S01E18 The Human Emotional Array, Why We Grieve & How We Love

The Chorus introduces the 3-dimensional way in which they view our emotional spectrum, and their perspective on ‘positive’ versus ‘negative’ emotions. Katie describes the paradigm shift that results for most of us in how we view emotions, including the example of grief, and what’s really happening energetically when we grieve. Enjoy!

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Show Notes

Excerpts from The Chorus

“We would like to begin today by reviewing some of the ‘key points’, as a human would say.  That is, that you came here to have an experience of great limitation.  Meaning, by denying your perception of the Infinite you would be able to live, to experience, a great variety of kinds of disallowance of energy.  And, in so doing, you would better know, better understand, better experience, expand into…all that you are energetically and your abilities to perceive energy on these frequencies of disallowance.

Though from our vantage point, there are a variety of ways that you perceive these experiences of disallowance, today, most humans, in your experience, are aware of a thing that you call ‘emotions’. As we have spoken about in previous episodes, these emotions are interpretations of the different frequencies of disallowance, of these experiences of the denial of your own perception of infinite energy.

Therefore, a human would be most likely to point to experiences on the Five Senses spectrum in order to explain or validate the emotional responses that they are having, whether it be…a thought, a driver cutting them off on their way home, a friend disappointing them or letting them down, or the loss of a loved one, a thing, or something else that you hold dear…From our vantage point, however, all things exist energetically prior to their manifestation here, whether it be in thought form or as a ‘thing’, as you call it.

Thus, to us, ALL human emotions can be explained energetically and, the majority of emotions of which you all are consciously aware today are some version of this disallowance of energy.

Though humans consider joy, happiness, optimism to be ‘positive’ emotions, and they consider anger, depression, grief and shame to be ‘negative’ emotions, we do not see the linear scale in the same way that you all do.  Rather, we see it more as a 3-dimensional type of fluid, dynamic setup, where your interaction with the energies of disallowance creates, billions of times per second, the experience of these frequencies.  Therefore, we see you as very colorful embodiments of these frequencies.  More often than not a human is experiencing multiple emotions at the same time to varying degrees, as you are rapidly moving through different experiences of the disallowance of the perception of infinite energy.

Thus, though you consider joy to be a positive emotion, from our vantage point it is also an experience of limitation.

‘How can this be?’ you might ask.  Because joy feels so much better to me than depression or grief or anger or rage? And thus you have perceived rightly Beloved Ones.

Imagine in this 3-dimensional sphere a center point of light.  That center point of light is what you call the sensation of love.  To you it feels enlightening, it feels flowing, it feels rapturous, it feels ‘good’, you might say.

From our standpoint, energetically, love is what we would call a cessation in participation in the belief systems of the Five Senses world that you all have created. That moment of love, that you feel, is flow.  Is, for a moment, your natural return to the frequencies of allowance, by simply ceasing – for an instant – your participation in all of these beliefs that are required in order to give you the experience of disallowance.

If you were to move outward, in a 3-dimensional sort of way, in a spherical way from that centerpoint of light, what you might experience swirling closely to that ‘pause’ in the belief system complex activation, you might call ‘positive’ emotions.  These things do rightly feel better to you than negative emotions because of their swirling proximity, you might say, to the center point of love.

But Beloved Ones, this is not because positive emotions are ‘better’ than negative emotions, for ALL emotions here are powerful experiences of disallowance which is what you came here to have. Rather, your path of greatest expansion flows in the direction of love and beyond it, to frequencies that are beyond the game. That is your preference for love.  That is your trajectory.  And that is what you are all rapidly expanding towards.

In your conscious moments, in your unconscious moments, when you are trying to be more loving, when you forget to be more loving, when you are angry or frustrated, when you are waking, when you are sleeping, in ALL of these moments, Beloved Ones, you are expanding home, in the direction of love and everything that lies beyond it.

