S02E23 Infections, Recurrent Symptoms & The Inspired Timing of Divine Plans

The Chorus emphasizes the new-ness of all manifestations in this phase of awakening, including familiar or recurrent symptoms of illness which – seen from another perspective – may have more to do with our awakening and transformation than infection. Katie connects this to a very recent experience she had with a return of old symptoms, and how flexible beliefs about time allowed her to shift in her perspective – and experience – of these things. As we expand into timelessness, how will the clarity of our own sense of inspiration grow? And how might this relate to something humans call the “Divine Plan”? Enjoy!

*This episode is energetically connected to S02E15. Should it speak to you, consider listening or re-listening to that episode after this one. You may hear a new layer of the messages in that episode. Sending much love to you! – Katie

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