S01E12 Prevention, Protection Love & Only Expansive Humans Experience Depression

The Chorus introduces the beliefs of prevention and protection, and how these things limit the perception of our own infinite natures. The Chorus expresses their deep and profound love not only for our infinite-ness, but also for all of these things we created and are awakening to. Katie relates the energetic basis for prevention and protection to the similar experience of depression, which is uniquely experienced by awakening humans.

For more information on Patty Griffin and her incredible music, visit www.PattyGriffin.com. The song included in this episode is from her album Impossible Dream which was released in 2004.

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Show Notes

Excerpts from The Chorus:

“There is much that the mind, the human mind, does and provides over the course of your days.  We understand that as humans awaken to the functions of their mind, the ongoing activity of these judgments and beliefs, many humans, when viewing that from the perspective of the game itself, will automatically enact beliefs of prevention and protection and conflict. Together, these things manifest as a sort of antagonistic relationship between your expanding consciousness and the experience of the mind.”

“We would like to share with you a different vantage point on your minds and how we see them, how we see your massive Belief System Complex (BSC), from outside your game where we are not subject to the activity of beliefs in prevention and protection.

To us, Beloved Ones, your arrival here, your experience here and all things that you have created here are incredible.  No more so than in the construct of the beliefs that you call your minds.  We have spoken about the Belief System Complex (BSC) before, the massive architecture of beliefs and belief systems that is dynamic, evolving and ever-growing.  And it is your resonance with the frequencies of disallowance that resulted in the manifestation of these beliefs.

As you live in your day-to-day environment, you are, quite simply, from the game piece perspective an embodiment of these beliefs.  The way you perceive your environment, the ways you perceive each other, the ways you perceive your own game piece, your own bodies, are all structured, are all driven by, this architecture, this system of beliefs, the majority of which you have been unconscious to, as was the objective of your experience here.  To be immersed in limitation, to know no other existence, to remember no other existence than what you lived here in the day-to-day ‘struggle’, as you would call it, to survive on your planet Earth.   

For those of us outside of your game, it is nothing short of incredible to witness a creation that manifests experiences that are so different, so opposite, so unusual compared to the flow of energy that surrounds you throughout the universe and all creation.

As we watch you, not only are we enthralled by what humanity creates and does, but we also learn so much about ourselves, so many things about energy and flow, that we had never awakened to, for we had never experienced or witnessed anything that was so lacking in that flow.  To put it in a human context, you might say that we had taken much of our own existences for granted.

Humanity in this way has done a great service to so many other beings, to so many other kinds of beings, who exist outside of the human existence.  All of us who have had the benefit, the opportunity, of observing humanity and of reconnecting to you here and now, are more expanded for the choice that you made to come here.

Perhaps our vantage point will assist you.  As you continue to awaken to all of the stuff in your Belief System Complex (BSC), you may still be active in the beliefs that will tell you to judge that, that will tell you to fight that or do away with it.  And, thanks to you, we understand now, why you might feel compelled to do that.  But also, we hope, most sincerely, that you will feel our love and appreciation for everything you created here, and for every experience that you have had.  No matter how bleak, how awful, how violent, how terrible you perceive those experiences to be and have been.  To us, they are all nothing short of incredible.

Beloved Ones, you are infinite.  As much as we are infinite.  And you are awakening to this now and your capacities to be and expand into anything else you wish.  There is no end, there is no timeline, there is no date on the calendar in which you must achieve something by. These concepts are human concepts. To us, we are all here now, together.  You are awakening to a most beautiful understanding of everything you have accomplished here.  And in many ways, though one experience might be ‘ending’, as a human would put it, to us the infinite is just beginning and, in many ways, it is always just beginning.

There is so much ahead for you all.  There is so much ahead for all of us.  And we are overjoyed to be here with you.  Above all else, remember this, that you are loved, infinitely.

The Chorus on Depression, as read by Katie:

Depression is a brake pedal.  It is the ability to sense what is coming on your path, the simultaneous recognition that it has not yet come to pass, and the belief that YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO to fix, to change, to ‘get there.’ It is a deep wanting – the deepest there is – resonance with your path of greatest expansion and an energy very far down that road. And then the realization that it is not yet here.

As humans have powerful beliefs of the difficulty of accomplishing things, the ‘realness’ of these knowings triggers very active beliefs that that is going to be very nearly impossible to do.  That ‘crushing blow’, as a human would call it, places the human in an energetic eddy.  Your attention to the eddy, to being stuck, is what you call depression.  “I am in the eddy.  I don’t know how to feel better.  Am I still in the eddy?  I am!  I don’t know how to feel better…” and so on. Eventually the experience of lack of trust in yourself, in your own flow can become so acute that you FEEL very little.  The reinforcement of your own recognition of the feeling of depression, creates more depression.

