S02E24 SEASON FINALE The New Era of Human Choice, Belonging and Conscious Time

The Chorus suggests that Humanity is now reaching a phase in which we will determine our own understandings of linear time and the function of time moving forward. In this process of expanded consciousness and awareness, Humanity will encounter others who await these connections with great love. Katie describes her own experiences of an expanding … Read more

S02E23 Infections, Recurrent Symptoms & The Inspired Timing of Divine Plans

The Chorus emphasizes the new-ness of all manifestations in this phase of awakening, including familiar or recurrent symptoms of illness which – seen from another perspective – may have more to do with our awakening and transformation than infection. Katie connects this to a very recent experience she had with a return of old symptoms, … Read more

S02E22 Lifetimes Here, Lifetimes Elsewhere & What About You Is Timeless?

The Chorus points out the linear aspects of our concept of a “lifetime,” while celebrating our expansion into a vaster perspective that will sense the energetic connections between these lines and bring about a new era of wholeness to the human identity. Katie relates The Chorus’s perspective of this expansive place to the nascent human … Read more

S02E21 Moving On, Saving Others & The Infinite Potential Of Intractable Situations

The Chorus describes what they consider to be a fascinating human concept – the idea of “moving on.” Katie explores the underlying energetic aspects to this experience, including time passing, beliefs mounting, and our resulting sense of the window for potential change closing. Could this somehow be related to our need to save others? As … Read more

S02E19 Hurricanes, Catastrophe, The Purpose of Guilt, and Celebration

After a one-week hiatus due to Hurricane Ian, Katie and The Chorus return, this time with a dialogue between them both which Katie recorded on the eve of the hurricane. In their message, The Chorus emphasizes the idea of the allowance of multiple perspectives. After a week of hurricane experiences, Katie reflects on the variety … Read more

S02E17 To Be Seen, Non-Linear Communication & What You’ll Know When You Meet Them

Another membership of The Chorus steps forward to assist us with perceptions of new beings, and to celebrate our burgeoning abilities to do so. Katie likens this topic to the aspects of our linear communication, mis-communications, and the power of information in our reality. With our growing access to synchronicity, direct knowing, and accelerating timelines, … Read more

S02E16 Water Beings, Rules of Possibility, Time Dilation and Synchronicity

A particular membership of The Chorus steps forward in this episode: by their own description, beings of the water. They share their view of our use of time as being, quite simply, a pile of rules about what is possible and what’s not. Katie explores this perspective by way of the human experience of time … Read more

S02E15 Inferiority, Underdogs, One-At-A-Time, DNA and Family

The Chorus touches on the concept of inferiority with regard to the current limits of the mind – our (often) one-at-a-time thinking – and the variety of perspectives with which we are coming into contact. Katie likens this topic to our favorite human story of the underdog, pointing out aspects of our ancient history that … Read more

S02E14 Preference, The Energy of Life, Releasing Death and Flip Flops

The Chorus delves into the the power of Preference, describing that this is what Humanity is Awakening to as we expand back into a multitude of perspectives. Katie explores the experience of preference – including the difficulty in sometimes even sensing it – and the life-giving power which it represents. Ultimately, when we are able … Read more

S02E13 How Well Is This Going? Change, Surrender and Unwanted Bumps

The Chorus reviews the aspects of our beliefs which cause us to “attack” some of the things that we become newly conscious of in Awakening. Rather than evaluating how well it is all going, they suggest that change itself could be the indicator to absorb. Katie relates this to the perennially frustrating and mystifying concept … Read more

S02E12 Neighbors, Natives, Doing Nothing or Going All In

The Chorus describes some of humanity’s energetic neighbors, and choices they have made when encountering and interacting with humanity. Katie describes the energetic differences between varying choices of action and how all choices support our awakening. In addition, she shares more details about humanity’s history with our energetic neighbors. Enjoy! // View List of Season … Read more

S02E11 Ease, Trust, Seeing The Expansive & The Mountains of Our Past

The Chorus continues their suggestions about our history, “artifacts” that we are and will be uncovering, and the nature of our expansion which underlies or begets these discoveries. Likewise, Katie continues the discussion on eyesight. In comparison to the previous episode, which discussed the role of sight in our limitation, this time she shares how … Read more