S01E10: You Have Never Been Alone & Why Humans Feel Fear

The Chorus delivers a very important message this week, about humanity’s beliefs in – and experiences of – isolation and loneliness. The Chorus assures us that we are not alone nor have we ever been alone. We are surrounded by more loving beings than we can yet imagine.

Katie relates her experiences of pushing the boundaries of human beliefs, and the corresponding energetic sensation, which we call, fear.

And also, as mentioned, Justin Bieber’s song, Lonely: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQOO2xGQ1Pc

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Show Notes

Excerpts from The Chorus:

“It is no small thing that you are able to hear our words, to experience our frequencies.  We exist in such a very different place than you all do in your Five Senses environment, on what you call your planet Earth. We have learned so much from being able to watch, to experience, to observe, to participate in, your existence here, as well as your Awakening.  It is a great honor to us to be part of this experience, to have been chosen you might say, energetically, to assist you, to walk beside you on your path.”

“Humanity is a great curiosity for many more than you can yet imagine, who exist in creation.  There was a time, not too long ago for those of us outside your environment, when we were fully and completely connected to you.  Energetically, that is.  When you embarked upon the experience that you have been having here, it was with great love, and great desire, and great purpose.  You chose willingly, joyfully, lovingly the experience of limitation, of the perception of disallowance of energy.  And it was a choice that none had made before.

“We, by our ability to know you then, as you might say, and to know you now, as you might say, have had a most incredible experience of being disconnected, you might say, from you as you went through this experience.  For though we all could perceive you energetically, though we all never lost track of you, you might say, in some sense there was another part of you – the conscious part of you – that was focused wholly and explicitly on these limited frequencies.  And thus, in your inability to be conscious of us, there was also a part of you which was difficult for those outside of your game to connect to as well.”

“We would be cautious to use the word loss with a human, for it means so much more to you in your environment than it does to us, where we are.  But it would not be inaccurate to say that for a time, for the time of your existence here, there was, in a way, a loss of contact with you.  In this way, beloved ones, we also had a sort of peripheral experience of limitation and lack. You gave it to us most lovingly.” 

We knew as you knew that when you expand forward in love, you are flowing in the infinitely trustworthy safety of the universe.  Therefore, there was never a doubt for those of us outside of your environment that eventually reunification was inevitable.  But we understand now, beloved ones, that for you, in the game, that seemed very much a possibility.  That humankind might have imagined that there could be no one else out there besides you.  What a powerful experience that is.  What an incredible, unique unto creation experience you have given yourselves in the possibility, the perception, of being alone.”

“Beloved Ones, in the episodes and books and words to come, we will share with you many aspects of your existences here that have been quite a curiosity to those of us outside your game.  In doing so, we rejoice, for you are finally perceptive enough of our frequencies, of frequencies beyond your frequencies of limitation, to even perceive these concepts.  To even perceive these ideas of our perspectives that were wholly outside your experience.

“What we wish to tell you today, most lovingly, is that, Beloved Ones, you are not and have never been alone.  Not in your dreams, not in the things you hoped to achieve in your life, not in the ideas that come into your mind that you dare not speak to others, you have not been alone in your physical existences, in your day-to-day life when you believe yourselves to be isolated, physically, from those you love. And you are most especially not alone in the Universe. How much we love you.  How much we have always loved you.”  

Quote: "What we wish to tell you, most lovingly, Beloved Ones, is that you are not alone and have never been alone. Not in your dreams, not in the things you hoped to achieve, not in the ideas that you dare not speak to others. You have not been alone in your day-to-day life when you believe yourselves to be isolated, physically, from those you love. And you are, most especially, not alone in the Universe. How much we love you. How much we have always loved you." - The Chorus

“In the days and weeks to come, Beloved Ones, you will find more and more topics, opportunities and experiences of connection with those around you.  This is another very powerful demonstration of your Awakening.  That is, you are leaving behind your ideas, your beliefs, that in millennium past had given you the experience of difference, of isolation and loneliness.  As this illusion dissipates, what you will find are joyful, loving connections with those around you in more and more expansive ways.  You are not as different from each other as you might think.  As humanity awakens to its broader commonalities, you open the door for connections to other beings who you might have previously found very different from you as well.

