S01E15: Flow, Being Unique and Understanding What Comes to You Naturally

The Chorus explains their understanding of our concept of Flow. Katie connects this to all of our related concepts – such as ‘what comes naturally’ to us, ‘not thinking about it,’ and most importantly, what makes us each unique. Somehow this all ends up in a spaghetti western analogy. Saddle up.

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Show Notes

Excerpts from The Chorus

“From our vantage point, flowing is quite simple, is quite natural, you would say.  There is not much that humans consider to be natural to their beings other than perhaps the things that you do not consciously think about.  You do not consciously think about breathing, minute by minute, you do not consciously think about moving your eyes, you simply ‘look’ in different directions.  Thus, the things that a human would consider to be flowing are often the things that they are unconscious to. To a human, the things that they would view as being ‘natural’ are often the things over which they have little to no conscious control.

Beloved Ones, this was by design.  This is part of the environment of limitation that you created, in which you disallow your perception of so much that is around you in creation.  And, in this environment, you created an artificial playing field of judging, believing, and interacting with your environment by way of your massive Belief System Complex. In so doing, your reality, your existence, becomes a sort of culmination of living, perceiving and acting by way of these beliefs.

We would like to point out to you today that the underlying game structure that supports all of these experiences has also been created by you.  Thus, all those things that you would deem to be natural to your existence here, comes from the creative power that you have, quite naturally, by being an expression of creation itself.  Thus, who do you think energizes the manifestation of a human body that breathes? You do. Thus, who do you think created an environment of earth and trees and water and sky and air that you breathe? You did.

We understand that for the purposes of this experience, you disallowed the perception of all the things that you created as part and parcel of the entire experience of a human life, and instead narrowed your conscious perception to the actions, and the judgments, that you make, every second, every day, in the course of what you call your human life.

There is so much more out there than what you view in the busy day-to-day activities that you enjoy here.

These aspects you may be beginning to understand, particularly in the realm of your sciences and spirituality.  That you are coming to understand that you may have broader impacts on the environment around you, in creating the structure of the environment around you, than you had previously thought. 

In the sciences, you are becoming aware of ideas in the realms of quantum mechanics and theories that demonstrate to you, over and over again, the ability to affect energy, the ability to create a variety of different realities, a variety of different connections, between parts of your existence here that you had previously thought very distant from each other.

In the realms of spirituality, you are coming to understand your energetic body, you are beginning to have sensations that come to you that are far and beyond what you might experience with the Five Senses. And thus, you begin to understand how the perceptions you have via the Five Senses may be formed, or affected.

As we have suggested previously, humanity is awakening to the blindfold that you had very purposefully and very lovingly placed over yourselves for this experience of limitation.  And, as this first step, to awakening to the blindfold, you are starting to become aware of things beyond it that you had not seen. 

We would suggest that as you move forward in your experience of understanding the blindfold, and everything that is beyond it, that this idea of what comes naturally to you will expand.

We know that humans, when they think of flow, imagine stepping into a stream of energy that exists somewhere out there, that via their judgments and mental capacities, they often withhold themselves from.

We would like to suggest perhaps, a new visualization of this concept.  That the flow has always been in you, has always  been part of you.  It is this flow of energy that you used to create this environment and still do today.  And rather, that you are awakening to new and different capacities in that flow.  Said another way, you  are expanding outward to meet more of flow, more of that energetic, free-flowing, loving place, where you are created and where you create.

Quote: "Humans, when they think of flow, imagine stepping into a stream of energy that exists somewhere out there, that via their judgments and mental capacities, they often withhold themselves from. We would like to suggest, perhaps, a new visualization for this concept. That flow has always been in you, has always been a part of you. It is this flow of energy that you used to create this environment and still do today. And, that you are awakening to new and different capacities in that flow." - Katie and The Chorus

Do not worry, Beloved Ones. As you step into greater freedom, we understand that you might activate many beliefs about your lack of control.  That, to a human, it may start to feel like you don’t know which way is up or down, a powerful experience of limitation, we would say.  But that, not only will these sensations be temporary, but also that as you move forward, what might have felt a little unstable, a little unknown, will start to feel like glorious freedom.

From all the things that you thought you had to do, had to accomplish, had to be, or had to achieve…as the illusions fall away, you will find a greater sense of your own flow.

We are flowing with you, Beloved Ones, and we love you, infinitely.

