S01E16 The Human Concept of ‘Nowhere’ & Life, Death, Outer Space and Other (Not So Much) Voids

The Chorus describes one of their favorite aspects of humanity: our concept of ‘nowhere’ or the ‘void’, and how they view this as contributing to our experience of limitation. Katie describes this new understanding in terms of the development of discoveries in astronomy, ideas of heaven and life after death, and times when your life feels like it’s going ‘nowhere’. Star Trek fans will be delighted…there are many plot twists ahead.

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Show Notes

Excerpts from The Chorus

“Though there are many things that we adore about humanity, perhaps none has brought us as much delight as your concept of ‘being nowhere.’ Humans have an idea of being somewhere, and thus they also have ideas about being ‘nowhere’. At times, humans may think that they are adrift, that they are at a loss.  That is, that they are not in place that they wish that they were.

Quote: "Though there are many things that we adore about humanity, perhaps none has brought us as much delight as your concept of 'being nowhere.' From our perspective, your concept of a void is a very powerful way, that you had created, to limit yourselves from the perception of the infiniteness of all life, and all energy, and all experiences, that you can never truly separate yourselves from. As you continue in your awakening, you will find that this perception of voids, whether in terms of a period of your life, or in a sense, an emotion, within yourself, will change. And in their place you will find what you had blinded yourselves to." - Katie and The Chorus

This concept of ‘nowhere’ is completely a construction of your Belief System Complex (BSC) which blinds you to the energies, the context, the beings that you are surrounded by even when you believe that you are ‘nowhere’ at all.

These voids, as you would say, show up, in many places in the human understanding, and in the human concept of self.  You see great voids when you look into the space around your planet.  You see voids of time in your life when nothing seemed to happen, or not much happened, at all.  And you also see voids within yourself and even use this imagery to describe particular emotions as sensing a hollowing, an emptiness, within you.  Thus you see, Beloved Ones, that this concept that is alive and present in your Belief System Complex (BSC) is embodied by you, in a variety of different ways, ever so subtly, throughout your existences.

 From our perspective, your concept of a void is a very powerful way, that you had created, to limit yourselves from the perception of the infiniteness of all life, and all energy, and all experiences, that you can never truly separate yourselves from.  There is no void, Beloved Ones, in creation, though by your being an expression of creation, you have been given an infinite ability to give yourself the perception of such a thing and such a place. 

You are never empty, you are never lost, you are never without progress, and you are never ‘nowhere’, for wherever you exist and from whatever vantage point you are viewing creation from, that is a perfect place, a loving place, an infinitely worthy of all things place.

As you continue in your awakening, you will find that this perception of voids, whether it be in terms of a period of time in your life, or in a sense, an emotion, within yourself, that these things will change, will transform, and in their place you will find what you had blinded yourself to...that the emotions that fill in the hollow-ness within you, awaken you to many and important things in your life that you begin to recognize or realize that you wish to have.  These knowings that continue to fill in for you will change the direction of your path as you perceive it.  Though, from our vantage point, you would always awaken to what was in the void, and you would always continue on your most loving path of greatest expansion.

Quote: "You are never empty, you are never lost, you are never without progress, and you are never 'nowhere', for, where you exist, and from whatever vantage point you are viewing creation from, that is a perfect place, a loving plan, an infinitely worthy of all things place. There is no void." - Katie and The Chorus

So too, will you awaken to what is in the voids that surround you.  Though you see empty space, or deserted plain, or empty mountain tops, you will begin to see more and different aspects of creation in what had previously been nothing more to you than a place of ‘nowhere’.

Beloved Ones, how much we wish to express to you how much we delight in what you have created here.  How much understanding you have shared with the galaxies by way of sharing with us, your experience here of limitation.  We have been waiting for you in the void, and we would like to show you, in the future, how very little a void there is.

We love you infinitely, and we are with you, always.  

Excerpts from Katie

“Our concept of voids, of ‘nowhere’, is embodied, is experienced, by our kind in a variety of different ways, all throughout our lifetimes.  Some of these ways we are becoming more conscious to already, and are relatively straightforward.  

This belief, this perspective, of course, for as long as we have a foot in the Five Senses mentality, in the Five Senses belief system, will be a way by which we view our realities.  And so as we are awakening to having this belief, not only will we see it in experiences we have already had, and have already awakened to, but we will also begin to understand it more, as we consciously move through experiences of it, even as we expand.

