S01E19 The Expanded Self, Being Stuck, Mental Projections, Angry Outbursts and Choice. Oh My.

The Chorus presents the idea of the Expanded Self, in which aspects are not fundamentally right or wrong, but can be viewed from various perspectives, including a loving one. After a multi-week and enlightening hiatus, Katie connects this idea to the expansive that is possible in every emotion and every facet of who we are – today – including, even, the ones which bring us shame.

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Show Notes

Excerpts from The Chorus

“To be human is a great achievement. We know that you may not think so at times, but we do. What you chose to resonate with in coming here is at the cutting edge, sort to speak, of creation. 

From our vantage point, the leading edge of creation is the culmination of all difference and all variety and all life that has ever been and ever will be created.  It is contrast. It is uniqueness. It is flowing. Thus from our vantage point, here in free-flowing energy, where all things are answered instantly, your ability to hold the infinite at a distance, to disallow your perception of all that you are and all that you are summoning, is a colossal undertaking and an extraordinary achievement.

Quote: "To be human is a great achievement. We know that you may not think so at times, but we do. What you chose to resonate with in coming here, is at the cutting edge of creation. From our vantage point, the leading edge of creation is the culmination of all difference, and all variety, and all life, that has ever been and ever will be created. It is contrast. It is uniqueness. Your ability to hold the infinite at a distance, to disallow your perception of all that you are and all that you are summoning, is a colossal undertaking, and an extraordinary achievement." - Katie and The Chorus

It may sound funny to you that we use these words, these words that allude to ‘efforting’ as a human would put it. These words that refer to completing something, doing something, when we have spoken so much to you about how things in flow arrive without effort.

Beloved Ones, we have noticed that from the human perspective, when we talk about effortlessness, and needing to do, that a human will often sense within themselves, a diminished desire to do, as though the conversation about ease and effortlessness, rather than talking about how exhilaratingly, unflinchingly, perfectly you can choose to do anything, and achieve your desires – turns into a sort of ‘well then I shall sit here and do nothing, so that it is easy.’ 

Do you see Beloved Ones, how this is another aspect of your limiting beliefs? Taking from us our perspective of things that are flowing, and turning it into diminished desires. 

And you might say, ‘is it all futile then? Will my limiting beliefs forever apply limitation to everything that I experience here?’ And we would suggest that that is not so.

The experience of awakening is becoming conscious of these limiting beliefs and how they function. It is not an endless road, not by far. And, moreover, through the experience of moving through these beliefs, consciously, you awaken to more of what you are by the power of the contrast that you are resonant with. You discover more of the unique being that you are.

We understand now that, from the human perspective, as you awaken to more and different limiting beliefs, the part of you that it still rooted in that limitation will tell you that this limitation is the same, perhaps, as all limitations that you have experienced before – that you have not yet ‘defeated’ it or moved beyond it. The limiting part of you will also tell you that this may not ever end. In that way, it is resonating with limiting beliefs about being stuck, which is, completely a human belief.

From our vantage point, Beloved Ones, you have already progressed very far indeed. For you to be able to perceive us, and this perspective, is already an indication of how far off of these frequencies you have already lifted. From our vantage point, all actions that you choose, all words that you feel inspired to say, will in some part, reflect the expanded frequencies that you have reached.

When you are angry, when you are sad, when you are frustrated, when you are still moving through the awakening process of all of these different varieties and flavors of disallowance that you came here to experience, there is still a part of you that is expanded through those experiences. And thus, whatever judgments you may hold about yourself as you move through these emotions and these sensations, understand that that only covers PART of what you are. The greater, more expanded part of you, can communicate love and clarity through ANY emotion that you feel, that you resonate with, while here, in the experience of limitation.

Beloved Ones, there is no stuck, most especially when your mind and judgments are telling you that you are, for in that instance, the beliefs of limitation are activated in such a way as to balance the incoming energy or – said another way – the expanded energy that you have expanded outward to reach. The balance is not insurmountable, the balance is not stuck, the balance is simply leaving the game intact, and continuing to fill out the paths in front of you with more and more equally valid options, from which you may choose. You are awakening to your power of choice, of true choice, not just between 5 Senses manifestations but energy and frequencies and ways that you are expanding, ways that you are becoming aware of your own consciousness and how you chose this path, and how you create. 

When you wake up in the morning, and you say to yourself, today, this day, I would like to flow with all that I am, I would like things to be effortless and joyful. Then we would say to you, ‘then so it shall be, for anything and everything that you choose to do IS on your path of greatest expansion.’

Beloved Ones, you are flying. And now you are awakening to the heights you can reach.

We love you infinitely, and we are beside you, always.

Excerpts from Katie

One of the first manifestations that we resonate with is thinking.

One of the top ways that we become aware of the existence of a mental projection that we didn’t know was there is through the feeling of being stuck.

