion, you might say, in the same experience, in the same entity, in the same aspect of  creation.  Thus, creation becomes far more diverse, far more creative, fare more infinite in your perception.”

“Thus the next energetic tool we would like to discuss with you might seem a little vague at start to a human.  For this is the beginning of your ability to sense nuance, an in the sensing of nuance to a human, at the start, it can seem very subtle.  But we assure you Beloved Ones, that this ability to perceive energy is far from subtle.  In fact, it is as fundamental as the energetic tools we have discussed in the weeks prior.  As you go forward, the subtlety of this energetic tool will feel more and more concrete to you, until it becomes part and parcel of your every energetic perception.  This energetic tool that we would like to speak of is called Desire.”

“We understand, humans believe, in your day and time, that they have a very clear understanding of this sense of what the word desire means.  There are things that you actively want in your day-to-day lives all of the time.  It is rare that you could find a human in your day and age, that you could ask, ‘what is it that you desire?’, and who would not readily respond with a list of items, or products, or things or experiences that they would like to have.  Also, humans of your day and time, are quite aware of the fact that not all desires can be met in the moment that they are conceived.  And that some desires might never be met in your lifetimes in the ways that you have envisioned them in your minds.”

“We would like to suggest a slightly different idea of the concept of the energetic ability that we call desire.  As we spoke about before, Intuition is broadening your perception of the energetic frequency that you are currently on.  Inspiration is a broad sense of your path of greatest expansion calling to you in the direction of experiences and of actions and of things in your day to day environment that will bring you closer and closer into the flow of that path. Desire is a more energized version of inspiration.  As you go forwards, you will find that inspiration has slightly different nuance to it which will be helpful to you.  However, for now, suffice it to say that while inspiration is a subtle and soft suggestion of the direction of your path of greatest expansion, desire is a far more energized version of this path, of this sense of your own flow.”

“Is it not surprising then Beloved Ones, that there would be so many beliefs in your Belief System Complex that would cause you to disallow the sense of your own desires?  Is it not surprising then Beloved Ones, that you have so many beliefs that would cause you to doubt or even turn away from the things that you truly desire?  It was perfectly constructed for the purposes of your experience here, which was to experience limitation and lack, disallowance of your true and infinite natures, to have the experience of being limited.”

“Thus no more so could you have cut yourselves off than by disallowing, diminishing or even extinguishing in some cases your sense of your own flow, of your own path of greatest expansion, which you call desire.”

“In recent years, and in the years to follow, humans will become more and more conscious of the things that they desire.  They will also become more conscious of the beliefs that they hold which would tell them that they are unworthy, undeserving of that desire.  The beliefs that would tell them that that desire would be impossible to achieve, to create or to succeed.  Humans, over time, will begin to become aware of the strong energetic pull of a desire, as well as the beliefs which might have, in previous millennia, directed them away from the sense of that path.”

Quote: "In recent years, and in the years to follow, humans will become more and more conscious of the things that they desire. They will also become more conscious of the beliefs that they hold which would tell them that they are unworthy, undeserving of that desire. Humans, over time, will begin to become aware of the strong energetic pull of a desire, as well as the beliefs which might have in previous millennia, directed them away from the sense of that path." - The Chorus

“Understand, Beloved Ones, that energetic tools in all aspects, and in all nuances, are your conscious awareness of the intangible.  And perhaps this makes sense to you that, in your day and age, there is little that seems as intangible yet as clear to you as the things that you want.”

“In the days and weeks to come, you will be able to observe your own desires more and more, with fewer and fewer activation of judgments.  In so doing, you will become more and more aware of the energetic differences between desires themselves.  There are subtleties, there are pieces of information, that are being delivered to you all of the time by way of this knowing, this strong pull, that you feel inside of you by way of your own desires.  And perhaps nothing, Beloved Ones, will feel as thrilling as awakening to the knowledge, to the loving trust, that all your desires can, and will be met, infinitely.”

Excerpts from Katie

“What they said a couple weeks ago about Humans learn…we have colossal belief systems that cause us to believe that if we break something down further, we will understand it better.  And The Chorus’s suggestion was that, rather, by moving forwards, by expanding in your understanding of all things, you will very naturally expand in your understanding of that thing…”

“Anger is often the first time that we notice how we feel, but there is a gradual and nuanced growth of that friction as we continue to energize it.”

“If you notice, The Chorus in their message today very subtly suggested that right now, in our day and age, humans are aware of a concept that they call desire.  Meaning, humans of other days and ages may not have so much had that.  And I know when they say, ‘you have an energetic tool and it’s desire’, that may feel a little underwhelming to some of us because when we hear energetic tools we think, ‘yes, let’s levitate stuff with our mind.’  And not to say that that stuff is not possible.  But from The Chorus’s standpoint they are looking at us as infinite beings that are consciously expanding from a point of limitation and therefore the things that are the most amazing to them, are the aspects of ourselves that we are re-awakening or awakening to having, which give us a broader read of the universe, beyond what has been in our limited perception here, in the game.”

