S0E14 Human Energetic Perception, Conspiracy Theories and What Underlies Humanity’s Current “Mental Instability”

The Chorus describes humanity’s current, and growing, abilities to detect energies beyond the Five Senses. Katie describes the ways in which we see examples of this today, including in conspiracy theories and the current mental health crisis. Enjoy!

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Show Notes

Excerpts from The Chorus

“Humans do not always know what it is that they are perceiving.  Humans of your day and time are actually capable of perceiving a great deal of energy that is around them that is not always expressed in their awareness of what is happening on the frequencies of the Five Senses. That is to say, that you may feel an emotion, an agitation, a frustration, a fear, a knowing, that comes to you outside of what you are tracking, in a sense, in the activities that you engage in with eyes and ears and hands and mouth and etc.

Humanity is just awakening to these sensations, and as you do so, you are still active in the perspective of a Five Senses Human and thus, you say to yourself, “I don’t know why I feel this way.” You look around at what is going on in your life, that you see on the Five Senses, you examine your day, you examine how you feel about these things, and when you find a mis-match, you are often frustrated or even disappointed in yourselves for feeling a way that you judge, that you deem, to be inappropriate or inaccurate.

Beloved Ones, we would like to suggest to you that what you are sensing and perceiving is completely valid, and is completely appropriate, for you are receiving new and different information than what is manifesting in front of you on the Five Senses.

As with most things in the energetic universe, the allowance, the acceptance, the trust comes before more of those things flow to you.

Humanity is able to receive these sensations now because of the millennia of increased trust that you have experienced in your own sensations, in your own emotions, in the feelings and sensations that you have as you go through your days.

As we have mentioned before, humanity now has names for these things.  You write books about these emotions, you talk about these emotions, and you have begun to understand that they are messengers, in a way, representing to you more of what’s going on than perhaps you had previously realized. This is your growing consciousness, Beloved Ones, this is your expansion, that not too long ago humans went from action to action to action with little to no awareness of the emotions themselves that they experience by way of those actions, by way of the activation of those beliefs.  In many ways, you should celebrate how far you have come!  That even the youngest among you now understand the names for these things that they are feeling.  How to, perhaps, embrace them more, and allow them to flow through you.

We see, right now, in human kind a great deal of agitation, of mental instability as you would call it, in large part due to your burgeoning abilities to perceive more, to receive more, than is validated by your Five Senses. How much humanity will grow and change as you begin to accept these sensations as valid, with or without the knowledge as to why you received the sensations that you did.

Can you understand, therefore, that today, humanity is expanding into the perception of more and different feelings as you once did with the concept of emotions that are so commonplace to you today.

What will you decide to name these things?  What is it that they are telling you?  How will it help you as you navigate the energetic frequencies that you are expanding into?  So many exciting questions and so many amazing experiences ahead.  But first, of course, is the allowance of these things. Is the acceptance of the idea that they may be true, that they may represent things that you are just beginning to perceive.  That you are not fearful or anxious or frustrated or alert or any of the other things for no reason, that there is no flaw in your being that has somehow mistaken things in your day-to-day environment and has taken a perspective on them that you do not like, or see as valid.

Quote: "We see, right now, in humankind a great deal of agitation, of mental instability, as you would call it, in large part due to your burgeoning abilities to perceive more, to receive more, than is validated by your Five Senses. Beloved Ones, trust. Trust yourselves most of all. All sensations that you feel are coming to you for a reason. And should you feel something strong and yet in your day-to-day environment there is not much to account for it, perhaps offer to yourself a new and alternative path. That you are able to perceive things that are just coming into consciousness. Trust these knowings, and allow the evidence, the reasons for them, to begin to come through to you." - Katie and The Chorus

Beloved Ones, trust.  Trust yourselves most of all.  All sensations that you feel are coming to you for a reason.  And should you feel something strong and yet in your day-to-day environment there is not much that you can think of to account for it, perhaps offer to yourself a new and alternative path.  That you are able to perceive things that are just coming into consciousness.  Trust these knowings, trust these sensations, and allow the evidence, the reasons, for them to begin to come through to you.  For, we would suggest, there are amazing things on those frequencies.

We love you infinitely, Beloved Ones.  We love all the things you are aware of today.  And we love all of the things that you are coming to know.  

Excerpts from Katie  

“Humans today call this action mode fight, flight or freeze.  That the mind often wants to do something in order to address or resolve something that is not quite manifested. A desire, an idea, a threat, whatever it is that hangs out there in the periphery, sort of that you know is coming, the mind responds with action.

In last week’s introduction to the episode, The Chorus actually gave us an energetic definition of action which is, from their standpoint, a collision of three things simultaneously: the first is the recognition of the desire or the idea, the second being the recognition that that desire or idea has not yet manifested on the Five Senses, and then the third being the activation of beliefs that dictate what to do in order to make that thing happen, or appear or feel safe or whatever it is that was desired – or, as The Chorus would say, acceptable expenditures of energy to address the lack.  The lack of the thing that you have identified that you want or is coming, but that isn’t there yet.

