S01E11 Distance and Ease, ‘Extraterrestrial’ Contact and Planning

The Chorus describes a new aspect of our belief system: the concept of distance. They relate our evolving understanding of space and distance to the equally evolving, and expanding, experience of ease. Katie connects this topic to her experiences channeling different members of The Chorus and humanity’s current obsession with planning things out.

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Show Notes

Excerpts from The Chorus

“Distance, as you know it, is slightly different than the way that we know it.  We understand now, that distance to you is a gap, a span between places that you must exert energy, in some form or fashion, to cross.  From our vantage point, distance is a slightly different concept in the sense that we do not necessarily see a chasm or a span to cross, but rather we see all things energetically, as frequencies, that we may vibrate towards at the moment of our choosing.  And so where you would like to get to a place and must move through all the spaces in between, we are simply able to vibrate to that place. It is interesting to us, the human concept of distance, for it has given us the opportunity to understand energy and frequencies and different places, as you call them, in new ways.”

“The journey that a human takes between point A and point B has changed over the years.  It was not very long ago that getting between those two places took you a great amount of time, indeed, and that often, difficulties were so present on those journeys that you often had to turn back. Comparatively, today’s human is able to cross vast distances while sitting in the comfort of a chair that moves, quite quickly, via bullet trains or jet planes to that next destination.  In a sense, the traversing of different frequencies is becoming easier for you all.”

“We have spoken about ease several times so far and we would like to touch on that topic again.  For ease, as a word, as a meaning, pertains more to your existences than to ours.  For, where we are, all things are effortless, are easy because we do not have a concept of efforting the way a human does.  A great deal of your existences, in your environment, are spent thinking about efforting or efforting itself.  You are great planners of things.  You plot out how you must effort and then, you effort.  You effort in all aspects of your existences.  In fact, you believe that were you to stop efforting, your presence in the game might be ceased.  That is, if you do not effort to feed yourselves daily, if you do not effort to protect yourselves daily from the weather, from malicious actions, etc, that those risks may negatively affect you in some way.

The idea of ease and effortlessness is relatively recent to your kind.  Heretofore, you had been so enmeshed in the beliefs in the experience of limitation that it had never quite occurred to your kind that there was an alternate path of ease, of less, of doing less, or working less hard and of allowing the universe, or luck, or deities, or any of the other things that humans have learned to place their trust in, would bring to you the right circumstances, the right timing, or the right solutions to your problems.”  

Quote: "The idea of ease and effortlessness is relatively recent to your kind. Heretofore, you had been so enmeshed in the beliefs of limitation that it had never quite occurred to you that there was an alternate path of ease, of less, of doing less and allowing the universe to bring you the right circumstances, the right timing, or the right solutions to your problems. These beliefs, that forces outside of you can help you, can bring about things in your life without your needing to effort them into existence is a powerful manifestation of your Awakening. Each and eery time that you are drawn to choosing a slightly easier path, what you are choosing is flow." - Katie and The Chorus

These beliefs, that forces outside of you and even outside of your Five Senses environment, can help you, can bring about things in your life without your needing to effort them into existence, is a powerful manifestation of your Awakening.

Each and every time that you are drawn to choosing a slightly easier path, what you are choosing is flow.  Though where we are, flow is quite a different experience we might say – it is many magnitudes stronger, it is many magnitudes more powerful, you might say.  Still, the human experience of being present in the game, enmeshed in the belief systems, and able to sense a slightly easier path is a powerful example of your own abilities to perceive your paths of greatest expansion and flow, even from within the depths of the game and the belief systems of limitation that you created here.”

“Can you imagine, Beloved Ones, how much easier things are getting and will continue to get?  That there will be many chairs that you can sit in while things manifest before you, not just journeys between distances that you would like to travel.”

“As you go forward and awaken to many of these emotions, and many of these feelings that you have day-to-day, allow this concept of ease to return to you.  There will be times that you will feel emotions that you consider to be negative, and there will be a part of you that wants to address that, stop that, analyze that, and work to release it.  From our vantage point, your ability to release is quite natural and assured.  In fact, there is nothing you need to do to release your participation in these limited beliefs and belief systems.”  

“It is already unfolding.  You are awakening to this path in the midst of the unfolding.  And this steady progression is one of the most amazing characteristics of the human experience.  That, to us, what would happen in an instant, to you, unfolds over a period of time in which you are able to consciously experience various aspects, in detail, of this unfolding.”

“Thus, Beloved Ones, surround yourselves with the idea of ease.  Of knowing, throughout your entire being, that all things can truly be effortless.  Allow the time to pass, allow the answers to appear, that is all that is required.  And in that allowing you step into your flow, where you are loved, infinitely.”