Quote: "One of the top ways that we become aware of the existence of a subconscious mental projection is through the feeling of being stuck. When the present moment, when flow, moves off of the mental projection you hold, the difference you feel is that sense of stagnation, churning and stuck. In so doing, you awaken to what you though would happen, and may instead step into the Now. You shed the mental baggage." - Katie and The Chorus

An obvious example of this to us, today, is when we go through something that we call disease and illness.  Now, illness and disease are powerful engines of awakening, so they deserve multiple episodes in and of themselves, and we will get there, we will move through it. But today I want to talk about one aspect of disease which is this sort of nudging us in the direction of understanding our own mental projections, our own subconscious structures of expectation, is one way to describe those.

One of the things you will notice about the experience of disease and illness – if you have ever undergone it or  supported them through it – is at some point, early in the process, the person will be very angry, will be very frustrated. This frustration we have often chalked up to the phases of acceptance, and anger is usually one of the early phases of acceptance.

It’s interesting to me that we put anger as something to pass through on our way to acceptance, as if acceptance is the ultimate goal here. We need to be ok with this, we need to integrate this into our lives, and anger is the bump in the road that shows us that we haven’t integrated it yet. From a certain vantage point, yes, that makes sense. If your objective as a Five Senses human is to become less emotional, less negative emotional, then sure, I could see how anger is just a step on the way to something else.

But let’s pretend for a second that anger is actually the goal destination. Let’s pretend that there is something so incredibly valuable in anger that we, on our path to expansion, manifest a series of events (if we’re using linear timeline) or that we manifest a very powerful moment (if we’re not using a linear timeline), in which we perceive something greater than our limited belief systems which draws our attention to the limitations themselves and assists us in our awakening.

So if we look at anger as the goal destination from that vantage point you might get curious about ‘what is appearing in that moment? What am I learning about myself in that experience of anger that happens UNIQUELY in the sense of anger?”

According to The Chorus, it’s that more expanded part of you. As a human, we would describe this more closely as deeply held, unconscious desires.

Now we can all think of times that we got pissed about something that we wanted not happening. Causes anger, doesn’t it?

You had a desire, you had a thing that you wanted, and you thought that it was going to go in the way that you mentally projected that desire to go, and then it doesn’t. And you feel anger because you look at the way it did manifest, and it’s so different than what you felt like you were going to experience that in that moment you get pissed off.

Now, let’s take that example and look at it from an energetic standpoint. You have a mental projection of a desire. That desire originally came through as a sense of a feeling very rapidly turned into a very concrete idea of what it would be, and that desire is STILL COMING IN. It’s still unfolding. Nevertheless, because we are Five Senses humans, you move forward with the Five Senses projections and begin LOOKING for a match in the Five Senses.  When you come to a juncture in which you THOUGHT that desire should manifest, and you perceive on the Five Senses what you believe is not a match, you activate beliefs on the Five Senses that you were wrong, that this isn’t it, that you missed the chance, that it’s not going to happen now. All of these limiting beliefs spring up. That way they’ve done for a very long time, giving us a perfect experience of limitation. And you sense a friction between the desire that you still know is arrive and well, and should still be there…and then the clash between the mental projection, the juncture at which you thought it should appear. And you feel anger.

In that moment, for a lot of humans up until recently, we have been completely consumed in the anger itself, and have built judgements around not letting that emotion to come through. Because we view that emotion as being very destructive, and, since we’re very preoccupied with what happens on the Five Senses – since we feel like everything is finite and insufficient – it’s a really big deal if you break shit when you’re angry, because that shit can’t be repaired. It’s a really big deal if you hurt others with your anger, because we belive in damage, we  believe in hurt, we believe in being wronged by another, and so you activate, in the experience of anger, all of these limitations, all of these limiting beliefs about anger. And so, not only are you pissed that this thing tha tyou knew that you wanted and that you had a mental projection for didn’t happen, but also you being to activate judgments about yourself and your own anger. So, you start to feel bad – on top of everything else – that you’re SO angry, that you should get control of yourself, and that you should stop being that angry, and you should tone it down, which often only makes us MORE angry. Because you are experiencing, some part of you is experiencing an expanded version of self, in which all things are allowed, all things are worthy of love, all things hold expansiveness – and the activation of beliefs that tell you the opposite, which is that you are wrong, you are in error, you should be ashamed of your behavior.

What if I suggested that there’s nothing wrong in that whole setup?

What if I suggested that anger is perhaps one of hte most incredible forces of awakening?

You would not be wrong to wonder then if humanity, as we go through awakening, is just going to get really pissed off and destroy a bunch of shit. You might wonder if we’re destined for all sorts of protests and burning buildings and fist fights and all of that, and I understand that perspective. 

But understand that Awakening is also always a quieter story. Awakening is happening right now in people all over the world. And it doesn’t make headlines.

Is that to stay that people protesting are not also awakening? No, not at all.  You know the infinite…general statements don’t often work here.