Quote: "[Humanity] is leaving behind ideas, beliefs that gave you the experience of difference, isolation, and loneliness. As the illusion dissipates, what you will find are joyful, loving connections with those around you, in more and more expansive ways. You are not as different from each other as you might think." - The Chorus

“Beloved Ones, we are…beyond words…in how we feel being here with you all.  We love you infinitely and we will, of course, speak with you soon.”

Excerpts from Katie

I heard someone say once that when you cry, it is a representation of a belief that you are releasing.  You are letting something out.  You are literally crying something out.  You are releasing a belief.  So there have definitely been some times that I have channeled and it has brought me to tears.

I was weeping as the words that they were saying were coming through.  I was releasing.  Maybe you did, too? Maybe you felt something in that frequency that assisted you maybe in letting something go.

Loneliness is another one of those aspects of being human which we don’t often sit around and talk about as a species, except maybe in recent epochs.  Because sometimes recently the loneliness feels very acute, it feels very impactful to feel so different or so disconnected from others around you.  That sensation, that frequency, is becoming more conscious to us.

I gotta tell you that coming from a background in technology and then going through a spiritual awakening where I started to hear all sorts of voices, and perceive messages, and know things and realize things, was a pretty lonely experience.  Because I didn’t feel comfortable sharing it with anyone.  Not only was I sick, and going through a mysterious illness, which nobody could diagnose and most people said was in my head, but then desperate for answers I opened up to things that I normally would not have…and, to my surprise, there were things on the other side of that opening. A feisty, teasing and infinitely loving group of beings, to be exact.

I remember going into meetings at the office…by this point in time, I was channeling every which way that I could just to see if I could do it.  So I used to channel on the drive to work, to see if I could drive and navigate traffic while also channeling.  It got to the point where on most mornings it was as normal as pouring a cup of coffee, get in the car, start channeling.  I would have these most amazing conversations on my way to work where I was growing in my understanding of things but also of just my ability to perceive things about myself and about people around me…and then I’d pull into the parking lot, say thanks and see ya later to The Chorus, grab my laptop bag and walk into the office, and spend the next several hours having a completely human experience.

And I know you’re going to say, “why didn’t you channel while you were at work?  Seems like a pretty good tool to have in your back pocket.”  And do you know it never occurred to me until close to the very end.

The Chorus was never a place that I went to for specific to dos, or answers.  As I always joke, The Chorus does not give out lottery numbers.  It was more of a place that I went to as a refuge from all of this human stuff. From my illness, from things I was struggling with…I didn’t drag all of that with me into that place. I would bring questions, sometimes, but they weren’t about should I go see that doctor…it was more about, ‘why do humans get sick?’  It was questions about the things I was experiencing ‘over there’, not the things themselves.

So, standing in those meetings, I was aware of this dual life that I was living.  And I oftentimes felt like an imposter in both directions.  I would be in a meeting about a piece of technology, a satellite, an analysis, some data, you name it…and some of my colleagues who were all loving and phenomenal people, would crack a joke about you know, “it’s not like some crystal shop, down in Boulder.”  They would allude somehow in some condescending way to spirituality and New Age and things like that…and I would freeze up.  It was such an instinctual reaction, I would suck in a breath and look down, like “oh my God, they’re going to know, that’s me.

Now, I don’t own any crystals.  I don’t know that I’ve ever even been to a crystal shop in Boulder.  But the connection was there in the sense that those people believed things that, because of my own experiences, I was starting to believe too.

