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S02E01 \ Accelerated Awakening

& The Sweet Sucking Sound of Inconvenience

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"Here's the next step. It starts to happen so fast that you really don't stop and look at it, name it, and talk about it, because that would be the pace of the mind. Instead, the sense of these things will be more clear to you, will almost be more meaningful than stopping to think about it. That is the speed of awakening, because you are the one who is speeding up."
"The difference between the you that is depressed on the couch and the you that can pop up again so quickly? It is the difference you are seeing in your progression of awakening. It is a manifestation, a reflection, an example that you consciously recognize of the progress you have made in connecting, in allowing, all of these parts of yourself. Parts that we constructed for our purposes, here."

S02E02 \ Failures, Futility

& You Are Doing It By Going Through It

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"You will come to a place where you can see yourself being pulled through it. The failure. The hard times. The chaos. The unknown. And a part of you will say, "We shouldn't be here. I should have already learned this. There are other things I should be doing instead." That part of you is actually the limiting perspective you are awakening to holding by way of that inconvenience. Meaning...you are doing it by going through it."
"Beloved, there are many things that we are about to bring up with you, that will not completely make sense in the moment in which we broach the topic. And that is all right. For these topics are all beginning. They are starting to unfold. There are many horses in this race and they will all make it to the finish line...To the larger and greater context into which all of these new pieces of information will fit. It is the start of a greater understanding, a greater mastery, that all of these things will contribute to. The greater story which we wish to reflect to you is your story." - The Chorus
"It is possible to sense in failure the start of something important. The beginning of an opening, an expansion, new connections and a colossal revolution that is uplifting and loving. It may look like failure. And it may feel like something else. The choice is yours."

S02E03 \ Redundancy, Linearity

& A Primer on Telepathic Communication

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"From a five senses perspective, there may be no case to be made for it not being redundant, for there's no evidence on those wavelengths that is material, that matters to those belief systems that says otherwise. But from an energetic perspective there is no such thing as redundant. All life, all creation, is constantly expanding, is constantly moving, and changing, and growing. From this energetic perspective, what you are seeing is more of that perspective of infinite creation."
"Humans tend to talk about five senses manifestations. We talk about what we did, we talk about what we saw, we talk about what we thought. It would not be unusual for a human to believe that once they start communicating telepathically, they're going to continue to communicate about the five senses stuff. Thus, a question about telepathy is not only about how it works. The question becomes, if you were on vaster, telepathic wavelengths, what would you talk about?"
"Up until now, you had been limited in how you could affect situations by what you could do on the five senses. You had to talk. You had to. move things. You had to build things or write them down. And now you are expanding into more of what you are. And many of those things exist on wavelengths far beyond the five senses. Thus there is a new magic in your presence. There is a new power in your days. Where simply by resonating, by existing, by being, you radiate something new and something different. It may surprise you to find that you don't have to say a word. You don't have to help them. You do not have to cease their suffering. There is nothing there to push against, it is manifesting perfectly. And you will know this by your ability to perceive them, and their ability to perceive you."

S02E04 \ The Human Journey,

Home & The Vastness of Familiarity

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"Does your human journey start the minute you began to look humanoid, as you see yourselves in this day and age? Or could there be a longer and much larger arc, which encompasses many different version of these beliefs of limitation that you have embodied, and the many version and variations of physical format that reflected those beliefs? You could feel further into the uniqueness of what you are, and thus recognize in others more of what they are and believe and resonate, that goes far beyond what you might see with your eyes. Your family is vast. Far, far more vast than any human has yet had an opportunity to imagine or remember."
"Home is our felt sense of energetic connection. When we feel an energetic connection with a place, our perception of that is a sensation we call "feeling like home." And when we meet another, and we feel like that relationship feels like home, it is our felt perception of energetic connection with them. As we Awaken, we will find that sense of comfort in more and more places...and also in shorter and shorter spans of time."
"As you move forward in these growing senses of familiarity, you may find that the explanation for the familiarity matters less, and the being, the person, that is right in front of you in that present moment, has much more to explain, to show, to connect to, than any of the explanations for why you feel that way could ever provide. It is a shift. It is the difference between that present moment perception versus the belief systems that artificially limited our ability to explain and to feel those types of connections. Familiarity is not rare."

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