But it is to say that there are people all over the world who are quietly going through an experience of coming to terms with episodes of anger that continue to plague them, for which they cannot find due cause. Sure, maybe they had a bad day…and yet the experiences of anger that they are going through seems to come over them out of the blue. Seems to be bigger or felt more deeply than the challenges of the Five Senses would seem to explain.

We might sit back and say we gotta solve this, we have to fix this…we either got to find a way to release our mental projections or we have to find a way to release all of these beleifs of limitation.

I would like to point out something incredible that The Chorus said today.  They said, ‘from our vantage point, all actions that you choose, all words that you feel inspired to say, will in some part reflect that expanded frequencies that you have reached.

Do you think they meant anger?

We choose actions when we’re angry. We are inspired to say some words when we are angry. Is it possible that in some part, even when you’re angry, there IS a reflection of the expanded frequencies that you have reached?

Perhaps, anger…and many other negative emotions…are viewed by us in the same way that we can to choose to view the expansive definition of ease and effortlessness that The Chorus gave us. We can view it from the perspective of limitation in which we judge it to be deficient or we decide that there means there can be LES of that…

If anger, requires an expansive human to realize what they want, but then their attention is being turned to or called to the limiting beliefs that they hold, we might say, ‘well we need LESS of those limiting beliefs.’ 

But what if I told you that the last time you got angry, or the next time you’re about to, you are totally and completely right. You are RIGHT about what you’re getting angry about. Everything you feel is valid. And you are going to make, and have made, very important points that other people will benefit by hearing.

Does anger feel as shameful?

Do you regret AS MUCH what you said?

If you knew that everytime you experience anger some sort of immensely powerful clarity is coming through you, would you hold it in?

What is the aspect of anger that makes it so reprehensible?

Like we’ve already mentioned, humans tend to destroy things and hurt things around them when they’re angry. Or, is that just a perspective?

From the viewpoint of The Chorus, where they view all emotions across our spectrum as infinitely perfect and worthy of love, they are in a perspective and a vantage point where they receive love, they experience love and perfection, through EVERYTHING that they experience.

So, let’s pretend that the next time you get angry, super angry, a member of The Chorus is standing in front of you instead. And let’s say you say some really awful things to The Chorus. Do you think The Chorus would be hurt by your words, or would they instead see more of the benign that you are, the experience of limitation that you chose, the history, the incredible uniqueness that you represent….the beauty of creation and how powerful it is? They tend to see that in everything.

Is that because of The Chorus ALONE? Or is that because, also, of a part of you?

How would you stand in front of The Chorus and be angry if you and The Chorus are on vastly different frequencies? There is some part of you that has expanded to this moment, to these podcasts, to these messages from The Chorus, to this point in your life where you are even drawn to listen to these things. There is a part of you that is ON their frequencies. There is a part of you that you are becoming conscious of that views everything through the lens of love JUST LIKE THEM. 

And, as you are an expanded consciousness, there is also a part of you that is alive and active in the game. And as you awaken to the game, and to that part of you, you feel a friction and the friction is not a failing, and its not a mistake, its a loudspeaker. It’s all of your limiting beliefs taking turns at the microphone and saying ‘here I am! Look at me! You do not have to believe in me anymore.  You did not just miss the perfect time. You did not just lose the opportunity for your desire.  You did not do something wrong. I’m just a belief. I’m a belief that you held, I’m a belief that you created, and I’m a belief that gave you the experience of something amazing for a really long time.’

There is not a single emotion that you could feel that is not serving you in some way. That is not assisting you in your awakening.

There is nothing for us to overcome, or to defeat, or to never feel that way again. Because there is no stuck.

Quote: "There is not a single emotion that you could feel that is not serving you in some way. That is not assisting you in your awakening. There is nothing for us to overcome, or to defeat, or to never feel that way again. Because there is no stuck." - Katie and The Chorus

We are expanding effortlessly, all of the time. When you’re thinking and when you’re making mental projections, you are awakening to your power to do so. When you get angry, you are giving yourself an incredible experience of clarity and understanding your deeply held desires as well as all of your limiting beliefs that held you away from the manifestations of those things. When you feel depression, it is assisting you in understanding vibrational eddies and your ability to choose, to focus, on one side or the other, to understand the sensations of balance, and to understand the sensations of making choices and trusting in yourself. And grief, grief is a precious thing. And grief is serving you in understanding, in awakening to, all the belief systems that you are releasing. And it assists you, very gently and very lovingly, in allowing in new and expanded definitions of who you are and the life that you live.

And if you are sick, or have been sick, and if you feel like those symptoms have been the same for forever, and they’re not changing, and they’re not improving, and you don’t see a sign of anything going anywhere in a direction that you like, and you feel angry…that is a loud speaker, calling out to you that there is no such thing as stuck. Every present moment is a new moment.


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