And then, I would have an imposter syndrome on the reverse.  I can remember times when I was sitting around with friends, and they would be sharing something amazing that they were going through in their lives, reaching for an understanding of what this was trying to teach them.  And, I realized, that in their perception I was a technologist, and pragmatic, and very caring and sometimes had good things to say, but I wasn’t at all tied into that side of the world.  And so I felt a different kind of imposter syndrome, I would feel a sadness that I had so much to say and so much to share with them…but if I did, how would I explain all of the experiences that I had and all of the things that I was still going through, that I, quite frankly, was still terrified of, myself.

I asked The Chorus about this sort of things multiple times, and one of the things they pointed out to me early on was that there is no such thing as separation, as loneliness, you have to create it.  You put things in the way of your relationships with others.  Beliefs create distance between you and other people and other beings. 

I think this is one of the more powerful aspects of what The Chorus had to say today.  That, from their vantage point, and from their experience of creation, there is no such thing as loneliness.  That all things are infinitely connected, infinitely reachable, infinitely knowable…but that in our choice to exist here, we gave ourselves the experience of a perception of being disconnected and isolated and lonely…and that by way of observing us, or remaining connected to us, through this experience they also had an experience of disconnection.

But I think they meant it in more ways than just the beings who are outside of our game, looking in at us, being disconnected from them.  But that also we give ourselves the experience of loneliness and separation from each other.  

The more beliefs I have that you and I are different, the more my ability to connect to you and others is diminished because I have beliefs that it is difficult or perhaps impossible to connect to someone who is different than I am.

If you look at this from the perspective of The Chorus, who live in an environment of infinite variety, how often do you think they come into contact with things that are different than they are?  All the time.  So isn’t it pretty incredible that we have been able to give ourselves such a complete and thorough experience of loneliness, and of disconnection, by believing that anything that is slightly different than we are (or more), that we cannot connect to, do not understand or even better, fear.

Quote: "There is no such thing as separation, as loneliness, you have to create it. We have been able to give our selves a complete experience of disconnection by believing that anything that is slightly different than we are we cannot connect to, do not understand or even better, fear." - Katie & The Chorus

We’ve waged a lot of wars on the shit that we’re afraid of.  And I don’t just mean other people, I mean the stuff inside of us.  The things that we are afraid to acknowledge wanting, or thinking, or feeling, or being…we wage a fulltime war on keeping that stuff contained.

Fear is one of the emotions that I have been well entrenched in in this experience of spiritual awakening.  It was one of the first emotions that I asked The Chorus about because the sensations that I was having were so…debilitating. 

Similar to how they define anger, they gave me an energetic definition for the sensation of fear, which went something like this: Fear is a perception of the fenceline of the game.  Fear is the friction, you could say, in a similar way as anger, between the limitations or the furthest extent of your belief system, and new energy that you are coming into contact with.  Fear is your perception of the limitations of the belief system and the boundary at which you can either continue in the game or leave it. 

This took me a long time to absorb because it had such broad implications, because humans feel fear in a lot of different ways.

Let’s take a few examples, let’s start with the easiest, physical fear.  There is a sensation that a human gets when they perceive themselves to be in the way of bodily harm or life threatening types of situations.  That fear is something that we call instinctual because we believe our life and death response is built into the fabric of the physical beings that we are…in fact, we believe it to be built into all sorts of physical beings.  Energetically what The Chorus would say, rather, is that the fear that you sense in those situations is related to your experience of the boundary, or the periphery, of what our belief systems will allow.

We have a lot of beliefs about what our bodies are capable of doing, or recovering from, an healing from, and achieving, etc.  Athletes will be able to resonate with this most strongly, especially those who participate in outdoor or extreme sports.  When someone is free climbing a mountain face that is going to take them days to accomplish, they are stretching the limits of what we all believe a human body is capable of achieving.  Now, those athletes probably have sensations of fear that arise over the course of preparing for such an ascent, engaging in such an ascent and completing it.  The fear may range in sensation. 

It’s less about the form that it takes and it’s more about, they experience it as they push the limits on what their bodies are capable of doing which, inherently, pushes the limits on what all of us believe is possible.