Excerpts from Katie

“Have you ever come across somebody and something comes naturally to them and you sort of just hate them for it? Have you ever really wished you could do something and then you come across someone who does it without a second thought?…Feels like…real rage, doesn’t it? Real frustration?  As if, that shouldn’t be possible here.  Why is it that we all have to struggle around certain things while others do not?  Seems a little…unfair?

Today The Chorus brought up the idea of flow and also what comes ‘naturally’ to us, to humans.  I can almost guarantee that, as a human, you will think about [what comes naturally] in terms of action, in terms of things you do on the Five Senses spectrum.  

Not only do we base this understanding in the context of physical action in the Five Senses spectrum, but we also apply to it judgements – typically on a linear scale…and so you might say it comes naturally not only because I can do it without thinking much about it, but also I know that it’s considered ‘good’, I do it ‘well’, I do it better than others I have encountered who also try to do that thing.

 In previous episodes we have touched on the idea of a finite database versus an infinite database.  And in a finite database, where there are only so many things in there to count, it is possible to take an average, to look at outliers, it is possible to draw a conclusion and say ‘that majority of things that we counted here, add up to this.’  Another way of looking at our finite database is all of the physical manifestations that we encounter or recall in the course of our lifetime. So you say ‘I’m a very good singer’ and I can say, ‘well yes, perhaps that is so compared to all of the other singers that you have heard about, or a friend has sent to you, or you saw on TV, or you listened to their recordings’ and all of our judgments and beliefs, which you are tapped into, then I could say, “yes, you can draw that conclusion.’

But now, from the vantage point of The Chorus, they are asking, what happens when the database becomes infinite.  What happens when there is an infinite number of others singers you could compare yourself with – does it still come naturally to you?

When you being to contemplate an infinite number of points of comparison, the actual faculty of comparison is what starts to be put into question.  Because certain functions of judgment work in a limited context, but as you expand outward into an infinite number of those things it becomes less and less possible for you to count them all, add them all up, and then determine what that judgment would be, because in the process of your counting there has been an expansion of an infinite number more.

This concept of flow is actually a part of awakening.  The sense that we have that there’s a difference at times, between when things are really fluid and clicking and making sense, and when they are not, is relatively new.  

As our consciousness started to expand, we began to have experiences of perspective on our own existences. We started to ask questions about why do we do these things we do? We started to reflect on it, or develop philosophies, or religions, or new belief systems, and although they were new beliefs, these beliefs were in many ways expanded, because they were reflections of our broader perspective in which we were looking at our experience of a human life.

It was in one of these expansive moments that humanity began to sense something, that eventually became called ‘flow’.  Before it was named, however, this thing, this sense, was simply that things might work, might happen, might appear, might come together, without physical effort.

People began to notice that things could happen without their effort.

As more and more of these manifestations continued to pile up, we started to talk about it, we started to notice it collectively, we started to apply physical sound to this experience that we had been having…and over the course of this continual manifestation of things working out without our effort, we began to call it something.  We called it ‘flow’.  And as humans are wont to do, we applied our limitation, our beliefs, our perspective to it.  And so this sensation, that was a pure observation at the start, started to become more of a thing.  A thing that shows up sometimes, a thing that goes away sometimes, a thing that is somewhere out there, thus applied in our minds to the concept of a physical place.  That flow exists as a place, and sometimes we are there in the flow, and sometimes we are not. Hence we are somewhere else, more limiting and less desirable.

Over time this concept of flow began to coincide with a similar but slightly different idea…that we would call ‘not thinking about it.’ This began to apply to everything from things working out in your business or day-to-day life to a lucky shot…as more and more of these manifestations kept happening, this idea that flow – that this sense of things working out – also coincided with not thinking about it – began to grow.  We started to develop more and related concepts to it that took on names like instinct, or luck, or as in most recently, synchronicity. The idea that when you are in this thing, in this space, that we call flow, more and expanded things are possible than what you had thought of, or what you had tried for, or what you could potentially even effort into being when left to your own devices.

These concepts of flow, and not thinking about things, and what comes naturally all started to sort of merge and tangle together.  And in a way, as we are wont to do, we were continuing to limit, in some aspects, this new and expansive perception that we had once perceived…we told ourselves that it must be difficult to achieve, or mysterious, or unknown, or hard to pin down.  As we considered it, in the perspective of our Five Senses environment, it became a thing that took on aspects of limitation.