Quote: "Your path of greatest expansion flows in the direction of love and beyond it to frequencies beyond the game. That is your preference for love. That is your trajectory. And that is what you are all rapidly expanding towards. In your conscious moments, in your unconscious moments, when you are trying to be more loving, when you forget to be more loving, when you are angry or frustrated, when you are waking, when you are sleeping, in ALL of these moments, you are expanding in the direction of love and everything that lies beyond it." - Katie and The Chorus

We know that some others have described to you waves of energy that are perhaps reaching your planet, that are perhaps moving through your kind, that are causing perhaps upheaval, as a human would perceive it, for as we have discussed, new energy is often perceived by a human as being chaotic. But understand, Beloved Ones, that you are not adrift on a turbulent sea of waves of energy. Rather, that that wave that you have heard described, is what we might call that path of greatest expansion. That wave of energy is life, and love and all creation.  It does not knock you over unannounced. It does not sneak up behind you and douse you.  YOU ARE THE WAVE.  You ARE creation.  You ARE energy.  And though you are awakening to new and different perceptions of what you have experienced here, we would suggest that as you do so, the power of that wave will be recognized by you as rising up within each of you.

Love is, quite simply, your destiny. And the only reason we can say that is because we see, from a slightly different perspective, your paths of greatest expansion. It is not a thing you need to earn, or work towards, or try to be better at…it is simply the direction you have already chosen in which to flow.

We love you infinitely, Beloved Ones, and we rejoice to see how many of you are coming to remember infinite love, too.

Excerpts from Katie

“The Chorus today introduced the topic of what they call the emotional array.  It is a perspective on human emotions that is slightly different than our own understanding of our own emotional spectrum in a few key ways.

This is one of those topics where our understanding of physical reality – our understanding of physical space, distance and our linear thinking – really starts to show up.

As The Chorus stated, today, when most humans think about our emotions, we think of them as being on a line, where over there on the line are increasingly ‘negative’ emotions – things that feel ‘bad’ – and then if you move ‘that way’ down the line are increasingly positive emotions, or things that we consider to feel ‘good’.

Today, we have a lot of names for the experiences that we have, for the emotions that we feel, on either end of that spectrum. So we call certain experiences on the negative end of the spectrum anger, depression, sadness, defeat, etc moving more and more ‘intense’ you might say? Sometimes our view of the emotional spectrum is a view of the degree of intensity of that ‘bad’ feeling as we would call it. And then the same is true in the positive direction, where at that far end of the spectrum you might call the best feeling ‘joy.’ Or some people have said that that best feeling is called ‘love’.

So today, The Chrous – in introducing their understanding or their view of our experience of emotions, sort of turns all of that on its head.  They remove the line, for starters.  They remove all the linearity of how we view our emotional spectrum and instead they put all the emotions in a sphere, in a 3-dimensional ball. And they say, ‘we see all your emotions in there, floating around.  All of those experiences in the ball are experiences of the game. That all those emotions that you feel, whether or not they are considered by you to be positive or negative, are all interpretations of the frequencies of disallowance that you are resonating with right now, for the experience of this game.

This is the first head scratching moment for a human because, if all of those emotions are in the sphere floating around are experiences of disallowances, are perceptions of energy, then that means that if you and I were sitting across from each other at a table, and you were sitting there completely depressed…had no idea what to do next…you and I would say, ‘you are deep in the limitation today, you are really having a human experience.’ And if I were sitting on the other side of the table, and I was having a completely joyful day, just everything was going awesome,…we would say, ‘wow, you must really be in flow. You must really be firing on all cylinders to be in such a state of joy.’

And The Chorus is saying, ‘well, that may be true but, also, from our vantage point you are having just a different experience of limitation.’ Two humans, at the same table, one depressed, one joyful, both experiencing limitation.

A human would say, ‘what? I’m sorry, how are we both experiencing limitation in that moment?’

This was exactly the question that I had for The Chorus. As we began to talk about emotions, I began to understand that their perspective is an energetic one. They see all of this from a viewpoint that is beyond the game. And so when they look at us, at the experience of sitting at the table, and comparing our different emotional experiences in that moment, they say, ‘well, we see the energy that’s behind all of that. We see the energy that you both are resonating with the precedes, you could say, from a certain view, that experience of the table, and those sensations that you call emotions and the conversation that you have where you compare them.’

And that energy that they view us resonating with is quite simply the frequencies of disallowance. From that broad perspective, from that very distant perspective, you can see how these things are the same. They are similar.  You and I are resonating in a very similar place…in the game.  But then you can see how from our perspective, from within the game, feeling these things, they feel extremely different.

As we’ve talked about on the episodes on anger and control, The Chorus can give us energetic definitions for these emotions. The way we feel has, to them, energetic aspects to it. 