As with most things that are awakening you to your own beliefs, they are exacerbated.  They are strong.  They are attention getting.  You are all experiencing various levels of depression, you are all sensing great things on your paths of expansion.  You are all talking about this experience of depression, you are coming to a place of UNDERSTANDING of this experience.  And what it means for your continued growth.

When the beliefs which ‘freak out’ about that great thing that you sense not being present, soften…when you have expanded beyond them…the experience of depression will transform.

Depression is a numbing – an energized numbing – of your own sense of YOURSELF by the belief in mistakes, error, and the experience of ‘being lost’ where you believe you DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO.

Excerpts from Katie

Sometimes awakening, expansion, the spiritual path, personal growth – whatever your preferred word is for this experience – can feel a little messy to a human. And thought it can feel pretty brutal to those of us going through it, it actually accomplishes something very important.  It uses our own limitations to help us return to, if you like that word, or awaken to the finite. So we take a shot and the ball misses the basket, and from our human perspective we say, ‘dammit, i missed again!’ But then the ball falls into a basket that we didn’t even know was there.  Limitation leading to expansion…You can be exactly what you need to be here and now.  Maybe you took a shot and it missed, maybe you don’t even know where the ball went, maybe somewhere along the way you feel like you blew up the ball completely. Or maybe you are in the process of discovering how, no matter how many shots you take, no matter which way it lands, YOU CANNOT MESS IT UP. The entire universe and our whole existence is the basket.

– – – – 

As The Chorus stated, depression is the simultaneous converging of several things energetically.  Some of these things are beliefs but remember from their standpoint, beliefs are energetic.

So a human, who is awakening, is able to sense or perceive something very far down on their path of greatest expansion.  When we do that, to a human it can feel HUGE.  Monstrous.  As if, as if it’s practically overwhelming, so great is the distance that you sense between where you currently stand and this something that lies ahead of you.  As you continue to sit with that energy, it may come through as a manifested thought.  It may come through more clearly and more structured, maybe its a dream that you have long held.  Maybe its a part of yourself that you’re beginning to awaken to having. Maybe its a state of things that you sense will one day be, that is very different from the way things are today.  That in and of itself is miraculous and fantastic, because remember, so many of the beliefs that we created here reinforce the experience of limitation.

Sensing those two things, in and of themselves (the point far down your path of greatest expansion and your current position), is not really the root of depression.

Depression comes in with a 3rd aspect, where we notice this thing, this becoming very far down on our path of our expansion, we recognize where we are standing and the distance between those things, and the mind, our belief systems, activate…which cause us to believe we must take physical action to make that thing appear.  And the mind says, “I don’t know how to do that.  That is so far away, that is so different from where we are today.  I don’t know what to do.  I’m lost.”  And when we hit that point, that triumvirate, we sense something that we call depression.

It is a sense of being lose, it is a sense of not knowing what to do…it is a loss of perception of ourselves and our infinite knowing.

This puts a human into an energetic eddy – a swirling, cyclical pattern – the human belief in needing to do, equally matched with not knowing what to do.  I really need to DO something about this, and at the same time, a deep sense of unknown, that this is all new, this is unprecedented, that I don’t know what to do or even more so, I don’t trust myself to know what to do….this is why depression can often be characterized by a sense of powerlessness.

When we sense something very far down on our path and it is something very different or something larger than we know how to handle, beliefs in prevention and protection will activate and we will turn away, or said another way, we will begin to hold that off at arm’s length.  Sometimes prevention looks like locking your doors, sometimes prevention looks like denial.  I don’t know what to do about that, so I’m going to deny that it exists…

Our belief that we know what to do is actually one of our greatest structures of limitation.

Everything that’s manifested to date, as The Chorus would say, is old news.  That’s energy that came in and was molded by our belief systems into something that looks a whole lot like everything that was already allowed in and then we live it.  And then we allow ourselves to connect to that frequency, again and again, as needed, in the form of a memory.  

Humans don’t really think about the infinite universe of possibilities because that would be very difficult for the mind to sum up in the context of the existing, limiting belief systems.  And so we turn away from the concept of the infinite.  We deny its existence all the time, subconsciously to us, through all our many beliefs that run our day-to-day existence here.

