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We held 14 live Q&A Sessions in 2022. Videos of these sessions are below. The schedule for future sessions will be posted here once available. Thanks for your interest!

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Live Q&A 001: Memory, Healing and Linear Time

Live Q&A 004: Comfort zones, pushy beings, depression and healers

Live Q&A 006: Competition, power, obligation

Live Q&A 009: Desires, delays, dimensions

Live Q&A 010: What to do, “pre” desire energies

Live Q&A 002: Communication with other Beings, Confidence

Live Q&A 005: Organic beliefs, expansive “kickback,” disappointment

Live Q&A 007: Natives, neighbors, purpose

Live Q&A 010: Questions & animal connections

Live Q&A 012: Spiritual beliefs, understanding past lives

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