Quote: "It is already unfolding. You are awakening to this path in the midst of the unfolding. Allow the time to pass. Allow the answers to appear. That is all that is required. In that allowing you step into your flow where you are loved, infinitely." - Katie and The Chorus

Excerpts from Katie

“One of the things that they, and I, have not yet directly addressed is the difference between the members of The Chorus.  In all of the podcast episodes so far they have spoken in unison, or we’ve sort of just allowed for that. In actuality, the members of The Chorus are really quite distinct.  They are at varying levels of expansion, they have varying perspectives on us, they have varying experiences of energy…the reason I can call them The Chorus in a unified fashion is because we all share a common frequency when we connect and that is the frequency of love, or allowance.

We have been writing a book together recently, and we’ve been going over the more basic definitions of terms, and one of the definitions they gave me recently was a definition for frequency…I asked them, ‘what would be your definition of frequency?’ And they said, ‘places of understanding.’

Though we all share, with The Chorus, sort of that larger frequency of love, there are also aspects of them that are slightly different.  There are a variety of frequencies that they span.

We’ve spoken about beliefs in episodes 4 and 5, beliefs about lack of trust and beliefs about lack of control which really drive a lot of our experience here.  This week they expanded outward on that topic to a broader belief system, a broader what they call ‘engine of reality’ which is distance.  

Though we experience distance here, we do experience it in combination with the rest of our beliefs.  Distance in and of itself isn’t hard to cross, but because we have so many beliefs about limitation and efforting and loss of control and inability to trust, those things manifest as making it difficult for us to move around.  As you can imagine, across the great variety of frequencies and places of understanding, there are other ways to look at distance.  And some of the members of The Chorus do experience the idea of distance, but they experience it in a very different way. 

As The Chorus has mentioned over the many weeks, our belief systems were structured, were the result of our resonance with frequencies of disallowance.  The perceived experience of a disallowance of energy.  And humans, and humankind, and how we have done this is a great curiosity for so many.  And us as humans might say, ‘what’s so special about what we’ve done here?’  And this is but the first example of many things that we will talk about here that humanity has accomplished.  We are the prize fighters of limitation in ways that we’re just awakening to.  Isn’t it funny that we have all these conversations about our isolation in the universe…because of the limited way that we believe and that we create our reality…that in actuality, it hasn’t been about intelligent beings out there and they’ve chosen not to reveal themselves to humans because humans are such a mess…rather, its the opposite.  We have been a fascination for so many more than we can yet imagine, and it is through our chose of resonance here, through the narrowing of our consciousness to this existence, that all those many have been unable to reach us energetically.  And that all those many are having such a good time, right now, observing us, reconnecting to us, understanding what it was that we created here and coming to our place of understanding.

Ease is a relatively new concept for humans as The Chorus said today.  It’s only in recent millenia that we have begun to have this question or this awareness of ‘why am I working so hard?’

The Chorus has indicated that for a very long time while we have been here, we have been so fully enmeshed in the game itself that we had not been able to pull up and look around and have that experience of perception until recently.  And that is because we are Awakening which is expanding from this point of limitation. And as we do so, we keep one foothold in the limitation itself as we move outwards, and in so doing we are able to turn around and look back and say, ‘what is all this?  Why did I believe that?  Why did I do that?  Why did I feel that?’  And in asking that really what you are doing is looking at it all from an expanded consciousness.  And ease, the idea that things could be easy, is a perfect example of how humankind is already doing this.

Humans are big planners, big listers, but thinkers of the things to do and then the doing of them.  Although lately, as in recent centuries, you might notice that humans are getting more and more interested in the planning than in the actual doing.  Energetically what’s that about?

When I talk about flow, or when you envision the idea of flow and flowing energetically, in addition to the feelings that you think that might feel like, what image come into your mind as you think about flow?  If you are like most humans, it would not be uncommon for you to have some images in your mind that look like a line.  Something linear.  So, perhaps flow conjures to you images of a river or images of a beam of light, something that relates to this, then this, then this…flowing through things.  However, it would be far more uncommon for most humans to envision a very messy, squiggly line as flow.  A bowl of spaghetti, folding back on itself, twisting and turning…just a mess, to a human.

From The Chorus’s perspective this is the difference between the constrained context that humans have created here and that we live in, and the more natural version of flow.  When we feel in control, energetically, what we are actually sensing is fit with our existing context and our existing belief system, and we like that sense of control in many ways, is because that’s what we came here to experience, was this context.  And so we work with things – we work with ideas, we work with newness – until we ratchet it down into the existing context and then we feel, ah, we are in control.

Now, by contrast, to a human, free flowing energy, new energy that comes into our context here can feel very much out of control because it is very much outside of our context.  And so, newness, new energy and expansion can often look like chaos to a human.  Because it doesn’t fit, it’s new.

And so on the one side, when we envision flow, we envision a straight, clean, streamlined sort of energy that carries us through one thing to the next thing to the next thing…but then there’s also this growing part of us that understands that things that we did not expect, or plan to do can sometimes move us forward the fastest, the most efficiently, the most enjoyably.  That we could be expanded in ways that we did not foresee, by surprises in our life.