As we’ve mentioned in previous episodes, the Belief System Complex (BSC) is massive, is colossal, and is still largely unconscious to us.  Beliefs are activated billions of times per second and create our version of this reality.  As we talked about last week in the episode on Time, we don’t sit here, billions of times per second and say, ‘now I’m activating a belief about time, and now I’m activating a belief about deterioration…’  No, we are busy in the game.  We are busy in the experience of being human, not structuring the entire reality in which we have this experience.

This is no more so true than in beliefs about action, which have largely driven our existence here.  If you think about being human, humans are often very busy.  From the time we wake up to the time we go to bed, we are constantly taking in stimuli from our environment and then doing something about that…we are constantly reacting and interacting with our environments.

As The Chorus mentioned last week, the moments that we have when we sort of pull up from this day-to-day action are their examples of Awakening. That ability to reflect on the experience of limitation here is because of our Awakening, that there is a space, that there is a growing distance between just being fully immersed in the game and then our broadening consciousness, which now has these moments where it kind of turns around and looks at the experience and processes it, or is more aware of it than it was before.

It was not too many millennia ago that humans went from day to day to day to day, without really reflecting on it much, and without really being aware about how they felt in those moments. By contrast, a human today has many names for many different emotions, is ready to discuss those emotions with others, and can often connect day-to-day actions to the reasons for those emotions.  As The Chorus said today, even very young humans are being taught the names for these emotions and the names of them. To The Chorus this is a perfect example of human Awakening.  That we are not just in the depths of anger, that we can step alongside it and say ‘I felt that, that was anger, I think I know why I felt that, and I can even identify it more rapidly in the future.’

Now all of this works beautifully in creating an experience of limitation, because it’s a constant cycle. It’s a constant perception of a desire, which is almost instantly transformed into a lack – ‘it’s not here yet!’ – and then action, which we need take in order address the lack – which we have been talking about in terms of an energetic universe; where you put your energy, your resonance or your attention you’re going to get more of – and humans have been the embodiment of a belief system that constantly directs us to what is lacking, to what is missing.  If a human walks into a room that has a tile floor, and one tile is broken, the human will almost automatically look to the broken tile.  If we get a desire, or an idea of something, we practically instantly recognize that it’s not yet here and enact ourselves into action to address the lack, thereby constantly living in a cycle of its not here, get it here, it’s not here, get it here, which is, you could say, a constant cycle of lack, enforce the lack, lack, enforce the lack.  Which, if you came here for an experience of limitation, if you came here to rebuff the infinite and the experience of the infinite, this is a perfect machine!  This is an almost bulletproof way – for each and every notion of infinite energy you receive, you will almost instantly transform it into a perception of lack, of insufficiency and finiteness, which is everything we came here to experience.

So now, what was The Chorus talking about today? And why is this machine experiencing some hiccups?…

There are many sensations that humanity is experience today because we have expanded beyond this day-to-day cycle into a growing consciousness, an expanding consciousness, that is slightly lifting up off the game, and is perceiving and experiencing more than what our limited experience here has been. 

When we talked about depression, if you notice, an expansive human is required! Because the kickoff point for depression is the ability to perceive something very far down your path of greatest expansion, that’s very big and very loving and very new and very different…

That because humanity is able to perceive more and more things energetically, but we are still also having one foot in the game, we are having a very interesting experience of the sensations that come from this broadening perspective.  And what they pointed out today is that humans, everywhere, can perceive much more on energetic frequencies than they realize.

Have you ever had an experience where you have felt some sort of strong emotion and you just don’t know why? Maybe you are depressed.  Maybe you are angry or agitated or emotional or crying very easily at who knows what, and when someone says to you, ‘why do you feel this way?’ There is a part of you that will look at all the things going on in your life and will really try to draw a connection…And so you’re reaching almost, to explain the emotion.  And sometimes it fits…and then other times it kind of feels like it doesn’t totally explain it. Maybe it would on paper, to somebody else, but if you look at your own depth of emotion or intensity of emotion it kind of feels like that thing doesn’t merit this sensation…

As The Chorus said today, ‘we see in humankind right now a great deal of agitation, of mental instability as you would call it, in large part due to your burgeoning abilities to perceive more, to receive more, than is validated by your Five Senses.  And it is this last part that is usually what drives a human bonkers is that you don’t have anything, really, in your Five Senses environment that you can point to that will explain this thing. And when a human starts to feel this way, they will look even deeper for reasons as to why…we will start going to therapy, we will start digging up childhood traumas, we will start looking into the toxicity of our environment and our bodies, we will start looking for health reasons, for mental reasons, for historical reasons…to explain the way that we are feeling.

