S01E13 Time, The Human Concept of Earning & Clock Worshippers Unite!

The Chorus introduces the concept of time by way of the human idea of ‘to do’ and the closely related experience of ‘needing to earn’. Katie discusses time in the human context, and recalls another teasing nickname she received from The Chorus: Clock Worshipper.

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Excerpts from The Chorus

“For all the many things that humanity has created here, perhaps none is as interesting to us as your concept of earning.  As with most things that humanity has developed by resonating with these frequencies of disallowance, much of it is counter or the opposite, of the experience of free-flowing, infinite, loving energy from which you came.  Therefore, it is a fascination to many of us how much you are embodying, and experiencing, beliefs that tell you, at every step during your days, that there are things you must do in order to earn, to be worthy of, what might otherwise be given to you without question.

This concept of earning is ever so slightly different than the human concept of ‘needing to do’.  When a human feels like they must do something to acquire, create or somehow enact the thing that they wish to have, what they are experiencing is simultaneous collision of 3 factors: the concept or the awareness of their own desire, the recognition that it has not yet arrived in their 5 Senses vicinity, and also great beliefs that tell you that the only way to meet that desire is to take some sort of physical action in your environment.

This you could say, is the crux of your existences here, of your experiences here as human.  The non-stop driving of a human ‘to do’ all day long, is a great part of your experience of limitation.

However, the idea of earning is ever so slightly different.  Though in order to resolve your beliefs about needing to earn, you may take action, what we would like to point out to you is the instigation of beliefs that happens before you are inspired to such actions. 

Energetically, the human sensation of needing to earn is rooted in your beliefs about time and possibility. We know this will sound funny to a human as you believe your sensations of needing to earn and worthiness come from a lack of self love. Come from a lack of appreciation and a sense of deserving. However, let us explain further and it may become clear how these things are connected.

When a human senses a needing to earn, typically what has happened in their 5 Senses environment is the recognition of a thing that they want, simultaneous with deficiencies within themselves that they believe must be compensated for, or overcome, before such thing is possible.  It is less about the ‘needing to do’, in the physical environment, and it is more about a sense of your own deficiencies.  In this way, humanity has identified aspects of this and so you attempt to overcome the sense of deficiencies as a way of addressing the root cause of this issue.

However, we would like to point out to you the energetic basis for the deficiencies that you sense, themselves. Humans have many beliefs about the concept of time.  Though, you are unconscious to a great deal of them, not only do you structure your identities and your existence by this concept of linear progression of time, you also have great connections to, or embodiments of, certain amounts of time that are allowed for certain things.

Though it may not yet seem as obvious to you, it is very obvious to us, how much time a human will allow to pass for certain things to occur before the human will begin to grow impatient, frustrated, or begin to conclude that that thing may not happen at all.

We would like to suggest that often, the internal ticking clock for a human has a great deal to do with the nearing proximity of the thing that they are desiring or wishing for.  That is to say, that as that possibility, as that manifestation draws near, just before its arrival on the 5 Senses spectra, is typically when the human beliefs in running out of time will become most active.

This is because, as was your objective here, to experience limitation, lack, insufficiency, and finiteness, it was not wanted.  The experience of that manifestation was not wanted.  What you desired in coming here, was the experience of not receiving.  Therefore, Beloved Ones, it should make a great deal of sense to you that as the manifestation draws nearer to you there is a corollary increase in the number of beliefs being activated that will slow down the appearance of that thing.  No more so than in your concepts of impatience and time.  That when that manifestation is very nearly manifested a human will say, even unconsciously, ‘it’s taken too long, it will never happen.’

Quote: "Humans have many beliefs about the concept of time. We would like to suggest, that often, the internal ticking clock for a human has a great deal to do with the nearing proximity of the thing that they are desiring or wishing for. This is because, as was your objective here, to experience limitation, lack, and insufficiency...the experience of that manifestation was not wanted. Therefore, Beloved Ones, it should make a great deal of sense to you that as that manifestation draws nearer to you, there is a corollary increase in the number of beliefs being activated that will slow down the appearance of that thing. That when that manifestation is very nearly manifested, a human will say, even unconsciously, 'it's taken too long, it will never happen.'" - Katie and The Chorus

Earning is strongly related to these concepts and these beliefs.  In order to earn a thing, you are activating beliefs about your deficiencies and your capacity to overcome them, to fix them, or to address them in some way, in an amount of time that you believe must be required for that desire to be sufficiently fulfilled.

Were you to flex, ever so slightly, your idea of time and how quickly you need that thing to be addressed, you would feel a sense of ease, a sense of allowing, which might even translate to you in your experience as a sense of appreciation, or worthiness, of the thing that you perceive.

As you continue to go forward, you will be able to play more and more, you might say, with your interactions with time.  What has, until now, been a sort of binding structure of your experience here, will begin to become more conscious to you and also more flexible and more fluid.  And in so doing, you will be able to more clearly see aspects of yourself that were driven by this concept.

