Book of Human Awakening

What if it’s all unfolding the way we intended?

The first book from The Chorus offers an extraordinary perspective on our experience of being human and everything we are becoming next.

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The Book of Human Awakening

This book could seem like science fiction. A woman (me, Katie) receives telepathic (channeled) messages from a variety of non-physical beings (The Chorus) who share their perspectives on humanity’s existence and experiences at the dawn of a new age (loosely, Awakening). And yet, here we are. And it’s available on Amazon.

I have heard other channels before me express that their experience of channeling unfolded in something like two phases. In the first phase, they grapple with the reality of their connection, and make efforts to validate and prove their abilities. After some time, when proof remains elusive or strangely unsatisfying, they shift into an assessment of the message itself: did I feel differently because of a channeled message? Did my life make more sense? Was I more empowered in my own desire? Did the way forward seem easier and the burdens I thought I held feel lighter?

I, too, hit this crossroads. I also cannot prove to you that The Chorus is real. But all of my answers to the questions above, through several years of working with them, have consistently been in the affirmative. And it is my most sincere hope that through reading their book, your answers to these same questions will also, simply and self-evidently, be: yes.

What Is The Book About?

This book is a summary, an introduction, and a love letter from The Chorus to all of us humans. It is a summary of our choice to be human and why we created this experience of limitation. It is an introduction to the process we are currently undergoing – Awakening – and the new ideas we are forming about our own existence by way of this process. And it is a love letter from these beings who adore and celebrate everything we have been and created here.

In their approachable way, The Chorus covers topics ranging from the nature of our consciousness and the fundamental structures of our belief systems, down to specific day-to-day activities like our experience of technology, the intriguing difference between focus and attention, and even new explanations for sensations like joy and control. There are also twenty-four illustrations of their concepts included throughout.

Book Preview

Though the difference in perspective is fascinating, what is often the most striking for readers is their love. Their ability to see the beautiful and the extraordinary in every facet of a human life. Not only does this book convey the sense of that love but also, and perhaps more importantly, The Chorus’s clear and complete explanations for why they view us this way.

It’s a contagious logic. You feel the validity and the possibility of an alternate view of your own life that doesn’t un-do anything you have ever believed before. It is allowing of all perspectives, because it is – truly – love. And love is expansion.

Example Illustrations from the Book


“I always *want* to be amazed, dazzled by a new perspective on the awakening process. But most often I am underwhelmed and left still seeking answers, direction, and peace. Not so with this book! Out the gate, it was clear that this was no ordinary read. I couldn’t put it down. I devoured this book with unexpected hunger, excitement, and gratitude. And so much more. Katie and the Chorus have this incredible knack for *opening* a topic and allowing a deep dive into new awareness and understanding that goes beyond words..Buckle your seatbelts, readers! Katie and the Chorus are about to take you on a galactic journey of empowerment.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

– MD, Amazon Reviewer

Katie and The Chorus gift us with a new way to think about why we are humans :), why it can be so hard and how to reframe our lives and purpose. We aren’t doing it wrong, we are doing it human! When I suspend my conditioned thinking and let Katie and The Chorus into my soul, I expand! They show us how. I feel loved and supported when I’m in company with their book and podcast! They challenge limiting beliefs in a whole new way! I highly recommend the experience of them!!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

– Mandy V., Amazon Reviewer

“This book beautifully teaches, or should I say reconfirms, that we do have a purpose, choice, and authority, and it helps us understand why we experience limitations, and therefore contrast, suffering, and uncomfortableness. This book brings us insight and clarity in a real, down-to-earth, and easy-to-follow manner. It empowers us to better process the full spectrum of emotions in order to expand. This book helps us become more conscious of what we are manifesting, creating, and perceiving. I recommend everyone with a spark of interest to read this book, as the spark may be intuitive guidance. It is well worth it. Wish the whole world would read it. With love.”

Rating: 5 out of 5.

– Stacy, Amazon Reviewer

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However you decide to move forward, know that all of your choices are leading to your expansion (on this website and elsewhere!) Your existence, even down to every decision you make or do not make throughout the entire length of your life, is right, purposeful, and an expression of the infinitely loving choice that you made to be here.

And now that love is starting to be returned to you.

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