You created this whole town in flow.  You created the whole experience.  You never left flow.  In the experience of flow, you created the perception of a town, of a place, of a human life where there could be experiences not in flow.  It was a perception, it was an experience, that you gave to yourself to better understand flow itself.

This is awakening. You, we, all of us have been in this experience of not being in flow, of not understanding our own creative power, of blinding ourselves to it. And one of the first indications that we are lifting off the blindfold is the emergence of a concept called ‘flow’ – where we begin to sense and understand that there are powers beyond what we create with our hands.  That our power stretches beyond what we create with our hands.  

The Chorus says, ‘you were never not in flow.  That you’ve been flowing through this experience of limitation this entire time, and now you are very naturally flowing into the perception of your own capacities and your own abilities. [You say I do these things well, they come naturally to me.] And they say, yes, because it comes naturally to all of you.  Were it not for your belief systems of limitation, and all the varieties of beliefs that you each have, both collectively and individually, all things [that you do in a physical context] would come to you naturally.

Then, what makes you unique?

If we are coming from the perspective of understanding our own uniqueness by way of Five Senses action and manifestation alone, you can understand how a lot of us would be driven to either do things better than our counterparts, or to do things differently than our counterparts, because in an environment of such great limitation, how else could you possibly be unique?

There is so much of our own infinite natures that has been limited down to, truly, a finite set of manifestations, with slight variations, that we enjoy here.  So in the context of a finite database you are left with a slim margin to look, act, or experience things differently than the rest of the things in the finite dataset that are also limited in the exact same ways.

But what about that infinite database concept?  What happens when all of us return to our infinite natures and the pure flowing perception of that?

I had been working with The Chorus for quite sometime when they introduced to me the concept of Core Frequency.  I’m sure it could take any number of names, but they named it Core Frequency as in the sense of an energetic identifier, that is very part and parcel, very core, to who we each are.  As we talked about this idea of Core Frequency, they alluded to the concept that, from their vantage point, every single aspect of creation has this unique energetic signature.  It was unique at the time of its creation, and due to the infinite expansion of creation it will forever and persistently be unique.

If you sit with this for a minute or two, it starts to feel a little staggering. Because that means, for every aspect of creation that you ever encounter, that that aspect of creation is infinitely unique, meaning different, from all other creation that you have or ever will experience, infinitely.  That type of variety, that type of diversity, is practically impossible for us to contemplate from a mind-based perspective inside the limitations of our own experience.  Because, everything we created here to have this experience of limitation, has rebuffed, or remolded, or disallowed the perception of that exact thing: the infinite.  The infinite variety, diversity and uniqueness that is inherent in each of us.

One of the most beautiful things that they ever said to me is that each of us are a vital and inherent and infinite expression of creation.  That the expansion of creation, expands us, but that also our expansion, is a vital part of the expansion of creation.  Meaning, for every moment that you create, for every moment that you exist, for every moment that you make a decision, or have an idea, or do something, though from our limited perspective it may not look that much different, or better, than all the other things that all the other humans are doing, there will forever and always be aspects of it that are unique, even here.

We did the best that we could to create an environment of limitation, and according to The Chorus, we came pretty darn close to making everything the same, everything limited, to a finite set of ways things can be.  But The Chorus marvels at it all for its powerful aspects of limitation, but also for the fact that even here, we’re slightly different. 

There are those of us who look out at the number of people on planet earth and think, ‘it’s so many.  There are so many humans.  How could I possibly be unique?  What’s so special about me that could be different than one in billions?’ And The Chorus smiles and says, ‘you are unique as one in an infinite number.  You think billions is a lot.  You don’t even have words yet for the numbers of beings and consciousnesses and expressions of creation that exist.  And STILL, you will discover that you are unique.

And, you are already on the path to discovering your uniqueness.  To awakening to it.  Already little inklings of this are starting to reach you, by way of the energetic and broader aspects of yourself that you are coming to sense.  When you perceive a desire, when you perceive an inspiration, you are receiving something from the larger, or furthest, edge of yourself.  And it is through the expansion through ourselves, our layers of self, we expand into more and more and more of our uniqueness.  Just as we continue to expand into the perception of infinite creation.

Only you get that flavor of desire.  Only you get that type of inspiration at that moment and at that place.  Only you have that kind of intuition.  And though from our limited perspective we boil it down to three words and we say we all feel these things.  Truly, there are forever, unique aspects of yourself present in every manifestation that you experience here.