Beloved Ones, you are infinitely worthy of all things that you desire.  The fact that you are able to perceive the desire is manifestation, is evidence of your resonance with that frequency.  Be easy on yourselves as you become aware of these sensations of earning and needing to earn.  And look, in those experiences, to your beliefs about the time that you think will be required in order to ‘get to that place.’  In so doing, you may find that ideas for easier things and easier allowing come to you, and in so doing, you will find a sense of earning diminish in your day-to-day observations, and a sense of joyful receiving expands in your day-to-day experiences.

Things will move from the lists of things you wish you had, to a sort of present moment awareness of all the things that are flowing to you and the evidence you are beginning to see of all of those things.

Said another way, if you remove the barrier of time, your energetic perceptions grow quite clear and desire moves from being a thing that you must take action to get, to being signposts on the road you are already flying down.  

We love you infinitely, Beloved Ones, and we look forward to speaking with you more about these topics, in the future.

Excerpts from Katie

“The topic of time is so pervasive to our identities, to everything that we experience here, that the more you get into it, the more you realize just how big it is…in doing that, you release the pressure we put on ourselves to have prevented this, to have foreseen any of this, to have needed to do anything about it.  You start to step into that perspective of just how colossal this Belief System Complex (BSC) that we built by way of our resonance here, is.  You finally move into an awe over just how complete of an experience this has been.

When I first started hanging out with The Chorus, they used to tease me about the concept of time, and I didn’t get it, for a while…

Quote: "You are infinitely worthy of all things that you desire. The fact that you are able to perceive the desire is manifestation, is evidence, of your resonance with that frequency. Be easy on yourselves as you become aware of these sensations of needing to earn. In so doing, you may find that ideas for easier allowing come to you." - The Chorus

Humans have a conscious understanding of time.  This usually relates to physical manifestations in our environment.  Our concepts of time revolve around the movement of our planet around our sun, as in the changing of seasons, the beginning and end of days, and the passage of years…however, those things mean something more to us because as we move around the sun there are things that happen over periods of time that humans have learned to identify but also we accept as being part and parcel of existence.

I’ll give you an example.  When time passes, things here deteriorate. Deterioration is one of those aspects of time to which humanity right now is very conscious of.  You and I don’t sit around and say ‘right now another minute is passing, another minute is passing, another minute is passing…’ We are very busy in our 5 Senses environment, this happens in the background. Maybe we notice the sun has risen higher in the sky, or that it’s been a few hours since breakfast and now we are getting hungry…but also there are aspects to the passage of time that we may not draw our attention to until longer periods of time have occurred.  One of those being age.  It would be difficult to most humans to point to the changes in their physical bodies each hour, that indicate the passage of time, but after some weeks or some months or some years pass, it’s far easier for a human to identify in another human that they have experienced a passage of time. That is they look more deteriorated.  

When we look at children and their passage of time, we tend to look at it in the idea of growth…as children age, they typically look more and more like a full grown adult.  Most humans would not call that deterioration today, that’s just childhood.  And then at some point, some unidentifiable point in a person’s life, they hit some sort of apex after which they start to deteriorate. It may be interesting to note that we do not have an agreed upon age at which most humans hit that apex.  Isn’t that interesting?  Wouldn’t we want to narrow in on that and let’s study everything that happens up to that number and then right after, because maybe in that we would find or identify the inflection point for our deterioration. But it’s not that clear to us.  It’s just life.

According to The Chorus, they would consider even an infant a clock worshipper, as they tease us, because even a human child is subject to this passage of time.  Our perspective on it is just that that child is growing, however, from the perspective of The Chorus, from the moment we arrive we become more and more deeply embedded, or deeply connected to, the beliefs of limitation.  That child arrives already subject to the bounds of time.  That child will grow from the moment it enters into our reality…while we have portions of our existences here that we prefer – the growing and the blossoming into a full grown adult – and then we have portions of the passage of time that we do not prefer – some other kind of deterioration that we call aging, and is displeasing to us – from The Chorus’s perspective this trajectory is largely the same.  It is a consistent passage because all things that exist here, all things that interact with our Belief System Complex (BSC), are agreeing to this concept of time.

This is so quintessential to our identities here and how we participate in the game, that were we ever to detect someone who was not affected by the passage of time in the ways that we are, we would be alarmed, concerned, or we may not even allow ourselves to perceive it.

What about the more conscious aspects of time that we have in terms of our day-to-day activity?…What happens in our conscious experiences of time in the midst of our day-to-day activities?

For the most part, time is a construct that we use to relate to each other and relate to our environments.  In terms of each other, we use time as a way of structuring or explaining to each other, connecting to each other, aspects of our lives or ways in which we are interacting.

