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S01E01 \ Meet the Chorus

& Self-Acceptance is a Gateway to Transcendence

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Quote: "Our belief system was the first manifestation of our resonance with the frequency, the perception, of disallowance. In disallowing that which we were, we manifested the first belief: that we were insufficient. We judge every aspects of ourselves and our existences here because that is what we came here to experience. The busy activity of a mind, driven by belief systems, which are unlike anything else in creation."
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Quote: "You are as connected to energy as we are. That is a fundamental law of your existence. You are an entity of creation, you cannot cut yourself off from that which you are. It is not that there is a lack of energy in your environment. Rather, it is that you have chosen to mold the energy into a particular perception of limitation and lack. Therefore, all things that happen in your day, whether you would call them an accident, a disaster, good luck, or perfectly planned are all perfect manifestations of the wavelength you are on. Therefore, trust beloved ones. Trust yourself, most of all."

S01E02 \ Introduction to Consciousness

& To Wonder is Your Super Power

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Quote: "What you are conscious of today is an alignment to your belief systems which dictate what your sensory perceptions are able to perceive. As part of joining on this frequency of disallowance, with all the other players of 'this game', as we like to call it, you agreed to only perceive energy by way of these senses. This limited sensory perception is a powerful achievement. It is not easy to create an environment of such limitation in an infinite universe of free-flowing energy. What you have constructed here is colossal, is monumental, and is astounding."
Quote: "Before now, your consciousness and your [human life] were fully aligned. There was no distance to wonder what else you might experience. Now, your consciousness is expanding. You are starting to see the part of you that wonders, that imagines, that gets inspired, that has a deep knowing that gets stronger day by day."
Quote: "The conscious understanding of the fact that there are many things around you that you do not yet perceive is a demonstration of the fact that you are expanding into a perception of these things. The possibility that something exists is the first manifestation of that existence."

S01E03 \ The Energetic Definition of Mind

& Also, You’re Not Crazy

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Quote: "If something comes in from a slightly different frequency, it then causes us to feel a difference. And that difference manifests as the question of "was that real?" Everything that you live is real. There is never anything that is not real. Reality, quite simply, is the way that you perceive energy."
Quote: "Your consciousness is you. It is all that you are, it is all that you can be. It can expand infinitely, it can contract infinitely. When you are aligned to the furthest frequencies that your consciousness can perceive, you are expanded. When you choose to narrow your consciousness to a very specific frequency you are, in a sense, limited. Thus you yourself are not defined by what your mind is capable of doing. It is simply that your consciousness has been bounded in a similar way as mind, which is a manifestation of these limited frequencies."
"The energetic basis, the energetic definition of mind, is essentially the giant, massive complex of beliefs and belief systems that humans manifested by way of resonating with the frequencies of disallowance. As you expand to other frequencies, your experience of mind will also change.

S01E04 \ Beliefs in Control

& What is Destiny?

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Quote: "Your consciousness is expanding and saying...'I do want new things, I want to be different. I can imagine a different kind of existence for humanity...'. And it's to that part of you that this new energy is able to reach because you have expanded outward to meet it."
Quote: "In your vision of 'how it will go', you are reinforcing the belief systems of [this reality]. A sense of control, energetically, we would call a sense of fit. It feels like that because it fits, very nicely and very neatly, into the existing context."
Quote: "We understand that, right now, there could be many things that you could focus your perceptions upon and activate belief systems of risk and lack of control. And here, beloved ones, we would like to point out to you that, from our vantage point, there is no such thing as not in control...The idea of lack of control, of loss of control, is your idea. It is your belief system and it is a part, a powerful part, of your experience here."

S01E05 \ Beliefs in Trust

& The Origins of Karma

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Quote: If you want to know how to fundamentally change the world you live in, it is by trusting yourself. And in trusting yourself, you will begin to manifest more things in your environment to trust.