One of the greatest voids being, of course, by our perception, outer space. When we look into the space beyond our planet, though we do see points of light, it is only very recently that we have been able to view more than that.  Through our discovery of different wavelengths of light, and the ability to develop instruments, really what we have been giving ourselves is an experience of more of the infinite. Its a manifestation, its a way of understanding that the thing that we thought was empty, and void, is actually full of stuff.

This was one of the first examples that The Chorus gave today.  They said, tell us more about these spaceships… and The Chorus is very gently pointing out today, there might be more in the space in between your planets than you yet realize, or have allowed yourselves to perceive.

But this is the concept, this is the human perspective of void, of nowhere, of things that are empty that are not worthy of attention perhaps, because we don’t view anything in those spaces…and they view this, this concept that permeates our perspective as one of the more powerful ways that we limited our perception of the infinite.  That as we disallowed our connection to the vastness of creation, one of the top ways you can do that is by saying, ‘there’s nothing there, there’s nothing there to look at,’ and in so doing, you color your perspective.  And so when you look into space, the vastness of creation beyond the place where you live…it would naturally come about that you would see…next to nothing.

It was only in 1781, that a man by the name of William Herschel discovered the planet Uranus, this was the first planet that had been discovered since antiquity.  And it’s only since 1923, thanks to the work of Edwin Hubble, that we knew conclusively that there galaxies beyond our own Milky Way.  1923…not that long that we’ve known more about what’s out there.

This concept, this idea, is difficult for us to relate to today – that there would really be nothing around us – because our headlines, our conversations, our perceptions of the space around us is so rapidly evolving.  We are discovering new things all day, every day.  But for a great amount of time while we were here, we literally thought that we were surrounded by pretty much, nothing.

Though space is an interesting void for us today, though we are very attracted to it, and very much eager to learn more about what’s in it – now, of course, that we are convinced that there are things in it…perhaps the next greatest void from our perception is the void from which we come, when we enter this life, and the void that we go to when we depart.  The void of death. 

The human desire to survive is, understandably, quintessentially human. It is a fundamental fabric of the game.  If you had a bunch of game players who were here to experience limitation, and yet were not afraid to leave the game, then all the strife, all the struggle, all the things that they experience in a limited way in the game…wouldn’t be as impactful…because the moment you encounter a bear, or a lion, or an enemy, or disease, and you think that one of the outcomes might be your own death, your own departure from the game, you might not really care that much.  If you knew about the infinite beyond the game, you might say, “oh well, I’ll go over there to that infinite then…’  

All those struggles, all those life and death battles, all of those find food type experiences that we came here to have, would lose their potency, would lose their magic. It is the human desire to stay here that reinforces all the beliefs of limitation of here.

We don’t remember much of this today, but for a great many epochs of our experiences here, death did truly feel like a void. A nameless, senseless place where nothing happened.  Though today this idea may feel a little illogical to us because, surely, you go somewhere, you can’t just go nowhere, the idea of nowhere was very much alive in our consciousness at that time, in our belief system at that time, and so it seemed completely plausible that that’s what it could be like.

It wasn’t until recent millennia as we started to develop different belief system, religions and doctrines, that we began to formulate new and different ideas about what might happen after death.  Some of us rightly perceived that we appear to come back, that some of us have memories or access to things that pertain to others’ life times, and also there was a great many beliefs that began to be constructed about a place, or places, that we go to after we die.

In the beginning we viewed these places as being very much like earth, like the place which we came from…that is we viewed these afterlife places as being fraught with danger, and enemies, and potentially pain.  There were many societies that we created that were, in a way you could say, consumed by their idea of this and spent a great deal of their living time preparing for the dying time, the death.  We talked about all the different creatures that would be encountered, all the different challenges that we would go through, and we prepared ourselves in the living place, for what would happen after death.

As we expanded into awakening, that is our consciousness began to lift off of the belief system that drives our limitation, that drives our experience here, new ideas about what this place might be like entered into our consciousness.  That is to say, that these ideas of the peril of where we head to after death…softened.

Jesus Christ is known for a lot of things, a lot of teachings about how to be a better human, perhaps. But one of the teachings that he made that still resonates through our societies is the emphasis that heaven, that the place you go to after death, could be a loving place…What had once been completely a void, and a nowhere, and then had been a sort of a dangerous place, or a painful place, or a place of suffering, was now finally evolving into something more expanded, that is, more loving, more allowing, more filled with light.