Let’s take an example that’s closer to my own experience which is pushing the limits on what we believe to be real.  Humans have, again, a lot of beliefs about what is real and what is not, what’s possible and what is not.  Much like the limiting beliefs that we have about our physical bodies, keeps us in the experience of limitation here in the game.  As we have spoken about before, you kinda can’t have an experience of limitation while watching someone fly through the sky, never need to eat food, never need to sleep, and never age.  Experiencing that kind of manifestation would disrupt your connection to your own beliefs in limitation.

Similarly, in terms of allowing ourselves to experience things beyond our sensory perceptions, we have been very averse to those experiences.  We have dismissed them, we have condemned them, we have, in a sense, attacked all sorts of experiences that others have claimed to have had but are impossible to replicate or impossible to observe with the five senses.  This is a perfect mechanism of maintaining the boundaries of the game because, similar to watching someone fly through the sky, if you experienced all sorts of beings that were beyond the Five Senses manifestations, you would start to wonder about what is out there beyond the Five Senses frequencies, and your focus, your engagement in the game, would be broadened.  Therefore, your limitation would be lessened.

You can probably look at experiences of fear in your own life and see how, when you walked up to the thing that made you afraid, there were a lot of beliefs getting activated that were telling you to turn back from the experience. 

“Performance artists will understand this as the sensation of stage fright… ‘turn around and run!  Run away from the stage!  Run away from the audience!  We don’t know what’s going to happen, it could be terrible!  Go!’

Now, what a human in this day and age will say is, ‘but wait a second, I know that good things happen, can happen, when I push through the fear.’  There are lot of inspirational quotes out there about this…what would you do if you could not fail…these are all quotes about our experiences of fear at the boundaries of the game.

In millennia past, we did not have this concept about what was possible on the other side of our fear because we were more fully engrossed in the experience of the game.  And thus, anytime we walked up to the boundary of our own beliefs and felt that sensation of fear, without even contemplating it, we did turn away from the fenceline and plunge ourselves back into the depths of our limiting beliefs.

You may have people in your life actually who do this still.  That they continually come up to something that causes them fear, and rather than contemplating it or talking about or even pushing themselves to move through it, they turn around and walk away from it again, and again, and again, and again.  

Maybe they are afraid to leave a relationship.  And you’ve watched them in this relationship for years.  They seem wholly  miserable in this relationship, they know that they are miserable in this relationship, and yet for some reason they just can’t muster the nerve to leave the relationship.  And this is where I would point out…not their fault.

As a human, in the experience of limitation, we are connected to – we have the choice of being connected to – a great many beliefs that cause us to turn away from the fenceline, to turn away from the thing that scares us and go back into other versions and forms of limitation.  And though it may look like to us, as outside observers, that that relationship has been the same damn thing this whole time, and why can’t that person just leave it?  In actuality, all things are constantly being created, and so what may look like a singular relationship, is actually a series of a variety of different experiences of limitation.  Said another way, that person’s not yet done accomplishing and learning what they came here to do, and are doing, by way of a manifestation that looks to us like an endless toxic relationship.

So I asked The Chorus one time, I said, ‘ok, if fear is the perception of the boundaries of the game, the boundaries of our limited beliefs…why does it feel so shitty if all of us are expanding?  Why does it feel so bad?  Terror sucks.

Wel, you’re viewing it from within the game. And it does feel that terrible to you because you are activating colossal beliefs about the unwantedness of fear.  YOu are activating your own distastes, disgust, aversion to the sensation of fear itself, which is causing you to turn away from that thing.

But then how do we ever expand beyond our beliefs, if it feels so awful to move through fear?  How do we keep pushing through the fence line…without having to constantly battle ourselves and our own fear?

And they said, “oh use the loophole.”  And I said, “what’s the loophole?”  And they said, “love.”