Quote: Infinite creation is full of infinite variety, not infinite hierarchy. You are as worthy of love and trust as any other being in creation.
Quote: "This aspect of the mysterious is quintessential to what we would perceive to be human. There will come a time, in the not-too-distant future...when you will believe more fully in your ability to know a thing at any instant that you wish. This time will come very naturally when you are ready to move out of the experience of the mysterious and the unknown. And in that moment, what you will find, is a deep and pervasive trust that resides within you, for all things that you feel, for all things that you desire, and for all inspirations that come to you. And from that vantage point you will begin to move into the infiniteness of the universe.

S01E06 \ Intuition

& The 3 Steps to Build Your Intuitive Knowing

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Quote: Intuition is the ability to connect to the energetic underpinnings of the game itself. Intuition moves beyond the frequencies of the five senses to a larger frequency of what is happening in the moment. The reason it has been so hard for humanity to 'hear' your intuition is because there have been a great many beliefs that caused you to narrow your perceptions to the five senses wavelengths. This was purposefully done because this was the epitome, or the objective, of your experience here."

Quote: "Awakening is a choice. Each and every creation who has participated here, and is participating here, is given the option at every moment in time to participate in these frequencies of not. It would be very difficult for you in your 5 senses perspective, to look at other humans and know or predict if or how they are awakening."
3 Steps to Build Intuitive Knowing: (1) Realize Intuition exists; (2) Move through experiences of the accuracy of intuition; (3) Intuition becomes simultaneous with the 5 senses. Our consciousness is expanding to take in more of different frequencies at the same time.

S01E07 \ How Humans Learn

& Why Positive Thinking Can Be Hard To Do

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Quote: "A human will stop and endlessly contemplate existent manifestations. In so doing, [you] limit the perception that would otherwise continue to come through to you. It is by moving forward that your understanding grows."

Quote: "In taking apart a thing and getting to know all of its' pieces, you feel that your understanding is fuller, is more complete. In breaking something apart, you undo the whole that it was when it first manifested and you create segmentation, differentiation and divergences in your understanding. You may find that you are less and less interesting in breaking things apart? In categories, labels and specifics? Your expanding perspective is now preferring and moving towards whole and complete understandings."
Quote: "The more and more you try to be positive and recognize that you're not, the more and more you energize the experience of needing to be positive. [Alternatively, let positivity] take on that unconditional aspect of love and trust. Step into a presence of what that things is and a [wholeness] will flow to you."

S01E08 \ Inspiration

& The Root of Anger

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"Simply by awakening to this sensation, to this direction, to these inspirations, you are moving ever so softly in their direction, and more things will manifest around you that are allowing, that are inspired. It is as simple as that. You move forward."

Quote: "Anger is the emotion of becoming. When you feel torn between the path of inspiration that is calling you forwards and all the limiting beliefs - guilt, obligation, fear - that pull you in the opposite direction, you feel a friction. That sensation of friction is what [humans] call anger."
"What you are experiencing now in inspiration is purely your ability to know where you are heading, to know what's coming next. Though the [inspired] ideas may feel quite specific to you, do not worry if that specific thing is not accomplished. As you continue to remain open to the sensation itself, it will continue to manifest new and different ideas for you. You will be able to stay present in the inspiration and, quite literally, watch as [those things] manifest in front of you." - The Chorus

S01E09 \ Desire

& How The Universe Gives Directions

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Quote: "In recent years, and in the years to follow, humans will become more and more conscious of the things that they desire. They will also become more conscious of the beliefs that they hold which would tell them that they are unworthy, undeserving of that desire. Humans, over time, will begin to become aware of the strong energetic pull of a desire, as well as the beliefs which might have in previous millennia, directed them away from the sense of that path." - The Chorus

