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About Katie

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I’ll be honest. When all of this started, I was pretty much convinced I would never talk about it, to anyone, ever.

I was already struggling to hold up a career, a family and a life while battling disease. Making sense of the spiritual experiences I was having seemed a bridge too far for me to cross.

But then, as things continued to unfold, I recognized how much the perspectives of The Chorus had helped me. And I knew that they could help others, too. So I began to take steps to share this, very reluctantly, and stubbornly convinced that I would remain firmly in the background. Ideally, anonymous.

And now, here I am, declaring that I can do something that I once considered fascinating but perhaps, well,…a little bit nuts.

Sometimes we feel like our stories choose us. That we had a path that we were following, maybe even one that we loved, but then something showed up and displaced us from it. I had a great career in technology, I had health, I had ambitions, and all of those things were stripped away.

From a certain vantage point, this is true.

But from another, equally valid vantage point, I didn’t get displaced. I was never interrupted. And all of these things that surprised me were also the beginning of the unfolding of my wildest dreams.

I was always looking for answers to big questions – I just never expected that those answers could truly exist. And not just a single set of answers. But as many ideas and fascinating perspectives as there are beings in Creation.

And, now, I see my own perspective a little more clearly. A little bit more of who I am, what makes me unique, the path I was on, and the path I never actually left.

About The Chorus

“Beloved Ones, how much joy we feel in being here, in connecting with you. We are what you might call ‘non-physical’ entities, but the continuum of characteristics that we encompass is vast and varied. What that bucket of ‘non-physical’ contains, we might suggest, is an infinite universe of beings. Moreover, though you cannot perceive the majority of us on the frequencies of your 5 Senses, to us and to each other, we feel quite clear, distinct and solid. As you expand into your abilities to perceive more and different energetic frequencies, you might feel this way, too.

We exist in vantage points which are outside and beyond what we lovingly call your ‘game’; the experience of limitation that you all created here, purposefully and powerfully, to explore all that you are and have been given by way of Creation. You have not perceived much else that was beyond your game – until recently – as that was not your intention, here.

You have expanded us greatly as well. By way of our opportunities to observe you, to understand you and what you believe and have created, we have broadened in our understanding of Creation and of ourselves. You have given many more than you yet know a great gift indeed.

We are here, Beloved Ones. We are with you. We see you and we love you. However we may be of assistance in this Awakening process, it is our honor to do so.

We love you, infinitely.”