“Though we could levitate things with our mind, that’s still very much Five Senses.  That’s still an object that you see on wavelengths of eyesight, moving them around in an environment that you perceive with your Five Senses.  And they are saying there are broader things out there, there is more out there, than what you have allowed yourselves to perceive, and these energetic tools are the beginning of how humanity is doing this.

So you might say…but I feel like humanity has always been aware of stuff that they want?  And this is where I would softly suggest, what we have allowed ourselves to recall of humanity’s history – yes, those humans likely shared our capacity for desire though it is most likely stronger in those of us here today.

Somewhere in our history, humans did not have a sense of their own desires?  Of the stuff that they wanted?  Yeh.  In terms of the millenia that we have spent here, is one way of looking at it, conscious recognition of our own desires is relatively new.  And The Chorus even suggested this last week with anger as well.  You might look back at human history – what parts of human history we currently recall as a collective – and say, but they look like us.  They got angry, they got pissed at each other, they went to war…and The Chorus said last week, your anger is very powerfully and very purposefully the sense of the limitations of your own belief systems in friction with your growing sense of an expansive flow.  That’s anger, today.  And so, anger did not show up overnight, to be fair, it’s been a growing characteristic of humanity for some time, but also that sense of anger, that particular sense of friction, is slightly different than wrath.  Slightly different.  And we will talk about that in the future. But suffice it to say that desire, a conscious understanding of desire, is new.

Can’t you relate to this?  Just a little bit?  Are there not times in your life when you didn’t know what you wanted, consciously, until something happened that sort of made it abundantly clear?  That what you really wanted was to not go, or to go, or to break up with that person, or to not break up with that person…there was a part of you that always felt that way, but then something happens that brings it to consciousness.

Early in my experiences on this spiritual path I ran across Bashar, channeled by Darryl Anka.  Bashar is an extraterrestrial being of sorts, and Darryl channels this entity and they often talk about sort of pragmatic things – how things work here, things that are going on in the galaxy, sort of things like that…one of the pieces of advice that Bashar gives to humans is to ‘follow your highest excitement.’  Bashar talks about this in a very powerful way, even saying, ‘I know there are going to be reasons to do this, or reasons to do that, but it’s really quite simple…whatever options are on the table for you to do in that moment, pick the one that feels the most exciting.’

And even as different guests come up and ask him different questions, he always goes back to this methodology and would say, ‘well is that your path of highest excitement?  Is that your highest excitement?’  Which would always sort of bring up a human as there sitting there – it sort of breaks the thinking cycle, the analysis that’s going on about ‘what do I want to do’ and brings it up a level to what feels like I most want to do.  

This distance between the rational thinking of evaluation of what to do next versus how do I feel, what do I want to do, what feels desirous or exciting to me…that distance is the difference between energetically resonating wholly and completely with the Belief System Complex, all the beliefs of our existence here, and a slightly more expanded consciousness that can turn around and look at all those beliefs and say, ‘I see what I’m thinking, I see what I’m evaluating, but I feel like I really want this.’  

“For a great many millenia here, we were not conscious of our own desires.  These things were even more nebulous than they are today.  We were simply driven by our belief systems and we never sort of drew up and asked ourselves, ‘is that what I want to do?  Is that what I’m excited to do?  What is this thing called want?  What is this feeling called desire?”

“As The Chorus pointed out, there are a great many belief systems that prevent us from following our desire.  And you can imagine that this was by design, as they said, for if you are here in the experience of great limitation and you can easily follow the scent of your desire, it sort of disrupts the experience of limitation.  For, as many others have said, by following you desire…the energetic schema of that choice of action is basically that by following that path of desire, you are actually taking the shortest, or the most effective, or the most flowing path in the direction of your expansion.”

“Desire has information in it, and it may feel like a nuance to a human, but it is actually telling you very specific things about your path of greatest expansion.  Energetically, it is pointing you in a direction that is accelerated, or the most flowing, or however you want to put it.  There is an energetic reason for your desire.  It’s not just shit you want, although it definitely manifests as that, as the idea of that, but energetically what is happening, is you are sensing very specific and nuanced things about directions you can take to step into your flow.

Quote: "There is an energetic reason for your desire. It's not just stuff you want. Although it manifests as the idea of that. Energetically, you are sensing very specific and nuanced things about directions you can take to step into your own flow." - Katie and The Chorus

This is why Bashar and others have said, it doesn’t really matter what it is…if X feels more exciting to you, or more desirous to you, than simply by taking that walk all things in your life move forward.  And a human says, ‘how is that possible?  Doing X has nothing to do with my marriage, or my finances, or my car or you name it.’  And they’re saying, ‘energetically it does, because you vibrate.  You resonate.  And so you are always creating your own experience of the environment that you are in, and so simply by doing X, energetically you have made a different choice, and you have made a choice in the direction of flow.”