Quote: "There is an energetic reason for your desire. It's not just stuff you want. Although it manifests as the idea of that. Energetically, you are sensing very specific and nuanced things about directions you can take to step into your own flow." - Katie and The Chorus
Quote: "Your desire moves from not being consciously recognized, to being more and more obvious to you, to being more and more what you are compelled to follow. Desires are energized moments of stepping into your own flow." - Katie and The Chorus

S01E10 \ You Have Never Been Alone

& Why Humans Feel Fear

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Quote: "[Humanity] is leaving behind ideas, beliefs that gave you the experience of difference, isolation, and loneliness. As the illusion dissipates, what you will find are joyful, loving connections with those around you, in more and more expansive ways. You are not as different from each other as you might think." - The Chorus

Quote: "What we wish to tell you, most lovingly, Beloved Ones, is that you are not alone and have never been alone. Not in your dreams, not in the things you hoped to achieve, not in the ideas that you dare not speak to others. You have not been alone in your day-to-day life when you believe yourselves to be isolated, physically, from those you love. And you are, most especially, not alone in the Universe. How much we love you. How much we have always loved you." - The Chorus
Quote: "There is no such thing as separation, as loneliness, you have to create it. We have been able to give our selves a complete experience of disconnection by believing that anything that is slightly different than we are we cannot connect to, do not understand or even better, fear." - Katie & The Chorus

S01E11 \ Distance and Ease

‘Extraterrestrial’ Contact and Planning

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Quote: "The idea of ease and effortlessness is relatively recent to your kind. Heretofore, you had been so enmeshed in the beliefs of limitation that it had never quite occurred to you that there was an alternate path of ease, of less, of doing less and allowing the universe to bring you the right circumstances, the right timing, or the right solutions to your problems. These beliefs, that forces outside of you can help you, can bring about things in your life without your needing to effort them into existence is a powerful manifestation of your Awakening. Each and eery time that you are drawn to choosing a slightly easier path, what you are choosing is flow." - Katie and The Chorus

Quote: "It is already unfolding. You are awakening to this path in the midst of the unfolding. Allow the time to pass. Allow the answers to appear. That is all that is required. In that allowing you step into your flow where you are loved, infinitely." - Katie and The Chorus
Quote: "That's it. It's nothing more complicated than that. There will always be a path of ease somewhere on the table of options. Sometimes it feels exciting. Sometimes it feels like letting everything go. Sometimes it will feel disconnected from everything you wish felt better. When you choose it, you are back in flow." - Katie and The Chorus

S01E12 \ Prevention, Protection, Love

& Only Expansive Humans Experience Depression

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Quote: "Depression is a numbing, an energized numbing of your own sense of yourself by the belief in mistakes, error, and the experience of 'being lost', where you believe you do not know what to do. These beliefs upheld important aspects of this experience for a very long time. But they are an illusion. They are a creation of this experience." - Katie and The Chorus

Quote: "You take a shot, and the ball misses the basket. And from our human perspective we say, 'dammit! I missed again!' But then the ball falls into a basket we didn't even know was there. You cannot mess it up. The entire universe, our whole existence, is the basket." - Katie and The Chorus
Quote: "As we watch you, not only are we enthralled by what humanity creates and does, but we also learn so much about ourselves, so many things about energy and flow, that we had never awakened to, for we had never experienced or witnessed anything that was so lacking in that flow. Humanity has done a great service to so many other beings...We hope, most sincerely, that you will feel our love and appreciation for everything you created here, and for every experience you had. No matter how bleak, how awful, how violent, or how terrible you perceive those experiences to be and have been. To us, they are all nothing short of incredible." - The Chorus

S01E13 \ Time, The Human Concept of Earning

& Clock Worshippers Unite!