In this case, you might be wondering, ‘what is joy to them?’ How is joy limiting?

Let’s pretend that you are walking down the beach, it’s a perfect sunset, there’s no wind, not a cloud in the sky, the sun is setting, the colors are all clear, it’s an incredible sunset. Not only that, but the temperature of the air is just right, you’re with someone that you love a whole bunch, and you’re so excited to be with them, and let’s say that you just came from a dinner on the beach where you laughed and talked and connected…and afterwards you thought, ‘let’s take a walk on the beach.’ If I asked you, on the emotional spectrum, what is an emotion that you would append to that experience? You might say ‘joy’…

From the perspective of The Chorus, energetically what would they say is happening in that moment?

They see these things as being interactions between us and our ability to perceive energy and the beliefs that we created here. In that moment on the beach, what might be happening between you and the experience of all of these beliefs that we created that give us the experience of this Five Senses reality?

Joy, according to The Chorus, is the experience of right judgment. Meaning, in a magical moment all things that we can perceive on all the Five Senses (including thought form) all line up in a way that we judge them to be awesome. And that cumulative sensation, that momentary alignment, for however long it lasts, is what we call joy.

Let’s take that moment on the beach and alter it slightly. Let’s say that the wind picks up. At first it’s a gentle breeze, and then it turns gusty. So before you know it, as you’re walking down the beach and laughing and talking and enjoying the beautiful sunset, your hair starts to blow all over the place…it starts to blow grains of sand into your eyes…And I might say to you, “now, how would you describe that experience with an emotion? Is it still joy? Is it the SAME sensation as when everything was perfect?’

That momentary alignment of all things being rightly judged by us, would shift, and something would be judged as being problematic, as being less than ideal. And maybe it would only downshift to happiness of humor, it doesn’t have to downshift to depression in a minute, but it would shift ever so slightly down because to them it is the emotion of right judgment and judging all things in our perception as being great.

This is why joy is so fleeting to humans.  Our words are proxies for these emotions, but as well all know emotions are like species, they’re like flavors, they’re so different and so varied. We have these words that bucket them and that helps, that has been an evolution that has been a demonstration of our awakening…but really it would be hard for most humans to agree to a very specific line that delineates joy from happiness. It’s a bucket. It’s a collection of emotions that we don’t have any more comprehensive ways of conveying to each other beyond that word, or that squeak, as The Chorus would lovingly say.

We’ve written all these books about happiness, and why is happiness so hard to achieve, and why is happiness so hard to sustain…and that, from The Chorus’s perspective is an aspect of our awakening. That we are becoming conscious of these emotional experiences. That we recognize, moment by moment, more and more of what we’re feeling AS we’re feeling it…more and more these things are becoming clear to us in conscious ways.

As we recognize that there is this emotion, this sensation, that we call joy or happiness, and it comes and it goes…and we all ask ourselves, ‘why is that?’ As usual, with most things in our awakening, what we are drawing our attention to is the underlying structure of the game.

More often than not challenges arise in our lives because that’s playing by the rules of the game, we are evolving FROM the point of limitation…we’re still having challenging, limiting experiences, but they’re always leading us to a more expansive point.

We recognize that joy and happiness are hard to pin down, and we struggle with it, but its hard. Why is it so hard? We ask ourselves. And eventually what we come to is the relationship between ourselves, energetically, and what we’ve created here…which are vast oceans of beliefs that collectively gave us the experience of a lack of perception of the Infinite…

 It is an experience of judgment. It is an experience of right judgment. This is why joy can be so fleeting, because we came here to experience limitation, so these moments that we have where everything lines up to be judged as pleasing by us come and go…because we didn’t come here to judge everything as going great. We came here to unconsciously roll around in experiences of limitation. But that also explains why different things make different people joyful. Though we can all agree that sunshine and roses are pretty great, the DEGREE of joy of happiness that different people feel over different things varies. It has a lot to do with our belief systems. It has a lot to do with what we believe to be incredible or joyful.

So now what?

Here you and I are sitting in the 3-dimensional array, as The Chorus calls it,  this sphere of emotions, and we’re both in it, and we’re both having an experience of limitation.

Here comes the 2nd head scratching moment for a human, which The Chorus, alluded to today which is, why does joy feel better than depression? Why does the sensation of right judgement, of joy, feel better to a human than sensations of depression?