From the perspective of The Chorus there is nothing to prevent, there is nothing to protect yourself from.  Because when you are in the infinite flow of the loving universe, all answers come to you in the instant they are required.  The Chorus does not see a difference between question and answer, between need and fulfillment.  This is is one of the most incredible aspects of what we have created here.  That we have slowed down the experience of the perception of these things so much so that we see a very big difference between when we desire something and when it shows up in our hands.  We see a distance.

We make things look a lot like all of the other stuff, and when it doesn’t, when we’re not sure what to do about it, we prevent.  Meaning we energize the distance between that thing’s existence and our perception of it.  In a nutshell, we reinforce our own experience of limited experiences here in the game.

What’s happening now? Why are we able to perceive things that are further down on our paths of our greatest expansion, and then realize where we are today, and have that most incredible experience of ‘I don’t know how to get there,’ and fall into depression.  It’s because we’re Awakening.

We have been in the place of ‘I dont know what to do about that’ for many millennia. We have been in a place of mind-driven existences where we move, reactionarily, from thing to thing to thing. And now as we are expanding we are able to sense things that are further out on our path, we are able to intuit things about our lives and what’s coming, sometimes in ways that are difficult to put into words, and as this becomes conscious to us, we recognize a difference, a distance between where we have been, and are, in this game, and the things that we are expanding out to receiving.  

You could almost say that prevention, protection and depression share a very similar aspect.  In all 3 cases, there is a sense, though slightly different, of ‘I don’t know what to do.’

We prevent things that we don’t want to have happen because ‘we don’t know’ how to deal with that when it arrives.  We don’t know how we would survive it.  We don’t know how we could withstand it.  We don’t know how we could defeat it.  And so we hold it at arms’ length.

Depression is a very similar sensation of ‘I don’t know’ and ‘I’m lost.’  Meaning that thing that you’ve been working so hard to prevent yourself from realizing, or to protect yourself from experiencing, is banging down the door.  And you give up.  You give up that fight.  You give up that energetic holding.  Depression is actually more allowing than prevention and protection.

In depression there is an aspect of surrender.  There is an aspect of ‘I don’t know what do’ but there’s also an aspect of ‘I’m not going to pretend I do, I can’t.’

In depression we are also giving ourselves an exacerbated look, and exacerbated experience of the limitation that we came here to create, and to perceive, which would tell us one of the most extraordinary things in the galaxies that we have ever created…which is that you don’t know what to do.  That is an illusion.  That is a creation of this experience.

Where The Chorus is, outside of these frequencies, there is no such thing. Because there, you are in an experience of infinite trust, so there’s no second guessing, there’s no doubt, there’s no ‘I think I would like to do this but now I’m not sure’ or ‘I don’t even know what would make me feel better.’ The energetic eddy of depression is a front-row look at our own creation of lack of trust of ourselves.

Let’s return to that energetic eddy concept for a moment.  The swirling pattern, that sense, of a cyclical churning, is a great aspect of our existences here.  And the two forces that seem to keep us held in this state of depression are the simultaneous recognition that there are things out there that you want, or that you know are coming, or that you recognize that you want to change in your life…combined with an equal and opposing force that tells you that you dont know what to do about that our how to get there.  Now most humans would say if you were going to tip the scales of balance in one direction or the other to pull yourself out of the eddy, that you should say to yourself, ‘no, I KNOW what to do.’  GIve yourself a pep talk, argue for your own sense of self…but The Chorus would actually suggest the opposite.  That in the other side of the eddy, where you recognize that there are things that you really want, or you recognize your own intuition for big things that are coming, they think that’s beautiful, and whole, and perfect.  And that you can just continue to gaze in that direction.

Depression feels numb, at times, because it is our own continued prevention and denial of our own sense of self and the things that we know and perceive and want.  The numbing is a powerful experience by way of the contrast of what it helps you to recognize that you DO feel.

The beliefs that we hold that prevent us from perceiving those things…have upheld very important aspects of this game for a very long time.  But now the winds are changing.  Humanity is awakening.  We are expanding beyond these frequencies and in that experience we are turning around and recognizing all of these things that we lived through for so long.

Though reconnecting to these aspects of ourselves, which knows things and wants things, can sometimes feel overwhelming.  These are just our first steps, these are the baby steps, that might be a little wobbly at times as we oscillate between all of these things that we are growing into and the return, at times, to the reliance, to the sensation, to the known, which is a belief system that told us for a very long time, that all of those infinite  energetic perceptions that we have, needed to be pushed against.

 We get into these positions because we are Awakening.  And from these certain vantage points we are able to more accurately and clearly see what we are expanding into.  By way of the contrast of where we have been.

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