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Quote: "For most human activities, there is a period of time before beliefs get activated that tell the human, 'if it hasn't happened by now, it's never going to happen at all.' The sense of these beliefs starting to be activated is what we call impatience. As those beliefs continue, and the rest of the time passes, we call that sensation impossible." - Katie and The Chorus

Quote: "Humans have many beliefs about the concept of time. We would like to suggest, that often, the internal ticking clock for a human has a great deal to do with the nearing proximity of the thing that they are desiring or wishing for. This is because, as was your objective here, to experience limitation, lack, and insufficiency...the experience of that manifestation was not wanted. Therefore, Beloved Ones, it should make a great deal of sense to you that as that manifestation draws nearer to you, there is a corollary increase in the number of beliefs being activated that will slow down the appearance of that thing. That when that manifestation is very nearly manifested, a human will say, even unconsciously, 'it's taken too long, it will never happen.'" - Katie and The Chorus
Quote: "You are infinitely worthy of all things that you desire. The fact that you are able to perceive the desire is manifestation, is evidence, of your resonance with that frequency. Be easy on yourselves as you become aware of these sensations of needing to earn. In so doing, you may find that ideas for easier allowing come to you." - The Chorus

S01E14 \ Human Energetic Perception

Conspiracy Theories, and What Underlies Humanity’s Current “Mental Instability”

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Quote: "Humanity is awakening. Humans of today, this day and age, are able to perceive things energetically. This often feels like anxiety and uncertainty and unknown, because we have giant feelings that come over us, and we're not sure what's causing it. It's up to you. You can call that mental instability, or you can call that an awakening human." - Katie and The Chorus

Quote: "You perceive a greater mystery, a greater knowingness. You perceive more than is currently explained in society. You will find other people who do, too. Humanity is starting to come together on these sensations. We do actually feel things that are often inexplicable." - Katie and The Chorus
Quote: "We see, right now, in humankind a great deal of agitation, of mental instability, as you would call it, in large part due to your burgeoning abilities to perceive more, to receive more, than is validated by your Five Senses. Beloved Ones, trust. Trust yourselves most of all. All sensations that you feel are coming to you for a reason. And should you feel something strong and yet in your day-to-day environment there is not much to account for it, perhaps offer to yourself a new and alternative path. That you are able to perceive things that are just coming into consciousness. Trust these knowings, and allow the evidence, the reasons for them, to begin to come through to you." - Katie and The Chorus

S01E15 \ Flow, Being Unique

& Understanding What Comes To You Naturally

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Quote: "Humans, when they think of flow, imagine stepping into a stream of energy that exists somewhere out there, that via their judgments and mental capacities, they often withhold themselves from. We would like to suggest, perhaps, a new visualization for this concept. That flow has always been in you, has always been a part of you. It is this flow of energy that you used to create this environment and still do today. And, that you are awakening to new and different capacities in that flow." - Katie and The Chorus

Quote: "You and your uniqueness are a vital part of creation. Without you, without your uniqueness, creation would be incomplete. Creation and the infinite is not a reduction down into, an averaging into, a 'One'. It is infinite expansion into difference. It is infinite expansion into uniqueness. THAT is the power of Creation. And we all get to experience it." - Katie and The Chorus
Quote: "As you begin to expand into the uniqueness of yourself, you begin to expand into the uniqueness of others. Rather than seeing them as points of comparison, you delight in your own perception of the infinite. Because you will know, that for each think you perceive, for each desire you receive, there will always be more and different to experience." - Katie and The Chorus

S01E16 \ The Human Concept of ‘Nowhere’

& Life, Death, Outer Space and Other (Not So Much) Voids

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Quote: "The present moment is always new. When you are in 'the void' of depression, or anxiety, or emptiness, and you judge that void as being the same void as you have been in before, that is a perception which served our limitation. That void is not the same. Each time we step into a void in our lives, we are moving through layers of expansion. You're not stuck. You're not anywhere you shouldn't be. You are somewhere new." - Katie and The Chorus