When we think about ease, typically, a human will think about it in terms of kind of no surprises, everything I expected to happen falls into place like dominoes.  It was so easy, it all came together, without any terribly big surprises.  The Chorus is saying yes, but also, ease just means flowing from thing to thing to thing, without any judgment about whether or not you thought that’s what needed to happen in advance, or whether or not your are judging it to be good, wanted, or useful in the current moment.

So in that case the squiggly line can have the same sensation as the straight one.  The straight line, that flowing energy…that sense of flow has aligned with your contextual allowance of the manifestations.  The squiggly line can feel the same way, even though to most humans today it would feel more like a roller coaster.  And yet, that is flow, because it feels…easy.  It feels flowing.

We have started to recognize that things we did not foresee and did not plan on are helpful to us.  We allow for surprises.  We can almost anticipate that there are going to be things that come up in the course of a project that we cannot know in advance.

So now when we look at what’s happening with planning, worldwide for all humans, maybe you can see a little bit of both of these images present.  Are there times when planning seems to move an entire team forward, where it feels very flowing, very constructive and very helpful? And then there are planning meetings that feel like drudgery. The plan feels onerous and overblown and heavy and difficult.  Not additive but almost destructive?  This is the sense of a plan, of an effort, that is outside of flow.

Sometimes planning is in flow, and sometimes it’s not.  But as we are awakening, we are understanding that there is a larger picture to these projects to these manifestations that we are undertaking.  And in the effort of planning we are trying to, in a very 5 senses manifested way, draw up from the game board.  It is a reflection of where humanity is right now.  That we like to ‘see into the future’, that we like to look across many of these projects at once and try to understand what it is that connects them, that we can learn from, that we can leverage into our future to make that go better.  It is an expanded vantage point.

If you contrasted us to humanity of many thousands of years ago, who had not already started to awaken, that there might be less of a desire to plan things because it requires an overarching mentality.  Instead, in that sort of belief-driven existence it may have been more desirable at that time to simply move from action to action to action. 

Last week, when we talked about fear, The Chorus pointed out that there are two ways that you could move through it.  You could either push yourself through the fear or you can love it.  And that second step might seem a little bit vague to humans…from their perspective, what they are saying is, ‘well, it can be easy.’  A human will want to do something about the fear.  They will ask questions, they will try to avoid it, they will try and talk it out…humans are motivated to address things that we do not like.  But in so doing, what we accomplish is an energization of that thing.  So in all the ways that we try to ‘deal’ with that fear, or with anger, we energize it.

And so they say, this concept of ease is new to you because you’re just now starting to come around to, ‘hey this could be easier than I thought.’  Maybe we cut 20% out of the plan, maybe we don’t do those things right away, maybe we make a prototype to start and see how it goes.  These things are coming to the forefront in human awakening.  And they are saying, ‘and also, you are starting to realize the power of ease for the things that you feel within yourselves.’  

They are suggesting when you feel something like fear, you have choices.  You can address it, avoid it, thwart it, fight it…you can get worried about it, why am i afraid again?  Or, you don’t have to do anything about that at all.  It really can be that easy.

When we talked about inspiration and desire, we talked about that as energized moments of your own flow.  When you think about times that you have been angry, or fearful, or any of those other friction type moments…there was probably also a part of you in there somewhere, so soft, and so subtle, that you may not yet have even noticed, that said, ‘I’m hungry.  I’d really like to go get a sandwich.’  Something super, super natural and uncontroversial and really easy. But we think ‘I don’t have time for that right now.  I can’t go get a sandwich.  I am curled up in my bed in the fetal position upset about something, fearful of something, depressed about something, angry about something.  I don’t have time for a sandwich.  

And The Chorus is saying, that’s the difference between ease, which is flow, or the experience here that you had of limitation.  You say, I can’t get out of bed, I don’t know what to do about the way that I feel.  And they say, ‘ok, that’s a powerful experience of limitation.  You don’t have to do anything about that though.  You don’t have to do anything about that fear, abou that anger, about those feelings.’

That’s it.  It’s nothing more complicated than that.  That there will always be a path of ease somewhere on the table of options.  Sometimes it’s energized, sometimes it feels exciting to follow that.  Sometimes it feels like a letting everything else go.  And when you do, that option is hanging out, shining there right in front of you. And you’ll say, ‘but that doesn’t solve this.  How does going and getting a sandwich solve this? I’m really upset about this.’  It doesn’t…in that moment.  It’s a hard right.  It’s a squiggly line.  It’s something that will feel illogical or irrational or disconnected from the things that you wish felt better.  But then, as we discussed, when you walk into the kitchen and get a sandwich a new idea will come to you because you’re back in the path of flow and ease. 

Quote: "That's it. It's nothing more complicated than that. There will always be a path of ease somewhere on the table of options. Sometimes it feels exciting. Sometimes it feels like letting everything go. Sometimes it will feel disconnected from everything you wish felt better. When you choose it, you are back in flow." - Katie and The Chorus

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