S01E24 The Equal Weight of Human Beliefs in “Being Liked” & Gravity

The Chorus remarks upon the human belief, and experience of, needing to be liked and how that has contributed to our experience of limitation. They lovingly suggest that Humanity is already very popular and has more fans throughout the Universe than we yet understand. Katie describes how theses beliefs keep us in lock-step in this … Read more

S01E23 Truth, Absurdity & Powerlessness In An Infinite Universe of Plausible Realities

The Chorus lays out their perspective of the human concept of truth – where humans must align themselves and all possibilities to a series of manifestations. Katie describes how our sense of absurdity is the telltale sign that we are encountering a divergent truth, and the fascinating limitation we impose upon ourselves when confronted with … Read more

S01E22 Human Mutants, Anxiety Disorders & How Trust Brings Us Into The Present Moment

The Chorus discusses human evolution in terms of our expansion into energetic tools, and points out that our fascination with the exceptionally-powerful-mutant storyline may be closer to home than we think. Katie shares more about her experiences channeling The Chorus over the years, including her experience of chronic anxiety, and how her understanding of what … Read more

S01E18 The Human Emotional Array, Why We Grieve & How We Love

The Chorus introduces the 3-dimensional way in which they view our emotional spectrum, and their perspective on ‘positive’ versus ‘negative’ emotions. Katie describes the paradigm shift that results for most of us in how we view emotions, including the example of grief, and what’s really happening energetically when we grieve. Enjoy! View List of Season … Read more

S01E17 Finiteness, Insufficiency, How Awakening Humans Go To War & The Boundaries Inside of Us

The Chorus introduces the 2 Core Tenets of the game: Finiteness and Insufficiency. Katie discusses the ways these fundamental, underlying constructs appear throughout human perception, including scarcity, incomplete solutions, and the experience of loss. She also describes how boundaries are founded upon these two concepts, namely, that our resonance with finiteness creates ‘walls’ between our … Read more

S01E15: Flow, Being Unique and Understanding What Comes to You Naturally

The Chorus explains their understanding of our concept of Flow. Katie connects this to all of our related concepts – such as ‘what comes naturally’ to us, ‘not thinking about it,’ and most importantly, what makes us each unique. Somehow this all ends up in a spaghetti western analogy. Saddle up. View List of Season … Read more

S0E14 Human Energetic Perception, Conspiracy Theories and What Underlies Humanity’s Current “Mental Instability”

The Chorus describes humanity’s current, and growing, abilities to detect energies beyond the Five Senses. Katie describes the ways in which we see examples of this today, including in conspiracy theories and the current mental health crisis. Enjoy! View List of Season 1 Episodes Show Notes Excerpts from The Chorus “Humans do not always know … Read more

S01E13 Time, The Human Concept of Earning & Clock Worshippers Unite!

The Chorus introduces the concept of time by way of the human idea of ‘to do’ and the closely related experience of ‘needing to earn’. Katie discusses time in the human context, and recalls another teasing nickname she received from The Chorus: Clock Worshipper. View List of Season 1 Episodes Show Notes Excerpts from The … Read more

S01E12 Prevention, Protection Love & Only Expansive Humans Experience Depression

The Chorus introduces the beliefs of prevention and protection, and how these things limit the perception of our own infinite natures. The Chorus expresses their deep and profound love not only for our infinite-ness, but also for all of these things we created and are awakening to. Katie relates the energetic basis for prevention and … Read more

S01E11 Distance and Ease, ‘Extraterrestrial’ Contact and Planning

The Chorus describes a new aspect of our belief system: the concept of distance. They relate our evolving understanding of space and distance to the equally evolving, and expanding, experience of ease. Katie connects this topic to her experiences channeling different members of The Chorus and humanity’s current obsession with planning things out. More information … Read more