And though we don’t remember it, for a very long time we worried about our loved ones and where they had gone after death.  It was something that nagged at us…had we sent them with enough statues for their protection, had we given them enough jewels to buy their way across the river, had we prepared them enough for the place where they must be struggling right now.  Contrast that to what a majority of humans believe today, which is that loved ones have gone to a place that is better than where we are, that they are in a place full of love and light.  That they are perhaps resting after a long experience here in the Five Senses.  And thus the void transformed from a nothing, and a nowhere, and a thing that we hardly even knew how to contemplate, to something that now feels a lot better, more flowing, and a lot more full of possibility. 

Heaven is no longer a nowhere in our perception. It’s a somewhere.  And its a somewhere full of potential that we understand that we are just beginning to understand.

When The Chorus and I started writing the book that we are working on now, it surprised me how quickly they brought up the concept of death.  It’s actually within the first few pages. It shouldn’t have because The Chorus seems to go directly at the things that you are wondering or questioning.  They don’t skirt around issues.  They belief that all questions are infinitely worthy of being answered. And so very lightly and very adeptly they moved straight into the topic of death quite quickly. And one of the things that they pointed out is: it’s just a different frequency.  Their perspective, their vantage point, of us and of all of this is that it’s energy. That, broadly, you could say that these are frequencies of disallowance – or A frequency of disallowance – with which we have resonated for the purpose of this experience.  And so all of the manifestations – including beliefs, which are the first manifestation – and so all of the beliefs we experience, and the all the Five Senses stuff we experience, all fall out of our choice of resonance with that energy.

Therefore, death, to them is nothing more complicated than a shift to a different frequency. It’s an exit from the game because we do not allow ourselves to perceive different frequencies here.  So, our loved ones have exited nothing more than our own limited perception. That’s it.  They haven’t been lost, they haven’t gone anywhere, they aren’t impossible to contact…all of those beliefs have come from our desire to be limited in this perspective.  But our loved ones are alive and well.  Their energy, their consciousness, is as infinite as we are, and though they vibrated off the game…they are not as far away as sometimes we have felt them to be. They are not as far away as we have believed them to be.

Simply said, The Chorus states, that when someone departs from the game, they have many choices, they have infinite choices.  They can move on to the experience of other frequencies in creation, or they can come back here.  Up to them. And that, as we expand beyond these frequencies of limitation, that distance, between us and heaven, that distance between us and the void of death, will seem very, very, small, indeed.

And in case you’re wondering, what about the void before life?  Where do we all come from?  And The Chorus would say, ‘same place! Same infinite place!’ Creation.  Universe. Existence. Whatever human word you like to call it.

And isn’t it interesting that, historically, our societies have spent more time contemplating the place that we go too, rather than the place we come from. That as we progress in our experience of limitation, the closer we get to a perceived exit from the game, the more limited we are, and so it is perhaps not surprising that our own concepts of the void that we pass into after death came from that perspective of limitation.

There are more concepts of void and ‘nowhere’ by which we understand our existences, and one of those concepts is voids within our own life, within our own sense of emotion, within the things that we are living.

Perhaps nothing feels as much as a nowhere, in our lives, as places that we have already been before, that we don’t want to return to again, but somehow we find ourselves in. This goes for physical places…but it also goes for emotional places, that when we return to an emotion that we thought we had defeated, that we thought we had overcome, it feels like a nowhere, it feels like a place we do not want to be, that there is nothing in it left for us to discover.  Left for us to benefit from.

The void is a perception.  It is a belief system that is activated when we find ourselves in these places. Truly there are things happening, truly we are surrounded by infinite creation all of the time. But at these moments we do not perceive it. Instead, more often, we perceive something else that we call uncertainty.

When we’ve been in a place already, or when we find ourselves in a new place that is sensing to us that is a nowhere – a place we don’t want to be that has got nothing in it for us – what we are activating are heavy belief systems that are preventing our perception of the infinite.  That are preventing our perception of new, new energy and new experiences.  This feels like us to uncertainty because, we are simultaneously expanding while also doing what we do from the Five Senses, which is activating judgments. And so as we step into a ‘void’, a place of ‘nowhere’, we are simultaneously experiencing the activation of Five Senses beliefs that want to judge and evaluate this place, but also a new and expanding part of ourselves that’s a little bit, not so quick to judge.  That’s a little bit more neutral. And so though you feel the activation of the judgments, you also feel a part of you that is not so quick to judge it in the same way, and this can often feel like uncertainty.