Quote: "You are never empty, you are never lost, you are never without progress, and you are never 'nowhere', for, where you exist, and from whatever vantage point you are viewing creation from, that is a perfect place, a loving plan, an infinitely worthy of all things place. There is no void." - Katie and The Chorus
Quote: "Though there are many things that we adore about humanity, perhaps none has brought us as much delight as your concept of 'being nowhere.' From our perspective, your concept of a void is a very powerful way, that you had created, to limit yourselves from the perception of the infiniteness of all life, and all energy, and all experiences, that you can never truly separate yourselves from. As you continue in your awakening, you will find that this perception of voids, whether in terms of a period of your life, or in a sense, an emotion, within yourself, will change. And in their place you will find what you had blinded yourselves to." - Katie and The Chorus

S01E17 \ Finiteness, Insufficiency,

How Awakening Humans Go To War & The Boundaries Inside of Us

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Quote: "A great many of you today look for change in your societies. You greatly desire things that are different and, in so doing, from your Five Senses perspective, you rage against that which is not. Beloved Ones, your desires are wholly and completely possible, and grounded, in your expanding natures. But as the universe is infinite, there will always be things that are now what you desire. As you begin to view this from the perspective of the infinite, it's not necessarily that you will view fewer opposing views. It's that the battle, the finiteness, that it stirs within you, will change." - Katie and The Chorus

Quote: "Our love does not end. Our love does not tire. Our love does not wane. It does not ebb and flow. These are your concepts of a powerful experience that you came here to have. Our love is infinite. And, Beloved Ones, we would suggest that, as you expand from this experience you will remember that...so is yours. Your love is infinite for all creation...infinitely." - Katie and The Chorus
Quote: "The boundaries that we keep between us and others are simply reflections, a replicated structure, of the boundaries we already have within ourselves." - Katie and The Chorus

S01E18 \ The Human Emotional Array

Why We Grieve & How We Love

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Quote: "When you look back at your life and see that you have struggled with a thing through multiple eras, it's because it is an engine. It's driving you through other experiences that you are becoming conscious of. It's driving you through other ways that you are awakening. When it has done its' job, when it has served its' purpose, you will understand it and you will be able to expand beyond it." - Katie and The Chorus

Quote: "Your path of greatest expansion flows in the direction of love and beyond it to frequencies beyond the game. That is your preference for love. That is your trajectory. And that is what you are all rapidly expanding towards. In your conscious moments, in your unconscious moments, when you are trying to be more loving, when you forget to be more loving, when you are angry or frustrated, when you are waking, when you are sleeping, in ALL of these moments, you are expanding in the direction of love and everything that lies beyond it." - Katie and The Chorus
Quote: "Preference, your preference, is an indication of your path of greatest expansion. Meaning, every time throughout your day you have a slight preference for something, that is your path of greatest expansion. It is as simple as that. It is as staggering as that." - Katie and The Chorus

S01E19 \ The Expanded Self

Being Stuck, Mental Projections, Angry Outbursts and Choice. Oh My.

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Quote: "There is not a single emotion that you could feel that is not serving you in some way. That is not assisting you in your awakening. There is nothing for us to overcome, or to defeat, or to never feel that way again. Because there is no stuck." - Katie and The Chorus

Quote: "One of the top ways that we become aware of the existence of a subconscious mental projection is through the feeling of being stuck. When the present moment, when flow, moves off of the mental projection you hold, the difference you feel is that sense of stagnation, churning and stuck. In so doing, you awaken to what you though would happen, and may instead step into the Now. You shed the mental baggage." - Katie and The Chorus
Quote: "To be human is a great achievement. We know that you may not think so at times, but we do. What you chose to resonate with in coming here, is at the cutting edge of creation. From our vantage point, the leading edge of creation is the culmination of all difference, and all variety, and all life, that has ever been and ever will be created. It is contrast. It is uniqueness. Your ability to hold the infinite at a distance, to disallow your perception of all that you are and all that you are summoning, is a colossal undertaking, and an extraordinary achievement." - Katie and The Chorus

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