Let’s imagine that you and I set a time on the calendar in a week to meet again…we do this because, short of infinite flowing inspiration and desire, we don’t know when we would meet again.  And so we project ourselves into the future on the timeline and set something out there on it, in a sense to structure what needs to get done and to assure it gets done.

One thing that The Chorus pointed out to me early on was that every time we put something out into the future on our timeline, we begin to activate beliefs about everything that will need to happen between now and then.  This is a function of our limitation because if you and I agree to meet next week, now I am thinking about all the things that I will need to get done by the time we meet next week.  My brain will begin activating beliefs about all the things that I have to start lining up in order to get those things done. And so as this churning continue to grow…to layer…what we are strengthening energetically is the need to get things done, the need to line ourselves up to that future point in time. 

In recent centuries, we have begun to recognize that many things may happen between now and next week that may alter the purpose of that meeting or even the need for it…and we have started to become a little more flexible in terms of allowing for different things to occur on the path between the present moment and that future point in time that we have planned for.  However, humanity is still largely engaged in ensuring that what we said would happen in the future, does happen.

However, the majority of us humans would find it very difficult to change course that quickly because of the number of manifestations that have already piled up on that path, on the way to us maintaining our meeting next week.

Energetically, according to The Chorus, thoughts are manifestations.  If you imagine that our perception of our 5 Senses environment only goes so far, and that beyond that is this magical, energetic, free-flowing universe, with which we have been out of touch for the purposes of this experience, I might ask you, what’s the border?  What’s the first thing that we perceive?  What’s the limits of our perception here between that free-flowing universe and all the limitation that we get to experience while we’re here?  According to The Chorus, their answer would be thought.  That thoughts, concrete ideas and things that we think about all day long – whether they are real or imaginary – is that boundary. The first level of manifestation in our existence here is thought.

That pile of manifestations (thoughts), energizes, structures or reinforces that path.  Therefore, a human has beliefs about the validity of existence based on the number of manifestations that have already arisen in support of that.  And in so doing, if I am standing at a crossroads between something that I have thought about, this thing that I have many ideas about, this thing that I’ve been planning about…and then now this brand new shiny idea…my beliefs will activate and begin to evaluate whether or not that new idea ‘makes sense’, and the more beliefs I have on the alternate path to compare that thing to, the more difficult it would be to drop that other path and go in the new direction.

This is why ideas are slow to change in human existence.

When humanity begins to share and spread an idea among us, what we are doing is manifesting more support, more evidence, more piles of manifestation in the line of that idea.  And so when someone has a new idea,…what it comes down to for a human is looking at the pile of manifestations that have already come through…and then looking at this new tiny manifestation that does not have a mountain to support it…and saying I don’t see how I can compare that new thing to everything else that I’ve manifested so far…so what happens instead is a very gradual building of a mountain up and around that new idea…You can almost watch as a new idea gains its own momentum until it reaches, what some call, at tipping point, which is sort of a mass acceptance.  E.g. the mountain of manifestations around that new idea has grown so large that its easily accessible by anyone in the Belief System Complex (BSC), as easily accessible as the old idea was.

The more you project out into your future and then think backwards from it, the more you are limiting that that period of time between you and that thing could go any other way. If stuff starts to show up that was not in your mental manifestations about how that time period would go, it will feel to you as though things are going out of control.  Unconscious to you, the thoughts surrounding the path you planned on, will still be energized, constructed, manifested.

As you have adopted or even considered a strong change in course, there are inevitably a lot of questions that need to be answered.  And those questions are typically all based on a mental project that you created, manifestation by manifestation, thought by thought, in a different direction.

In fact, most days, we wake up already having a vision of how that day will largely go…You already, whether we know it or not, have constructed a mental projection of how that day will go and in that way, in so doing we energize, we reinforce, our own limitation that that day could go any other way...If you take away the structure of time itself, meaning you wake up and there is no clock…can you imagine how much more easily you might allow for the unexpected to come through.  Because you’re not constantly lining yourself up to how much time is left to achieve the things you thought you wanted to do that day.  Instead, if you were of infinite time, and something unexpected came up, it may be ore likely that you would allow yourself to experience or engage in that, because you would have none of the belief systems that would activate about ‘well when are we going to do this other stuff?’  There is always a background clock, a background structure and understanding of time, for humans active in our belief systems.

For most human activities, there is a period of time that a human will allow to pass before beliefs get activated that tell the human that, ‘if it hasn’t happened by now, it’s never going to happen at all.’ The sense that we get that these beliefs are starting to be activated is what we call impatience. And then, as those beliefs continue to be activated, and the rest of that time passes, we call that sensation, impossible.