And this is because you have an expansive human who is perceiving something energetically, but then you also have this foot in the Five Senses that is activating beliefs that really wants to do something.  There’s a thing that you have perceive that is lacking, that is not yet present on the Five Senses, there is almost this churning – ‘I gotta solve this, I gotta do something about this, I gotta take action, I always take action. But I don’t know what action to take here?’

You could say, and most psychologists do, that conspiracy theories arise in periods of instability in a society.  That conspiracy theories arise in the context of fear, mistrust, uncertainty and feelings of powerlessness.  And psychologists will say as a result humans tend to create explanations, they tend to create reasons why they’re feeling this way and reasons why things are happening – they create a narrative for the things that they believe must be happening for which existing explanations to them feel insufficient.

If you listen to what The Chorus said today, they said, ‘you all are experiencing all sorts of energetic perceptions, but you don’t know it yet,’ and when they say you all, I think they really mean it, and I want to emphasize this point.  This is not reserve for some special class of humans, this is not only for people like me who channel, its everybody.  It’s humanity.  Humanity is awakening, and humans of today, this day and age, are able to perceive things energetically, and we are just awakening to our own existent capacities to do this. 

Quote: "Humanity is awakening. Humans of today, this day and age, are able to perceive things energetically. This often feels like anxiety and uncertainty and unknown, because we have giant feelings that come over us, and we're not sure what's causing it. It's up to you. You can call that mental instability, or you can call that an awakening human." - Katie and The Chorus

‘But we see it as you guys figuring out that you are sensing things beyond the Five Senses manifestations.’  To a human, this often feels today like anxiety and uncertainty and unknown because we have these giant feelings that come over us, these sensations, and then when we look around, we’re not sure what’s causing it.  And so the beliefs of action activate, and say, ‘well we gotta take some sort of action because something’s missing.  We are perceiving something and it’s not here yet and we’re not sure what it is, but we gotta do something because that’s what we do, we take action.’ And so we all run around eating sugary foods, or going to therapy, or taking anti-anxiety meds, or waking up in the middle of the night and trying to go back to sleep’ – we get caught up in this doing-ness to try to address it.

And it’s over a period of time, as these feelings continually return to us, as this ability to perceive energy continues to crop up, that we finally say, ‘no, I think it’s gotta be something else.’

If I look at my fellow human beings, and I understand that they are all perceiving things that they cannot yet explain on a Five Senses spectrum, I can understand why one the things humans might get busy doing is tying together the evidence that they do have on Five Senses spectrum into new and different packages, that will help them to understand the things that they are genuinely perceiving.

If you have a group of people who are deeply enmeshed in needing to do and explain things from a Five Senses standpoint, and then those people begin to expand and perceive all sorts of things beyond that, that I could understand how and why they would try to connect things together in that Five Senses environment to explain how they feel. 

And doesn’t it work for a minute?  To find a theory or find something that you think explains these sensations…you even sometimes find a community of like minded people who are feeling the same way, and in that community you find validation of the things that you are perceiving.  You perceive a greater mystery, you perceive a greater knowingness, you perceive more out there than is currently explained in society…you experience all of these things and then you get to find other people who do, too. And whatever, whatever, story or narrative or thing that brings you together, the point is that humanity is starting to come together…on these ideas, but also on these sensations.  That we are starting to acknowledge that we do actually feel things that are often inexplicable. And though we are still at a phase of looking for reasons in what has already manifested on the Five Senses, we are growing ever closer to trusting the fact that we do perceive these things.

I’d like to make a suggestion, that perhaps, when you go out into the world and you see people dealing with some sort of emotion…and you see what it is that is the probably cause, or maybe they even tell you what the probably cause is, and it just doesn’t seem to line up, that they just seem way more out of control, or grappling with stuff that seems far more difficult and you think ‘man, those people are losing it,’ or maybe you’ve even had that thought about yourself…I would like to suggest an alternative view, that in every single one of those instances what you are seeing is a human that is awakening, that is perceiving and sensing things that are real, that are valid, and that are happening somewhere beyond the Five Senses perspective.  That there are many humans today that have a dual track, that they are here enmeshed with us in the Five Senses, but there is another part of them that is sensing so much more.

Quote: "You perceive a greater mystery, a greater knowingness. You perceive more than is currently explained in society. You will find other people who do, too. Humanity is starting to come together on these sensations. We do actually feel things that are often inexplicable." - Katie and The Chorus

It’s up to you.  You can call that mental instability, as we often do. Or, you can call that an awakening human.  Choice is yours.  Or maybe, as The Chorus does, you could even call it both. Because, as soon as we begin to allow for and trust and accept these larger parts of ourselves and the energetic perceptions that they are capable of, the sooner we will expand into the perception of what it was all truly about.


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