In previous episodes we have talked about the human concept of control as being a sense of fit with the existing paradigm, the existing reality and the existing belief systems.  It is an activation of judgment that then molds the energy into a piece that connects to everything that’s come before.  So even when we perceive something as new, there is still a part of it that connects to our existing context, otherwise humans would have a very hard time understanding it, that is energetically perceiving it.

You may sense this as well as you get back into emotional places that you feel like you’ve already been before.  A lot of us have had experiences of depression or anxiety or emotions that feel a little out of our control, we go through a process of healing – sometimes pretty grueling healing – where we face the thing we are depressed about, or we learn how to manage the depression, or, etc, there’s a journey.  Somehow we get to a place – a somewhere – where these things feel a little more understood, a little more allowed even, at times, and a little more in our control.

One of the things that causes a lot of fear and anxiety is when you sense yourself heading back into those sensations, when you feel like you are starting to slip into depression again, or also that anxiety and panic attacks are starting to crop up again. You feel that shakiness of anxiety…not only are you feeling the anxiety but also the recognition of, ‘oh no, not this again, not this again.’

While from our human perspective we not classify that place as a void, as a nowhere, because it is very viscerally a somewhere, from the perception of our belief systems it can often feel like that as we move into it because we’re not really sure why we are there. And as The Chorus stated earlier, they said that you view this place as somewhere you would rather not be.  This judgment, this perception, typically comes from the idea that there is nothing in it for us.

Nowhere doesn’t always have to be simply void of everything, like outer space, sometimes nowhere simply means ‘there’s nothing in it for me.’  I don’t see anything in the space between earth and Mars, there’s nothing in it for me, but also as I slip back into my depression, I shouldn’t be here.  There is nothing left for me to learn here, I already overcame this, I already healed this, I already confronted this, why the hell am I back here?

 As we exit the game, we leave it intact.  Meaning, we leverage or use beliefs of limitation as a way to step up and out of the game.  Oftentimes, we have an experience of limitation that then opens us up to a broader experience of the infinite. Like that analogy we used in the episode on depression, that we shoot for the basket and we miss, and we are very frustrated and we’re very upset, and then the ball lands in a basket that you didn’t even know was there.

For most humans right now we are actually at the point of being pissed that we didn’t land in the basket.  Humanity’s mental instability as we talked about in that episode has a lot to do with our expansion, has a lot to do with the fact that we sensed that there was something out there, something greater, in ourselves, in our lives, in our purpose here.  And so shooting for that basket, many of us right now are missing…does that make sense?  Collectively we are at a phase of missing the basket. Now individually, we all have days where we miss the basket, and then we have days where we hit the basket, and we are still oscillating…between the Five Senses perspective and an expanded perspective as we get our footing, and we start to understand what an expanded perspective looks like.  You don’t really eject from the game, you expand into the perception of more.  And so from that perspective, you get an expanded experience of preference, of desire, of choice.  While a majority of us will likely choose new and different frequencies from the experience of limitation, it’s up to everybody.  Some people are not done and may decide to go back in for more limitation.

Collectively, as a humanity, we just took a shot, and we are really pissed that we missed the basket.  And we’re really upset and we’re really depressed and we’re really anxious, because we still sense it. We still sense that the infinite is out there, and we are completely flummoxed that we misused the basket because then, what the hell explains the way we are all feeling? 

For some of us, the ball has just started to fall into the basket of the infinite.  Meaning, some of us are starting to have awakened experiences of, ‘I get it, I get why that happened.’ And, that is also present in day-to-day experiences for a great deal of humans, where they go through struggles of having missed the basket, they still believe that something’s there, they still believe that they want something more or are inspired to do more, and now some of them are having experiences of awakening to things that were already inside of them that they didn’t recognize, or coming to conscious awareness of events in their lies that shaped and molded them, or really coming to accept new and different paths that their life will take that they didn’t realize was there before.

So, a majority of humans are in this state of awakening to the infinite, and if we were to break down this process, there is a step after you shoot for the basket and you miss, that might feel like ‘nowhere’.