Quote: "For most human activities, there is a period of time before beliefs get activated that tell the human, 'if it hasn't happened by now, it's never going to happen at all.' The sense of these beliefs starting to be activated is what we call impatience. As those beliefs continue, and the rest of the time passes, we call that sensation impossible." - Katie and The Chorus

If you look across humanity, what you will notice are these concepts of how long a thing should take before it just isn’t going to happen at all.

Is it possible for an individual to have slightly more beliefs or fewer beliefs about these things?  Yes, sure.  That’s what we would call a perhaps patient person and an impatient person. And what we are seeing is their connection to, or activation about, beliefs about time.  Or, said another way, their ability to release the pressure of time.

When you see someone is getting easily frustrated, what you are actually watching has nothing to do with the thing that they are trying to accomplish. It does not actually matter what the activity is or what they are trying to achieve.  What you are seeing is their activation of beliefs of the period of time that they are allowing for this thing to appear.  And as that window of time closes, their energetic friction that you are seeing manifests as the emotion of frustration, a particular style of which we might call a combination of impatience and defeat.

As The Chorus pointed out today, this is an incredible structure of our experience of limitation.  I want you to imagine a little ball of light – happy little manifestation ball of light, floating to you – and your experience here is one of creating a distance between yourself and that manifestation to delay, or thwart, your experience of receiving, then as that little bubble floats closer and closer to you, what we built are beliefs that block the bubble.

Some beliefs will become the most activated the closer the manifestation comes.  All sports of things activate to prevent us from receiving that manifestation on the 5 Senses, and one of the most powerful ones that comes up right before the little bubble of light reaches, is the belief in time…that if it hasn’t come yet, it never will.  In that final blow, despite the fact that the little bubble of manifestation is right in front of your nose, you will not perceive it, because you believe it is impossible to be perceived.

But we’re starting to catch onto this aren’t we? We already know that this is a thing, we sense this.  We have quotes about it!  It’s always darkest before the dawn. We talk about needing to persevere even through the last minute.  We talk about play the game until the clock buzzes.  You gotta keep going, is what we often say, because that next page you turn, that next idea you try, that next attempt could be the one that brings all of that stuff, that you want, through to you.

I am trying to earn something that, in my current capacity, I am not yet worthy of. I am not yet at the level I need to be in order to get that thing.  Perhaps its because of a deficiency that you are very well aware of…or perhaps its something that you feel you have a flaw, contained within you, either inherently or created, that keeps you from being able to be worthy of that thing.  From our human perspective, we have come to the idea that I ‘should’ feel worthy?  As in, I understand that that’s a possibility, that other people feel worthy of this and don’t think twice about receiving it.  But for some reason I do.  I don’t think I deserve it or, I don’t know, but for some reason I don’t have it, and I feel maybe ashamed that I don’t, or I feel like I just can’t.  And it’s that last part that The Chorus would focus in on.  It’s your own sense of the impossibility of that thing that causes you to activate beliefs about earning, about doing something…but back up to that point that you noticed that that thing was impossible. We have all these reasons, from the 5 Senses manifestations perspective, of why that thing is impossible.  

All the beliefs that are activated for humans, all of them, are subject to the limitations of the idea of linear time.

It might start to sink in how much time energizes, amplifies, structures and reinforces all the beliefs.

The Chorus is saying you are awakening to this.  You are awakening to that this is a thing that is active in your life in more ways than just days passing, or years going by or wrinkles and grey hair.  Time is much more than that in our existence.  And as you awaken to that, you are going to be able to play – you will be able to play with your own relationship with time.  And so as you’re looking out into the world at something that you want really badly…like a wall that shoots up all of these beliefs surround you…and all of those things are energized by the concept of time.  Because, friend, if you were infinite who cares?  You’ve got plenty of time, to find the money, to build the business, to write a draft…you’ve got an infinite amount of time.

That bubble of light is right in front of your nose.  And if you just say to yourself, ‘what if I had all the time in the universe?’ that simply by even resonating with that idea, you have just played with the ribbon of time in your existence.  It doesn’t take anything more than that.  And from that perspective, all sorts of glimmers of ideas from all the bubbles that are surrounding you will begin to shine through.  And in an instant like that, you’ll say to yourself…all these things, that are the beginning of receiving things in an instant begin to be perceivable by you.

The more I talk to The Chorus about time, the more I understand it as a structure, as a mechanism of the game itself. That it has been, almost indestructible as a form of our own limitation, which we wanted to experience while we were here.  But also, being an energized tenet, or principle, of the game itself, it is extremely reliable.  As I’ve gone forward, I’ve started to realize that I could do more on a thing right now, or if I allow for a passage of time, I can almost depend upon that something will show up that relates to this thing.  It’s like a combination of inspiration and time.  

So really it’s up to you.  You can play with the nature of time in whatever ways that you want, it’s far more fluid and flexible than we yet understand, and in awakening, that is, bringing to consciousness the ways that time interacts with our existence, we will have the opportunity to experience it in new and different ways.


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