As The Chorus said today, ‘well done. Rightly perceived. You’ve become conscious to this. You didn’t always know that. You didn’t always have a name for that. You didn’t always have a way to compare these things. But now you do. And now you know, consciously, that there’s one of these things that you prefer.’

Preference, your preference, is an indication of your path of greatest expansion. Meaning, every time you go through your day and have a slightly preference for something, that is your path of greatest expansion. It is as simple as that, and it is as staggering of that.

Quote: "Preference, your preference, is an indication of your path of greatest expansion. Meaning, every time throughout your day you have a slight preference for something, that is your path of greatest expansion. It is as simple as that. It is as staggering as that." - Katie and The Chorus

Humans have many ways of judging things. This Belief System Complex is largely unconscious to us though it creates our reality billions of times per second. So we minimize, we diminish a lot of our experience here because we wanted to, we wanted to be fully immersed in the experience of limitation…

Your preference is a reflection of all that you are, down to your choice of candy bar.

When you say, ‘I prefer joy over depression,’ The Chorus is giving you a standing ovation. It’s not about joy versus depression, though it has been to many of us as we have rummaged our way through this. We’ve scrutinized depression and we’ve scrutinized joy and we tried to figure out how these things work, and how to maintain the one that we want for longer periods of time. But The Chorus is saying REALLY what you’re coming to is an understanding of your own preference. As you move into that sort of perspective, all of the details sort of fall way. BEcause as you grow into a stronger sense of your own preference, it kind of stops mattering whether or not its a candy bar, or a place you want to go, or a car you’d like to have. Its that FEELING its that sense of amazingness, of flowing with your own preference. And the judgments that we are accustomed to using here to evaluate our preference, to evaluate our desires, and can it happen, and will it happen, and is there enough time…all of those judgments that are the beliefs of limitation, soften.

Do they go away?

When we are expanded, when we are flowing in the direction of our preference, when all of these beliefs soften, when we are less in our heads and more in the sensations, will depression disappear from the human race?

If depression and joy are both different flavors of the experience of disallowance, then as we expand, do both depression and joy disappear or fade away from our experiences?

As a way of answering that, let’s go back to what The Chorus said today about love.

Prior to their description today, where might you have put the sensation of love on our image, our concept, of emotions on a linear scale? Where on the line?

Often humans say that love it perhaps even surpassing joy. It’s somewhere up there at the farthest end of what we call our most positive emotions. And yet, love can feel different than joy, can?  Sometimes you are joyful when you are loving? Well, you can be happy and loving?

Already these flavors, these delicate nuances between all of these sensations that we have, boiling them down into single words, doesn’t quite express the variety of sensations that we have around a single emotional term. What is joy versus love versus happiness?

On your line of positive and negative emotions, to them, love would not be at the far end of the spectrum, love would be at the middle, right between positive and negative. And in their swirling vortex of fluid and dynamic 3-dimensional emotions, love would be a point of light in the middle of it all. That is because, their definition of love is an energetic one. It’s beyond the game, from their vantage point, they see anger and all of these other things as being part and parcel of the way that we are expanding, the way that we are currently experiencing the game as we expand beyond it.  Love is the momentary cessation of participation in the belief systems of the Five Senses. They call it a pause, they call it neutrality, they call it allowing. Meaning, in that moment of love, consciously, we are not active in judgment. There’s nothing in the Belief System Complex that we are activated on, that we are energizing, instead we have shifted (you could say) into a place of judgelessness, of belief-less-ness, of allowing, everything.

There is no scrutiny, there is no analysis that is molding the energy into anything else, we are quite simply…loving. Allowing whatever it is that we are casting our gaze upon to be whatever it is in that moment.

The emotional perceptions that we have are perceptions of our own experience of limitation, which is driven by all the beliefs that we created here.  When we feel love, and we are momentarily pausing our activation of all of those beliefs, energetically we are sort of at a point of neutrality, in the middle of the sea of all the beliefs, and all the corresponding emotional reads that we have of those frequencies.

There’s no such thing as positive or negative emotions, there’s no such thing as better or worse, that all of these emotions are just different experiences of limitation. It is our ability to perceive these energies as emotions.  