You sense that something was there, you tried to make your best shot for it, you recognize that the ball missed, and then you enter into an experience of a void, where you are both things at once.  You understand that something went awry – that is, something new and different happened over which you have no control, when you feel out of control, presently, that’s the human perception of new energy – you did the best you could and it didn’t work.  And then also, you still want to make the basket, you still have these senses, these beliefs or these desires, and you still want to see them through.

That sensation of uncertainty – that very particular set-up for uncertainty, I should say – feels to us like a nowhere.  But as is happening over and over and over again for humanity, there are powerful things that happen in the void.  And the reason why it’s a void – or is perceived to be a void to us – is because that plays by the rules of the game. 

A very commonplace void today is illness, whether it be physical illness or mental illness. For those of us who have been sick or who have dealt with chronic illness, you know that this nowhere is intense, can be intense, because not only do you feel like you’re in a void, you’re in a place that no one wants to be in, and you’re not sure how to get out of, and you’re not even sure why you’re there, you are acutely aware then of the ways that other people continue to live.  This contrast sets you up in a sort of even more powerful perception of your own life…because you suddenly get bumped a little outside of the flow of the mass consciousness, you sort of step to the side a little bit.  And while everyone is living their life, or going on trips, or enjoying their careers, and you’re laying on the couch or finding it difficult to do anything that you ever wanted to do before, that contrast, that distance, puts you in a place that feels at times very awful, but also, softens the belief systems about what you ‘need’ to do and get done, every day.  Basically it breaks down your sense of control, in a way that abides by the rules of the game.

And so from that place where you say ‘I don’t why I’m sick, I don’t know why I’m here, I don’t know why I’m depressed again,’ you also say to yourself, ‘this must be out of my control, because I didn’t choose this, I didn’t want to be in this nowhere, in this void.’ And in saying that, what you are actually resonating with is an opening, is a doorway, for new and different energy to reach you, for new and different perceptions to arise within you, for questions, larger questions, than you have ever potentially had the time to ask yourself before…and so, humans, when they become ill or challenged by a void in this way, move themselves into a place where they are able to receive more expanded things, or perceive more expanded things…without violating the rules of the game.

The same is true when we ‘return’ to a void. And I want to make this point very specifically, because recently I have seen some posts online about people who have already missed the basket – they’ve already been depressed, they feel like they’ve already had this experience –  and now they feel like they’ve missed the basket again.

The present moment is always new. When you are in the void, and you judge that void as being the same void that you have already been through before, that is simply a perception that served us for a very long time in this game, where you are denying your view of the infinite. THAT VOID IS NOT. THE. SAME.

Quote: "The present moment is always new. When you are in 'the void' of depression, or anxiety, or emptiness, and you judge that void as being the same void as you have been in before, that is a perception which served our limitation. That void is not the same. Each time we step into a void in our lives, we are moving through layers of expansion. You're not stuck. You're not anywhere you shouldn't be. You are somewhere new." - Katie and The Chorus

Friend there is nothing that you did wrong in your first passage through the void, that you missed that you are now back to resolve.  There is no such thing as back. There is no such thing as repeating.  There is no such thing as mistakes.  That is all a construction of limitation.

The void that you ‘return’ to is as different, is as new, is as full of potential for you as anything in infinite creation. You are not ‘back there’ to try to get more out of the lemon you already squeezed, which was your first round of depression.  This is completely different.  This is an orange.  This is, from The Chorus’s perspective, a banquet.

Each time that we step into a void in our lives, we are moving through, we are progressing through layers of expansion.  It LOOKS like limitation.  On paper, there is nothing that would tell any other players of the game that your experience is an expansive one.  And that is by design.  BUT YOU KNOW IT.

You know that the depression this time around feels different.  You know that the return of old symptoms is different.  Almost in a way that is difficult to confront because it starts to feel like hope. And you have been through this game so many fricking times before that you’re not sure you want to allow yourself to hope. But that sensation is your growing understanding that you are hitting a different basket, that you are stepping into your perception of the infinite and the infinite in yourself.

The next time you enter a void, maybe think of it like this: you’re not stuck, you’re not anywhere that you shouldn’t be, you have not returned to a place you thought you already conquered.  You are somewhere new.  And you are somewhere that’s going to develop the plot in all new ways. 

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