The energy that we are perceiving, that we call love, is allowance.  An unconditional allowing of whatever it is in our perception, about ourselves, about our jobs, about our relationships.  When we love – and it’s different than finding something that’s pleasing – when we love, that energetic sensation is an unconditional allowance.  And in that moment what we are achieving is a cessation of participation in the belief systems of this game.  And so we lift up, we lighten, we step back into flow.  Because all of these beliefs are what are required to keep us constantly limit ourselves, otherwise we would just bob back up into infinite flowing energy.  When we love, and we feel the corresponding sensations of lightness, of ease, of lessening, that is our perfect energetic perception of a loophole, you could say, or also of stepping ever so slightly off the game.

Sure, you could push through the boundary, you could do that from the conscious perspective inside the game…I’m going to do the thing that scares me, and you blast right through the fall.  Alternately, you could shift perspectives, from your more expansive self, and it says, ‘isn’t this game amazing?  Isn’t this perfect?  Can you believe what we constructed?  This is incredible!  No where else in creation can you experience limitation like this!’  And from that more expansive, unconditional and loving perspective you sort of just…whoop…expand right off the game.

It’s really up to you, you can do either one.  And I would say that most of us are going to continue doing both for quite some time.  We are not done confronting our fear and we’re just getting started loving all of the things that we are afraid of.

Have you ever watched someone leave a relationship intact?  Meaning, they are intact, the other person is intact, that they somehow come to a realization separately and also jointly that they are moving on.  It doesn’t happen often, but it can.  That is the same thing, that is moving the boundary of limiting beliefs outward by way of unconditional love.

They told me once that there are important things that happen at the fenceline.  And there are those of us who are already, and will, spend more time at the fenceline than others, because we are doing a job, in a way.  We are connecting the energies from beyond the game up to the wall and to little doorways, little exit ramps, little ladders, here and there and all over the place that others, when it’s time and should they wish it, can access.  And so I know that there are those of you out there who are resonating very strongly with this topic right now because you have had a variety of sensations of fear in your life, fear that continues to maybe revisit you in ways that you can’t explain – or – that you also seem to constantly be drawn to doing things that you are afraid of.  You just can’t help it.  You see a destiny, or an accomplishment or the possibility to do something and it scares you and you say, ‘I’m moving in that direction.’  Or it may not be a conscious choice.  You may continually be finding yourself moving in that direction, like you  never planned summit El Cap, but gosh it just felt like you needed to.

We are at a point in our time right now where spiritual awakening can be..scary.  Because, now you know, when you are having expansive experiences in your life, you are most likely standing at the fenceline of your own limiting beliefs.

Will it feel scary for forever?  Nope.

Does it have to feel scary right now?  Nope.

Will it sometimes still feel scary as you build the ladders over the fenceline from both inside of the game and outside of the game? Yes.

But the more you bring to consciousness that this is what you’re doing, the more you move out of the pure feeling of fear up a level to…oh wow, I see what I’m feeling right now…and then you move up a level and say, here it comes, here comes the fenceline…and then up a level to, wow, would you look at this fenceline, I can see the whole freaking thing from here, it’s incredible.

As you expand in your perspective, by bringing the light of your consciousness to this boundary, to this essential experience of the game, you will begin to perceive it in more and different ways, and the sensations of fear, will change.

You are not alone.  You have never been alone.  Our perception of loneliness was an experience that we gave to ourselves by way of the beliefs that we hold here.  And so, if you look around at the fenceline, you’ll see that there’s a lot of us there.  And we’ve been so enmeshed in our experience of the game and the path that we took to the fenceline, that we’re just starting to awaken to the fact that there are many of us standing side by side at that periphery.  And, but a hair’s breadth away are all the other beings who have lovingly watched us, waited for us, while we were here.  And they saw the whole thing, they experienced it all with us, they understand us sometimes more consciously than we understand ourselves.  

And I do believe that that’s where we’re headed.  That we will move out of a singular sensation of fear that isolates us in our experience from others, and rather that we will discover how unifying fear can be, how much in common we have with so many others who are perceiving fear right now as well, and in that realization the sensation of fear that is lonely or isolating or something to overcome, transforms itself into…love.

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