 The things you prefer are typically closer to the centerpoint of love because that’s the direction of your path of greatest expansion right now. And the things that are further away, you could say, from that center point of love, are not preferred by you because that’s not where your path of greatest expansion lies.

Humans are recently coming to an even deeper understanding, and even broader conscious awareness of grief…that sometimes we may go through grieving processes and we’re not even consciously aware of what it is that we are grieving the loss of. 

As we’ve come to know our psyches, our beliefs, our psychology more and more, we’ve come to understand that even slightly shifts in our own identities can trigger a grieving process.

Ever gotten a bad haircut?

Ever thought you looked a certain way or were viewed a certain way, only to realize that that’s not true anymore?

Ever thought that you were a certain kind of person and then through an experience, or a shift in your own life, you realize that you’re not anymore?

The human identity, the human ‘concept of self’, as The Chorus often calls it, has been largely centered in our belief systems. Our judgments of our lives run nonstop in the background. These beliefs create who we are, and what we live, billions of times per second. As we awaken to more of what we are, beyond these belief systems, we have another powerful experience of Both. Meaning, that we understand in new ways the people that we thought we were, and we also begin to see more of what we also are.


With things that we are not yet ready to be conscious of, it’s because they’re still doing a job. They’re still serving a purpose on our path of expansion. When we are ready to consciously understand that thing, its usually because we have moved through it. This is why when you look back at your life and see that you have struggled with a thing through multiple eras, or it continue to ‘plague’ you, as a human often says, it’s because it’s an engine. It’s a driver. It is driving you through other experiences that you are becoming conscious of. It’s driving you through other ways that you are awakening. And when it’s done its’ job, when it’s served its’ purpose, you will awaken to the engine itself, and you will understand it and you will be able to expand beyond it.

Quote: "When you look back at your life and see that you have struggled with a thing through multiple eras, it's because it is an engine. It's driving you through other experiences that you are becoming conscious of. It's driving you through other ways that you are awakening. When it has done its' job, when it has served its' purpose, you will understand it and you will be able to expand beyond it." - Katie and The Chorus

So it was only recently that I was able to ask The Chorus about grief. That I was able to finally have space to really sit down with them and say, there’s nothing else here this time except the grief… 

Grief is a Five Senses experience of a release of something from your mental structures. The perspective, from within the game, that something is being released from the belief systems that we use to drive our experience here.

You could consider each lifetime a new addition to the Belief System Complex (BSC). 

[The ones you have lost] are still there.

Friends, they are still there.

All the experiences you  had with them are still there.

ALL THINGS exist infinitely.

The experience of loss is our experience.

When you expand beyond the game, and you reconnect with all the people that you love or have ever loved, you also will be free to revisit any of those experiences that you’ve had with them. And to create an infinite number more.

Grief, the sensation of grief, as usual, with many of the experiences that we have here, is an energetic read of an experience of limitation.  That your consciousness does not have infinite capacity here, that it has been narrowed, to what we embody moment by moment in the experience of limitation. That you can’t consciously be aware of your entire lifetime of experiences with them, and also the frequencies that they’re on right now beyond the game…is a construct of this experience. As your consciousness expands, you’ll be able to do that.

So what about grieving your loss of self? What about grieving those changes of identity. Is it the same? Well in many ways, yes.

There are beliefs that we create as we come into this existence, as we interact with others, as we help construct the limitation of the game, that we hold about ourselves. About our concept of self. About our own identities here. As we expand, beyond the experience of the game, we move into broader definitions of self, we become more than the ways we have classically defined ourselves here which is based on Five Senses manifestation – the way we look, the way we sound, the things we’ve done, the things we dream of doing, the things we say, the way we say them, our senses of humor, our personalities,…So much of our identities here have been limited to what we create on the Five Senses spectrum because so has our perception of the infinite been limited to what we create here, on the Five Senses spectrum.

Just as the universe consists of more than this, so do you!

We move beyond those boundaries, we expand beyond it. And as we do so, we come to the conscious understanding that grief was our energetic signal that we were releasing something from our beliefs.

The duality that you often feel as you change your identity, as you accept, as you allow more of what you are, is the experience of a broadening consciousness.  You’re both. You are the part of you that senses that this is right and wanted and preferred and wonderful to move forward and expand into more of what you are, AND you ALSO feel the perception from the part of you that is still active within the game, that grieves the loss of what you were. You feel both.”


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