“A human can break down the feeling of excitement into finer and finer and finer questions, into more and more specific questions…this is very difficult for beings who are not human to relate to.  Because to them, we are expansive beings awakening to all of this, and they are having a grand old time explaining to infinite beings their infinite nature, and so it seems really cut and dry, it seems really fundamental…but to a human from within the perspective of the game, even the description, the definition, of our own desires can feel confusing.  It can feel not clear, as clear as it is to those who are more in touch with, more intact with, the sense of their own flow. 

“If you have an experience of desire, and you recognize that desire, and then you move in that direction, and you recognize that that felt good, you  have just built a belief about the validity of that option.  There is now a belief in the Belief System Complex that says, “we followed our desire last time, and it wasn’t so bad. Maybe we should try it again.”  And so you do.  And it feels stronger.  Repeat that process over and over and over again and what you start to build is essentially a new Belief System Complex…wherein your experiences become more and more tangible on the Five Senses frequencies because there beliefs that support the clarity of those manifestations.  Your desire moves from not even being consciously recognized, to being more and more obvious to you, to being more and more what you are compelled to follow or move in the direction of, regardless of what other beliefs, judgments and analyses are telling you would be more prudent to follow instead.

Quote: "Your desire moves from not being consciously recognized, to being more and more obvious to you, to being more and more what you are compelled to follow. Desires are energized moments of stepping into your own flow." - Katie and The Chorus

“[As it becomes more tangible], it becomes more and more obvious what to do.  But then the question for a human, as they stand confronted with that desire, is all of the analysis that goes into that choice…Which sensation was closer to the actual manifestation on five senses wavelengths?  The inspiration or the desire?  The desire.”

“If we rely on our human perception of what a desire is, then we would simply dismiss it, wouldn’t we?  [Our desires] would be easy to forget, it might be easy to assess as being too difficult to do because it’s “just” more of stuff we want because humans always want stuff, don’t we?  Our attachment to the material is as infinite as we are…or our creation of the material is.  But if you look at it from an energetic standpoint, in that moment, I for however brief it was, stepped very perfectly and very flawlessly into a very energized version of my own flow…”

One of the things that The Chorus and I talked about early on in our relationship to our desire, and how it is energetic, is that you are being given a signpost to the next most valuable, next more flowing spot on your path, and once you move in that direction, the next step will be manifested for you.  But not until you move, because you have not yet achieved that vantage point.

“From our vantage point, it’s really quite simple.  When you get the inspiration to get up and go outside, you simply do that.  You don’t need to pack for it.  You don’t need to make sure you have the right shoes on.  You simply go.  And when you get up out of the chair, and you open the front door, and the sunlight hits your face, the next inspiration or desire will come to you.  That [next desire] may not have anything to do with being outside.  Nothing.  But in that moment of flow, of standing at the front door and letting the sunlight hit your face, that next sense of desire was able to come to you.

When Bashar and others have said, “it’s really simple.  Just follow your path of greatest excitement, just follow your bliss, just follow the desire,” what they are all saying is, ‘how do we explain to you the simple completeness of flow?  How do we possibly make clear to you the fact that if you simply move in that direction the next step will become clear to you.’…but a human, all of us, have built an amazing Belief System Complex full of beliefs that keep us in the chair, and prevent us from moving forward.”

If inspiration is sort of the softer, broader suggestion of your flow…isn’t it uncanny that a desire can reach us?  Isn’t it amazing that we have such clear, strong sensations of what we want?  From an energetic standpoint, wouldn’t that almost suggest that our own flow, our own infinite nature will continue to just bang down the door?  And that it took all of us, energizing for all of these millennia, all of these beliefs to hold ourselves in an artificial illusion of limitation.  As we ever so gently soften our hold on these belief systems,…the flowing nature of ourselves returns to us, or said another way, we ever so naturally and effortlessly expand again, outward into the perception of these things.

In that position of friction, we are being held in almost a point of a balance between what we want and all the reasons why we can’t have that or it isn’t possible…and so, have you ever been in an argument with someone and that person turns to you and says, ‘what do you want!?’ and you should back, ‘I don’t know!’  At some point, in the process of the friction, the continual call of your desires will cause you stop and ask, ‘why am I so angry?’  And though a human will like to answer that question by continually digging deeper into the reasons for that anger, the miracle quite simply is that you recognized your own anger, and were brought to the question of why you are angry, and in so doing, you bring yourself to the conscious recognition…that there are things that you want.  And though the whole world may be telling you that you can’t, or shouldn’t, or won’t be able to, what you are starting to hear and be aware of, is the continual, invincible clarity of the sense of your own desire.

“That you were brought to an experience that caused you to question, ‘why am I angry?’ And in that open space, the clarity of the things that you want, steps into the light.”

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