It is the growing understanding of capacities that you have that are truly unique.

Quote: "As you begin to expand into the uniqueness of yourself, you begin to expand into the uniqueness of others. Rather than seeing them as points of comparison, you delight in your own perception of the infinite. Because you will know, that for each think you perceive, for each desire you receive, there will always be more and different to experience." - Katie and The Chorus

As you begin to expand into the uniqueness of yourself, you begin to expand into the uniqueness of others.  And rather than seeing it as a point of comparison, you start to delight in your own perception of the infinite, and in others’ perception of the infinite.  Because that you know for each thing that you perceive, for each desire that you receive, there will always be more and different to experience.  And so what at one time drove or structured your own identity, becomes a reflection of your own expansion, a celebration of life as we know it, and as The Chorus said, it begins to feel like freedom. And perhaps, freedom as we’ve never even consciously known it.

That what for a moment, did feel like freedom, and maybe exhilaration and fun, starts to feel lonely, starts to feel like, “am I really the only one of me?’  This belief system, these quadrants of our belief system, are what drove our concept, our experience here, of being alone. These beliefs put a distance between us and anything else that we view as being too different. This was a marvelous aspect of limitation, it was a very effective way of disallowing our perception of the infinite, and so as you begin to move towards the idea of your own uniqueness, beliefs will likely get activated which will begin to tell you that if you move in the direction of colossal infinite difference and diversity, that you must also be isolated, lonely, outcast…

Perhaps you’ve already even felt these sensations over  the course of your life as you have considered moving in the direction of things that you want?  That something has called to you and, as you move towards it, things arose within you that told you to be afraid.  That if you went there you would be too different for others to understand, you would be too different to be accepted.  Friends, there is beauty in that sensation because that is the sensation that kept us limited, and that is what we wanted while we were here.  It has expanded us in ways that we are not yet conscious to, but are real, and have happened.  And now you are becoming conscious to that little part of our Belief System Complex (BSC).

As these beliefs fall away, it is the scent, the sensation, the flow of the infinite that actually becomes the source of connection to others.  Rather than our identification with others on the Five Senses spectrum, where we give each other manifestations as reasons to feel alike, where I say, oh you and I look alike, or you and I come from the same place, or you and I speak the same language, as reasons to feel connection with others.  Those things expand, our definition of self, our sense of self becomes broader, and therefore we find more ways to connect with others.  Our expansion into our own infinite…causes us to be able to expand into, that is connect to, or relate to, more of the infinite, of the diversity, of the differences in others.

As we try to contemplate this level of infinite connection to other beings, from the perspective of our Five Senses belief system, there is another thing that humans are apt to do, which is…it is difficult for us to imagine that kind of diversity and ongoing connection with others from within the perspective of our belief system.  And so, often, humans will stumble upon the idea that as we expand into the infinite, and into a greater connection with others, it must look something like a ‘oneness,’ a ‘one’, that we are all connected. And in our inability to contemplate the infinite, that starts to look like sort of an averaging out.  Sort of an infinite primordial soup that we all sort of ooze back into, and ooze around with each other.  But in that idea, in that concept, where has the uniqueness gone?

Humans take away, or diminish, all of the Five Senses manifestations that often cause us to feel so different from each other, as a proxy, as a way of feeling that sense of one-ness.  And in so doing, the idea of that oneness sort of starts to look like a faceless connection to all other life.

You and your uniqueness are a vital part of creation.  Without you, without your uniqueness, creation would be incomplete.  You don’t get averaged, you don’t get oozed, and you don’t lose all the aspects of you that make you, you, by being able to connect with others on vaster scales.  Rather, it is because you have begun to recognize more and more of what makes you unique, that you are able to experience more and more of creation.  Creation and the infinite is not a reduction down into oneness, it is an infinite expansion into difference.  It is an infinite expansion into uniqueness.  THAT is the power of creation. And we all get to experience it.

Quote: "You and your uniqueness are a vital part of creation. Without you, without your uniqueness, creation would be incomplete. Creation and the infinite is not a reduction down into, an averaging into, a 'One'. It is infinite expansion into difference. It is infinite expansion into uniqueness. THAT is the power of Creation. And we all get to experience it." - Katie and The Chorus

Are we not already expanding into the infinite? And a re you not already becoming aware of things within you that you want, that you desire, that you feel excited about?


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